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★★Happiness Meeting: 4/16/2018: Love and Gratitude are the Greatest cure

Welcome to All in our Bmindful community!

In this Happiness meeting, we are invited and encouraged - in all dimensions of healing.

In this meeting, we will be painting with poetry!! And, we will be dancing at dawn!!

And, getting even better than we thought possible - in our exploration of our humanity and our unending nature that continually leads us to laughter and joy!

I will open this meeting with a powerful quote:

"There is such shelter in each other."  Quote by Nick Laird.

Please take a few minutes, and truly consider that quote.

And, consider all that you are to others. And, consider all that others are to you.

Take a new look at all that we have, all that we are. Look at how far, and how deep, and how long we have traveled...! And, look at your heart! And, listen to your voice, and the sound of your laughter!


The goal of these Happiness meetings is really create and cultivate inner dialogue. No matter where you are in your life, our need for belonging, acceptance, understanding, wisdom, peace and love have always been central. 

These meetings are here to support those in our community on their journey and in the creation of joy, health and happiness!

In this meeting, I will be asking you to pay especially close attention to your inner voice. 

I want you to notice everything you can.

And, be honest with yourself about your inner voice.

What do you hear? 

Good, bad or ugly --- that inner voice needs some TLC.

And when you start listening to it, you can count the ways that you can begin to be kind, and gentle with your spirit. 

Catch yourself being critical of others. Get caught being self critical. 

Catch yourself being stingy.

Catch yourself being unwilling.

Catch yourself being a NO. Not now.


Have fun and get a powerful shift with this Happiness meeting:

-Ask yourself for powerful contribution from this meeting! 

-Transform your experience  in a place where you've been stopped:                                     personal growth, personal relationships, self expression, healing from a toxic relationship or patterns, re-claiming your joy, healing and working with your inner voice, choosing peace. Interrupt a chronic, distressed inner voice and start telling your inner voice a new message!

For example, ask for abundance. Ask for the one thing that you thing is most impossible! In order to do that, you have to give yourself permission to speak about this impossibility -- and maybe even joke about it!

Ask for unlimited miracles!

And PLEASE, include poetry, quotes and any other writing that you want to use that give you access to YOU  changing your self talk.

Be generous with your self!!

This meeting is now open to all!!

Hi Kath! Thank you for creating another wonderful BMINDFUL HAPPINESS MEETING.

I am just waking here... And this is what came to me:


I had given much feeling/thought focus to some inner child 'work' recently on the site ... which translated/translates... to more of that particular energy in my 'whole' life. The result has been very powerful.

I 'thought' & felt I had been present 'enough'

Though the cool thing about allowing... is more-good continues to show up(:

Being present from my very soul in very real things from play time to work time has evolved.

Affirmations and intentions just for my inner child -gave my adult the voice and personalized life-view to respond in ways that were right on time... 

Everything from how I view time- to ... my dealings personally and professionally. I am filled with gratitude from all that got me 'here' to my feelings to where I am going.

Solutions for some 'stuck points' have been surfacing... 

And all that I can say ... in this moment...to be present ... is to be present ... with who you really are. And of course there are so many levels of this. Because wherever we are is valuable. Because it takes our-now to get anywhere new.

In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:c6a1f25ec3dc8e37ec67f17e32e34f4d.jpg

In response to Kathi's post

Thank you Self care! Yes, Inner child work is very powerful and very cathartic! 


In response to Kathi's post1:

 In response to Kathi's post2

looking forward to elaborating... (:

I am so grateful for the bounty of this day... I had a long day, 7AM to 8:30 PM. And I am tired, but  my heart is on fire! My body is tired, but my spirit extraordinarily awake, and ready for some serious banter! 

Four more days until I'm off work, and then my 8th grade class is meeting for our 29th year reunion! That, by itself is crazy!!! Oh, what a night!

Well, I love this meeting, and I am sincerely enjoying the journey that this meeting provides.

Even when I do not post as often or as quickly as I wish I could, the journey begins the minute the meeting is opened. 

I've been doing these meetings long enough to have a rhythm down. And, the steadiness of this work has been like tuning up musical instrument. A kind sound, like a kind word is life giving.

"There is such shelter in each other."


I really, really like that affirmation...

I like it because its true.

So, I've been listening very sincerely to my inner voice for these last few days.

I noticed something late today. Two things began to become more synchronous. The two things are my inner voice and my outer words. 

My inner voice most definitely did need TLC. But, so did my spoken words. 


I noticed something else too. I noticed and observed that my listening to others was much more active. 

I learned so much by listening to others. It literally opened up doors to communication! Isn't amazing - how people respond, and chip in and offer valuable suggestions, exactly what you need, exactly when you needed it?! 


In response to Kathi's post:

posting now-and will probably rewrite to be reader-friendly(:

just didn't want to forget the experience(:

  • ~

I too needed to give my inner voice some TLC a day ago...

"Its all good though..."

It was a wonderful growth experience that involved things that were quite irritating...

I loved not being fearful of the discomfort

I introduced myself to the clarity of the contrast

and with all I didn't want

my new better reality was soon formed

I didn't ignore my feelings

I created from that place -

better better thoughts and feelings utilizing the contrast

By being present for some things that I didn't like... in just a days time... I gained more clarity about what matters to me...

and while enjoying the insight so much ... that and related things I like...bumped up my vibrational place to allow more of what I like/want in my 'best life'

result: today... was awesome. Yes I changed the inner me. Though I allowed for more from a better place... and what I needed -materialized in my outside world(:


I'll keep ya posted(:

contrast -post


"A mind that is free of self-concern becomes a heart that is open to all possibilities." Matt Kahn"



You don't have to be an enemy of misery to be a servant of joy."Matt Kahn

In a paradoxical way,it was a blessing to my soul

the fact that my mom and dad kind of let me be wild and

free spirited.Had they been dotting and interested,it likely would

have been counterproductive on some level.

I think it's probably true that my soul chose my parents.



My poetry palette

Dry as of late


Crusty and cracked

From lack of use


Brushes stiff



Life rushes by

No time to paint


A catastrophic event

On the horizon

Possibly awaits


Minds frozen in time

Allow your brush

To stroke


Seeing your heart

Bleed for another

Begins the canvas of healing 

From the inside out


Seek to find 

The good

It is always there

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post:

Dearly Beloved One,

My heart runs to be near you! 

Whatever you have, I carry it with you!

I give you my All and spare nothing...

You are Never alone! 

Our faith is strengthened and our Love covers all!

You are being held in Loving prayer Poppy!

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