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★ 8/26/15 Second Happiness Group˚ meeting!!

Tomorrow is our second happiness group meeting!

Just a reminder: We have agreed that the happiness meetings will be taking place the last Wednesday of each month.

Time: The post will be put up in the morning, and this thread is open to All members! If you missed the first meeting , no worries. The post will be open and available all day, and members can feel free to jump in and out as they desire!

Appreciating˚ has requested that tomorrow that I “chair” our meeting, and then, next month, we will offer it up to the next participant! As an open forum, we are flexible and we are able to engage in more than one topic at at time.

Tomorrow’s topic: “I am _____”.
Its a discussion about Who you are, who you really know your self to be.
So, this is not about what you do, or what your title is.
The purpose is to put us in touch with ourself and to go as deep as you find value into All that you are.
We have so many natural gifts that are uniquely our own. Many times, we make sacrifices for our family or career, and there are valuable attributes, absolutely divine parts of who we are that we that we have chosen to set aside.
Bring back those natural gifts, and treat our Self well!

For our creative folks, or people with a great sense of humor: Am I giving my mind enough exercise so that I can tap into my humor or be more creative?
Have I allowed my worries about my health or financial concerns to dominate over my natural joy? If so, what steps can I take to have my health and well being trump my economic concerns?
Have I been generous and kind with my Self, with my Spirit? Am I too serious all the time? Do I just live with a “to do list”, and don’t feel connected to my Self?
If not, whats missing? And what steps can I take to start treating my Self and my Spirit well?

Looking forward to our 2nd Happiness meeting!! I am thrilled that we are creating this group, and I think this is a valuable tool that provides structure and promotes positive outcomes on all our your personal goals and intentions!

To learn more about the concept of The Bmindful Happiness Meetings-open this link “:http://bmindful.com/forum/thread/6106/community-happiness-grouplast-wed-of-month

I am so excited, I’ll be there, I can hardly wait :)

happiness-meeting-sample2.jpg (1920×1280)


See you then(:

I AM the allowing of a rebuild
by focusing on my dreams
and giving them wings.

I am refreshingly
by every thought
I think and every
feeling I allow.

🎶 url to music.

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