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 '★New Owner Introduction

Hey Affirmatists!

My name is Keith and I was once Thomas’s (Tallen) web developer and business partner.

Thomas has unfortunately had a difficult time over the past few years and has decided to pursue other things. He offered me the chance to take over the running of this site and i’ve excitedly accepted!

Hopefully over the months and years to come i’ll be able to introduce myself properly, get to know each other and I would love to become part of the community.

Today though I just want you to all to understand what this means for you as the community and the site as a whole.

Firstly I want to assure you all the site is getting the proper hosting it deserves! No more large periods of downtime. I’ve moved the site to a new dedicated server with plenty of resources and the latest software. I’ve also installed uptime monitoring which will alert me to any downtime the site experiences so I can investigate and resolve any problems quickly.

My next goal is to ensure the site is adequately moderated. I understand that for a site like this to function properly it needs stewardship and a person that the community can turn to.

I also want to hear what you want from the site. You’re all a lot more familiar with the site then I am, so I need your help.

Are there bugs that need fixing?
Missing functionality?
New features you’d like to see?

I can’t change everything overnight but with time and with your help, I would love to turn this site into a buzzing hive of positivity.

I also promise to you all that I won’t change anything about how this site works without first consulting and seeking your approval.

I would love to know what you think and hear your suggestions. Please either respond to this post or if you prefer you can email me directly support@bmindful.com

Love & Peace,

Hello To You Keith/bunique (: and Welcome and Congratulate You As The New Owner Of Bmindful! This is an exciting time! My sense is this will be a growing thread with ideas/thoughts.

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Having you, Keith take part in our community will assist us creating and growing that group consciousness where we cannot.

  • ~ love your words buzzing hive of positivity

So wonderful to have such a joyful site!!! Yes, I know we could google Joy and one doesn’t need a community for it. Wrong….We can google all else… and one does need a community for sharing joy!!!!(:
Reading about the sheer feeling and thoughts often associated with joy to the degree that we do with affirmations and smiles…adds & creates powerful things….
The Science Behind Sharing Joy

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    This response…is going through changes…sharing/editing with each new day…as more members come to welcome you…
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    Hopefully …this will be condensed soon(: In the mean time:

thoughts about posting We all prosper by sharing what we are attempting to reinforce for ourselves. The finding words for experience is not easy or perfect…. Though what joy…when we come close and can share a snapshot with others and in turn bring it further home for ourselves Appreciating˚

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    I would love to see new & old-timers creating threads and sharing more…this is a forum(:
  • ** * Of course if sharing is not a members form of participation, that is fine…just would love members to know how welcome and valuable their contributions are to community
  • ** * – the possibilities for those who create threads and post on a sharing-forum like this is awesome to even contemplate(:
    I personally used to share my intention for the day with our like-minded community…and at the end of my day…I observed the intention I shared here was represented in beautiful ways throughout my day. Sharing is powerful!

The populations on our forum are of course varied. Creating flow, being motivated, being successful shares a special uniqueness to us all. I ask that we honor what others report work for them.

  • ~
    And like flowergirl’s post: I too would like to send Thomas/Tallan the best
  • ~
    love the points Kathi makes re:respect …needing it basically defined for all & basic ground rules
    With respect, and the practice of harmlessness, all members can be dignified. There should be no bullying, no domination, no hostility and all members allow for the fluctuation of intensity.

I would like to add…as we are going through current wonderful changes…with a new owner, that we take the time to define various behaviors so members are clear what instigates challenges on the site…without shaming others. When we define basic guidelines…we can be more aware of ourselves within a framework of growth & ones free flowing feelings of positivity and creativity in our community(:

  • ~

On a feature level of Bmindful…I envision further positive things if the 3 posting categories were used properly

  • ** * I would like to see the thread categories used properly and if it isn’t too difficult a task, to have these categories divided further into sub-categories.
  • ** * The current status (not using the categories as intended) has made it difficult to locate topics of interest and has decreased possibilities of sharing on the site and lastly though not the least of importance…created a bit of separation.
  • ** * amazing possibilities if this idea came to fruition
  • ** * Sub divisions would aid a healthier-environment…& would allow individuals to have an experience they are seeking.
  • ** * If we could easily see what is available and know in advance the type of material we’ve opened, we could be more selective with what appeals to us, and our time here would be more productive and keep us in the flow we desire…

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Hi Keith and welcome here at bmindful .I am so happy you are here and hope that things improve for Thomas .

I will post more soon but just wanted to say a quick hello ,looking forwards to getting to know you and to our lovely bmindful growing and blossoming ,

love and peace

Congratulations and welcome Keith!!

It is a pleasure to meet you! I absolutely Love the Bmindful web site! This is certainly a very unique web site. I want you to know the value, the service and the structure that this web sight provides.

I have grown so much, in terms of personal growth and I can look back at some of my very first affirmations, and I can reflect back on where I was and where I am now. It’s been an amazing journey for me, and I can sincerely tell you that when I found this web site that it was exactly what I needed.

Thank you for asking for feed back. I would like ground rules for basic conduct amongst members. The rules need not be complex but just lay out and define what basic respect is and what it is not. People have different opinions, but what is needed and what would go a long way in increasing workability is the agreement to allow members their differences and allow for diversity.

Obviously, with a large, diverse and international group, there are many differences of opinion, and also there are wide variation in the members current stage of growth and development and socioeconomic class. With respect, and the practice of harmlessness, all members can be dignified. There should be no bullying, no domination, no hostility and all members allow for the fluctuation of intensity. Some members are young, more playful and healthy, and their posts and their intensity is going to vary widely with another member who may be facing serious health issues or processing grief, loss or recovery.

I am very grateful that all members can contact you independently. That is fantastic. I have more thoughts and I would like to comment more later.

Its so great that you are taking the web site and that you will be monitoring and standing by to help grow this community.

Welcome Keith!!!

Hi Keith,


I am confident your attention will help this community thrive. So glad you are here!

Greeting Keith,

There is one suggestion/request:

You know those 5 tabs, one of which is the EDIT tab, where you can go and correct typos from inside of your post?

Could you add that feature to the profile page? I have a typo or two on my profile page, and I sure would like to fix that. There are a few other things that I wish I could adjust on my profile page, and it involves adjusting the spaces.

That would be a wonderful improvement.

Thank you!



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