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★★2nd Happiness Meeting! Today 8-26-15★★

Welcome Bmindful Community,

It is very exciting to have this second happiness meeting on our website! This is an open thread and all are encouraged to participate!

Today’s topic is “I am_______” and then you fill in the blank.

The purpose is to get members to focus on who they are. This is not about what you do or what title or role you have performed as. The purpose is to get us to focus on who we are in relation to ourself. The greater your ability to focus attention on all of your gifts will allow you to connect with your inner spark, your inner joy.

As you move through the exercise, try and extend your focus on all of your gifts. Its ok to come in and out of the thread and to respond to others, make comments and or ask questions which support one another getting in touch with their inner Self.

Announcement For This Meeting

1st Happiness Meeting- consisted of some members-beginning to introduce themselves and clarifying What Are Bmindful Happiness Meetings

Thanks Kathi, for agreeing to ‘chair’ the 2nd Happiness Thread-Group Meeting for Bmindful

I will save this post…will add several attributes in the course of the day… & use this post to begin capturing thoughts/feelings, and edit as I become too wordy(:.

Today’s’s topic: “I am _____”.
Its a discussion about Who you are, who you really know your self to be.

This is one of my favorite self-care focus questions…the Who am I… as opposed to …who am I in chosen roles one serves-question.

  • I am Spark of God; therefore I am Love… I embody beautiful spirit, innocence and capability.

This is my foundation-focus… Whenever I get stuck with just about anything… it is usually because I need to go back to the basics…which is frequently(: (not the get-stuck part…though acknowledging START HERE-mode) Though in life…remembering I Am so much more than what I do is my mantra(:
I choose to call the Something Greater of Life ; God…

It is easy to get caught up in life roles… not that they aren’t wonderful gifts…the things all of us do. Though, as the sayings go… #1 I am not a human doing…I am a human being. and #2 I am a spiritual being in human form
I love knowing I can do things, and/or learn to do things. Though that has taken a back seat-focus in this stage of my life. Sure, it is important piece of understanding…and action. Though preceding my actions , I have concluded… my premise (needs to be) an initial I Am I am Spark of God; therefore I am Love… I embody beautiful spirit, innocence and capability.
Beyond this foundation, all other attributes gain clarity for me.

  • ~
    For example… in my role as a wife…I am Love. OMG, if I began with just the affirming statement…I Am Love, without believing there is something Greater in this universe, I would be limited to my understanding. I can’t imagine marrying at the young age I did of 23, and believing I knew all about love. Or attending school, reading books and other structured activities believing that was going to be my only set of instruction regarding Being. When I think of the I Am … I feel powerful because what I’m learning …only gets better…because my heart is tapped in…my mind agrees…that I get to be self confident because I am never alone with this gift of life I have been given.
  • ~
    I Am a healer …I love seeing this gift in others too… It is something all of us can do… Though, the variety of ways …healing occurs as a giver & a receiver astonishes me.

In my spirit, I’ve witnessed this in myself and others. I heal myself moment by moment in all facets of my life…when making regular choices & with choices…and things which occur …that I had no conscious place in choosing… Am I perfect? Thank Goodness -No! If I was so perfect, how easy it would be to forget I do nothing alone. And I choose not to forget this.
  • ~
    With the above in mind I can say, I Am Wise… I am Creative, I am a Lover of Life…I am Grateful, I am Joy! I am a participant in my choices… I am a co-creator of my life. There is a book entitled God is a verb, and I get that book-title… meaning more & more…because it is my affirming power of the I Am(:

With the above in mind … I am a co-creator …therefore I Am problem solver in life…there are no problems…just opportunities. I am grateful experience has shown me I can count on this…even when I don’t see things immediately, and don’t celebrate immediately(:

I Am someone who doesn’t feel the need to engage because I am asked. I know I can be in only 1 focus at a time, and I Am an enjoyer of my experiences, and choose to be present. I choose to see that all past occured for the reason…though I live in the present…understanding my future depends on the joy and experience I allow now.

  • ~
    will return
  • ~

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Who I am

I have a good heart, a kind heart. I am very heart centered… It is easy for me to see the natural goodness and true quality in others. I am empathic and I am a gifted listener. I am also kind to my Self.

I am spiritual. My relationship with God is very important to me. I have always seen God in nature, and I have always wanted more and more of God! I see God in others, and I Love God’s work! I Love all of God’s creation, and see His hand in everything…

I love wisdom. I love being guided by wisdom and understanding. Being able to connect with others and the be real with others is very valuable to me. Sharing confidences, opening my heart, listening to others as they open their heart and share from their life is precious. Trust is very important. Being responsible with peoples confidences is very important. Being able to make contributions to others is valuable to me.

I am a healer, a peacemaker. I know my Self to be courageous. I do not like confrontation, however, I am willing to be an advocate for my Self and for others. I am willing to make sacrifices for my Self and for others in order to shape and create a better life. Principles, values, communication, respect and self generation, contribution, recropricity and equanimity are important to me.

I am strong. I am dependable. I am responsible. I am hard working, devoted and compassionate. I am creative. I respect people who have worked hard and achieved much and have contributed to others.

I love art. I love creativity and talent. I love the spirit of mankind… so brilliant, so gifted! I love how man thrives and we continue to thrive… I have faith in our ability to self govern. I believe that God placed this order in the foundation of the world…

I see phenomenal things for this group…While it only takes 2 to be a group of any kind…not too sure…something this helpful can remain with that number(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to Kathi’s post:
I love how you said … I know my Self to be courageous. and what you’re willing to do in order to shape and create a better life.

This is a beautiful opening for beginning with yourself and extending outward. You’ve listed wonderful attributes this way, and I thank you for sharing & inspiring(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion


Seperation is an illusion. The true nature of my Self is Wholeness of the universe.

I am whole and complete.

I choose to embrace All of my Gifts, All that I AM…

I allow my Self connection with other people who have amazing Gifts.

I am free to create, free to enjoy, and free to prosper exponentially in the vast wealth and abundance of All of God’s creation!!

I release all attachments and I forgive quickly. I am free!

Love is liberation. I choose this Love, I open my heart to Love now.

I have unlimited choice. I choose my Self and I choose my Joy!

I chose health, personal growth, communication, contribution and generosity of others, reciprocity and equanimity, unlimited patience and fearlessness.

I am simply splendiforous :) There is nothing plain or humdrum about me. I enjoy new and varied experiences, sampling and savoring life as if it were a sumptuous feast. Simply exuberant about life, living every moment to the fullest, pushing the envelope in order to achieve my greatest potential. A phrase that best describes me is an old saying “sugar, spice and everything nice.” Yes “Pollyanna” does exist, “she” is me. I get the greatest joy and absolute satisfaction nurturing and caring for others whether, spiritually, socially or physically. I freely share smiles and wisdom acquired on this magnificent journey called life. I relish my roles as mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin and friend. My philosophy is Together Everyone Achieves More. Some have even referred to me as “Wonder Woman because I strive for truth, justice and the American way living a life of honor, integrity, compassion, seeking balance and harmony in all situations. I am free as a bird totally open to explore, enjoy and live every moment. In the distance you can see me as I soar across the sky.

I love the direction of this mtg.!!!(: Completely Inspiring(: Thank you too Nancee for being part of this mtg. thread(:

Hiya Nancee, sharing is truly wonderful for us all(:

Next mtg. Sept 30(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

No dear heart, Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share :)

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