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..hmmm what to say ..where to start ..i am me ..i share my life with a beautiful man ..and two lil children have chosen me as their mum focus is purely on a spiritual level it is the only way i reason and live ..although i am able to maintain and understand the physicality of my existence on many levels ..but im also influenced by the human part of this brain and being highly sensitive times emotional ..raw .. affirmations have and still do hold a key to soul ..and connectiveness .. so hey .. i live in Australia but im a New Zealander by blood and spirit ..NZ is my homeland ..

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Welcome to bmindful. I love your affirmation of mother and spiritual teacher to your children. As a mom to five children, it is very important to remember. Just reading your profile made me feel I was in touch with a kindred spirit! :) Thank you for sharing your affirmations.

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thankyou .. i was drawn here im sure as we all are .. wow 5 children thats very special .. and a syou know us mums need to keep in touch with ourselves as well as each child individual which can be very challenging and always the need to keep focus ..affirmations are a must for me ..thatnks for the welcome ..

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Welcome! Your beautiful affirmations remind me of what first drew me to bmindful. Thank you and I am going to borrow from your list. Jan

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