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★Favorite Audio Tapes That Worked For You

thread created in 2009…I’m sure we can update this(:

I find lately, that I’d like to be reading books more, but because of my schedule and various interests, my eyelids and brain would rather receive info a bit more passively->that’s when I turn to audio tapes.

When I feel like a real reboot of rest and good-info, all I have to do is lie down, and listen to my tapes or CD’s, and awake refreshed and more informed in areas that make a difference NOW.

Let’s use this this thread-section for audio tapes that have been helpful (or would be helpful these days if you listened now again).

These are some of my Brian Tracy motivational type tapes:
Eat a Frog
Accelerating Learning
Psychology of Achievement
Thinking Big

I have a preference to these abridged versions than their longer counterpart. Eat a Frog only comes in abridged, though. Large CD sets, are quite good too;just offer something different.

Today I listened to an excellent one by Wayne Dyer->Your Sacred Self. Love this! Great tools for spiritual journey!

This is a bit more of my “Brian Tracy audio library- unabridged versions

The Power of Clarity

Breaking the Success Barrier

How To Master Your Time

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

The Psychology of Achievement

The Psychology of Success

Accelerated Learning Techniques

Million Dollar Habits

Getting Rich in America

Thinking Big (but on this one, like abridged version better)

Hello , ive always enjoyed and benefited from Louise Hay’s audio series her voice is very relaxing and i find the visuals easily acheivable ..i just got a Cd “Sacred Journey” by James Wild ..and im going to try it out tonite ..a friend reccommended it ..so ill see ..

Real Social Dynamics – Blueprint Decoded (the best audiobooks for men on social dynamics and pickup ever created!)

David Deangelo – Mastery

David Deangelo – Man Transformation (halfway through this now, very focused on NLP and removing blocks created in childhood, mindblowing!)

I have a few I’ve found recently that I think are GREAT!
The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy
Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do – Dr. Robert Schuller
Taking Risks by David Viscott
Mentally Tough by James Loehr & Peter McLaughlin. (this one is pretty old and has some nutrition info that I think may be out of date, or at least questionable in my opinion, however overall I think it is very good)

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

In response to laurie- does first things first~‘s post:

I listened to Louise Hayes “You can heal your life.” it was a tape that made great changes for me.

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