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★That's Wonderful!(:

Try this..Anytime something happens that you didn’t expect that you feel you don’t like..Say to yourself “that’s wonderful”.

Challenge yourself to find the good in everything. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore uncomfortable feelings..This is about creating better ones.. looking at things differently..and adding balance to the equation.

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Enjoying More Of What Is Happening
To me, that’s why it helps to always find something good in whats going on, and often we get lovely surprises.

“Negative states persist because we give them energy and importance through giving them all of our attention”. found this article

not seeing it as black and white… seeing it as … observing our feelings, and creating what we want more of.


Thanks for the reminder, I’ve adopted this habit but it is easy to sometimes forget.

I feel this in my spirit most of the time too..But I believe as it sounds you do..never hurts to have it reinforced.


The Joyful Flow
Good Vibrations
Feelings vibrate, just as all things in the universe do, at a particular frequency.

to read article in its entirety

I can get a benefit from anything that occurs.

One of my all time favorite images-How Wonderful





I practice elevating my emotions whenever I choose, though at all times I know I am more than feelings and circumstances


Thank you Appreciating.

Great thread!

Thank you, gives me “good vibrations”! (:

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful.
What you’ll discover is yourself.” Alan Alda

You will discover we are all wonderfully one :)

Awesome graphic! Thanks much!

Mike Dooley's younger brother has a similar powerful perspective. 

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.




⇒instead of I 'have to' get ready for work soon.⇒->Its so wonderful that I have what I need to prepare for my great day at work today.

instead ofI really need a day off.Its so wonderful I have a job & will work today... it makes tomorrow fantastic too-because it is a day off I look forward to even more.

instead of My legs were  really hurting yesterday after work... standing a lot.->Its so wonderful I have a miraculous mind, body and spirit in which to create even better ways to feel.


I am not a super woman...

I don't treat myself as I am

by treating myself with compassion, I allow myself to see things I want to do instead of seeing it as I must, or I better...

I am then more gentle with others...

because everyone is dealing with 'the too much' on their plate -syndrome

it is not to ignore... what needs to be done....

it is simply to reset the table of our minds, bodies, and spirits so we have a 'fighting-chance' without the fight. 





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