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★- -Talk With The Present Moment

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  • Write a Dear Present Moment letter – the only moment that really matters.
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    ★- -Talk With The Present Moment

I woke up feeling it was time to talk to the properties which help create our universe(s) I’m believing this will create a more loving relationship with energy.

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    hope others enjoy …. touching base with this moment in time(:


 in your moment






Dear Present Moment,
I want to acknowledge you. That’s all(: Welcome, and glad you’re here(:

respectfully, going with flow

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    Dear Present Moment,

I appreciate being aware of you. I am bringing you into each conscious thought. If I forget you sometimes -you still create moments… I can jump into at any time. Thank you for always being there for me.

Signed, going with the flow

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    Dear Present Moment,

Lost you for a moment, but I’m back… and you just keep staying put(: Glad I know to meet with you as often as possible. You make it all happen when I remember to be with you…

much love.

signed, going with the flow

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Dear Present Moment, Wow, thanks for presenting yourself to me with the joy of friends and their celebrations and/or whatever they are experiencing… their honesty. It is refreshing to acknowledge this moment to myself…

Thank you & signed your faithful friend,going w/self-care flow

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    new day /new moment
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    Dear Present Moment,

What wow a busy week…though looking back much good in there(:

Though come on back selfcare… I say, to speak to you Present Moment. You are where my freedom, stillness, love, energy, and power are.

Glad to be with you. I’m loving that you like me with you too.

signed, selfcare- going with flow

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    another fresh new day and fresh new moment:
    Dear Present Moment,
    Awesome, I have been staying in touch with you remarkably well! You make me feel so fulfilled when we’re together. Note to self: I will include Present Moment always!
    signed, selfcare




I Am living a Divine plan

Dear present moment,
this is a rhetorical ?
I’m somewhat confused,my ? is, don’t you get exhausted constantly having to
change from the past into the present,or are you and the past on completely
separate teams,like apples and oranges,and are you on speaking terms with
the future at all?

In response to Lake Placid’s post: In response to This just in's post:

I enjoyed post above(:


the post below(:



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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I could possibly think of a humorous answer,to that ? if not today
possibly tomorrow,however if I post something tomorrow,it will be
today,otherwise known as the present moment.

Dear Present Moment, you are absolutely glorious, I feel so joyful and at ease in this wonderful space. I am in a state of grace filled me with gratitude.

Dear Present Moment, 

I am here... I am now. Here and now is where my power is. I am now, in this moment, that which I will become. I confine my thinking and being to the present.


There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

Well hello present moment!  I Am just waking up this morning... And I'm waking up more in my life thanks to recognizing you more and more. I know your value. 

I remember beginning a process of standing back... creating a space... and not filling it in, not judging what was coming up... and just allowing and believing all that was coming was 'perfect' ... .

While I continue to do that today, in my now ....things are being created to show me just how  powerful that action, allowing  and being have been... with You in the  moment we say is Ours. 

Believing in you this way has even successfully delighted me further regarding my future.

You are even bringing me even more phenomenal moments of Past, because each day you & I join forces we create an awesome Past just a second after I enjoy You.

... and create a better future because I allowed your presence. 

Just wanted to thank YOU for being all that You Are!

much love, selfcare (aka in the flow, aka AWP)

PS for a moment, I wondered if I was making sense to you~

Though I remembered when I'm with YOU, I always make sense to Us. That's another positive to our relationship!

I Am living a Divine plan


In response to Stillness's post:

excellent! thank you! smiles(:

I Am living a Divine plan

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In response to Nancee1953's post: In response to Nancee1953's post

Wonderful Nancee! adds lovely to the tone of my morning-wake up(:

I Am living a Divine plan

Dear Present Moment, 

So we meet again. I was going to say the old cliche' ,

we have to stop meeting this way,though I love being with you every chance I get.

I love you more than I ever realized I could.

You allow me to love more and more authentically.

You help me see how' irrelevant/unimportant'  thoughts of people, places and things that creep into my psyche do not take precedence over my spending my time with you.

Its not recall, memory, thoughts of the past or future do not assist...because they have and do... though you are where I want to spend the bulk of my time.

signed, sacred care

(aka selfcare,AWP)

I Am living a Divine plan

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