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discussion★new★★Making your own audios - sleeping 'headphone' - MP3 players..?

Hello lovely Bmindful members 

I've been advised that listening to audios (that you make yourself) whilst sleeping can be very helpful in terms of accepting the affirmations.

Can anyone help answer any of the following please?

Is there a good site where I can make my own audios (with background music/nature sounds) available? 

Can you recommend a good MP3 player that is reasonably priced? 

What kind of night time headphones do you use? Are they comfortable? Can you sleep with them on?

Many thanks

Holly kiss

Bit bemused that no-one has answered on here..

Thankfully though some have messaged me privately regarding suggestions..

In response to Holly Duff's post: In response to Holly Duff's post

Hello Holly, 

I left a message for the member I felt could answer your question !

Should be awesome!

PS The community is growing, though members who respond to forum versus utilizing the affirmations is a bit disproportionate (:

It only takes an answer you can use.

I'm believing one way or another -it will arrive.

link to earlier thread

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to Selfcare:I Like Right Now♡˚'s post:

Honestly Selfcare you just rock! 

I don't care if i sound like a broken record - thank you again for trying your utmost to help me x

Holly kiss

In response to Robert's post:

Hello Robert

Thank you for responding: so what do you play your affirmations on whilst you try to sleep? 

What kind of earphones do you use? I know there are ear bud types and a head band type but I wonder if I'd be able to sleep in either.. 

Holly kiss


Whatever kind of content that makes you feel better or helps you sleep, use it! There are no hard and fast rules for anything regarding sleep audio, healing tones or meditation music. EVERYONE consumes audio differently and how it affects is different...That being said, there is a building process to it and the more sounds you want, the more you need software that can handle that. I've seen sites that allow you to do a simple merge of nature sounds (for example), they have a tendency to sound "muddy" because you can't put any processing on the audio. Before buying anything, I'd invite you to try my YouTube channel 528universe or other channels/videos on YT for a wide variety of videos that are ready-made, for FREE and require no effort beyond pressing play.

If you have a particular idea in mind, I'd be more than willing to work with you on something that helps. Thats how I got into doing this in the first place. I've made this offer to "selfcare" (one of the site admins) already...PM me here about what you'd like to hear!

Tony (528Universe)

In response to 528Universe's post:

Hello Tony (528Universe)

Thank you for responding: I'm going to have a look at your YT site.

I've spent well over a year listening to the type of audios they have on YT (binaural/isochronic etc) with or without headphones: just usually while i'm online but they have had no affect. 

I was kind of working on the I'm engaged doing something else: so these might just slip through but no.. But I haven't tried listening to them whilst dozing/sleeping for a long time so that might be the clue.

Holly kiss


Isochronic-Headphones or speakers

To me, isochronic tones are not the be-all, end all because generally they are so unpleasant to listen to. If the idea is to relax, binaural beats are so much more pleasant especially if you are going to invest hours into the session.



Wow! Loving all the input this thread has rec'd so far.

It has inspired me to look for my headphones(:

I've gotten away from some of my nighttime listening -because it may wake up my spouse. I usually listen at night to what we both enjoy or wait until he is out and about.

I will gather my audio things and commence to night time programming... which I alone love.



since the writing of this... not necessarily night time... though back to listening to audios I love. (and an awesome Sony tape/CD player was given to me 'by the Universe')

*left by a neighbor to give away... I was the recipient!


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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to 528Universe's post:

Hello Tony 

Is it possible for you to suggest some sites where you can download free nature sounds please?

I've looked at quite a few sites where they say the audios are free: but when I've located ones I like (anything with rain/sea sounds); you have to purchase those ones! 

Good energy to you

Holly kiss

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

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