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--★★Happiness meeting: Communicating with and into the unknown

Welcome ALL, into this weeks happiness meeting.

We are all invited to join in as we take a step into an unchartered path.  A path that has yet to be touched, yet to be identified. It is the path that we have no idea even exists.  

It is a complete unknown.  It is a mystery, because it is not part of our external awareness. And yet it is close, and it is intensely alive, as you will see, when touched upon, you will have instant impression.

Soul perceptions.

The topic of our last Happiness meeting was "Being transformed by Love", and I am wanting to build upon that meeting.  Please feel free to look back at that Happiness meeting, because there is a connection b/t being transformed by love, and taking the next step.  

There are an infinite ways to take your next step!! You are all welcome to look with in, and welcome that next bead, and follow your flow! 

 Previous Happiness Meeting:Transformed By Loveimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-Fkp4QMlvRoeD03_TMJVL7kIvdSDIzn_rKT8aoNExmLG2Yr6ijQ


 If you have truly been transformed by LOVE, then without a doubt, you have knowledge that produces effects that translate from self awareness into the world of causes.

WHY, oh, why am I writing this?! Good question! This is definitely not an easy subject, and many people may not be interested in this inquiry. However, we are all facing many unknown's! We do it every day! We make decisions and we have our values, and all of this is from the world that is already known.  

I believe that this inquiry is greater than being limited by "WHAT we know vs. what we do not know."  What I am trying to point towards, is that we are more; we are greater than the sum of our experience and the sum of our thoughts. 

Much of what I am distinguishing is that I desire to communicate -- with my unknown... I am aligning and connecting with my true nature and developing my will.  I am very interested in gaining information about soul and Higher purpose, about service, and in all of the connections along my path. I am also interested in how we function on all planes: physical plane, mental plane and spiritual plane. 

I am interested in understanding more clearly my three fold nature. I am also interested in understanding energy, spiritually. I am also interested in how some people have tapped into healing.  I am also interested in understanding nature of others with whom we have significant relationships with. I would love to understand how these significant relationships occur.  

Do you ever wonder how or why certain people or certain events happen? Do you believe this is all just random?  Or, is this meant to be?  

I am also interested in continuing along the path of being transformed by LOVE.  And, this Happiness meeting is my next step along that path of transformation.



The intention for growth of consciousness:

  1.  Meditation: The physical brain becomes quiet and still.  Here, you will wrestle intense internal activity of the mind.  The mind does not want to be still, or submit to you having self awareness beyond your mind and beyond your thinking. You learn this by achieving one pointed concentration. One thought at a time. Through concentration, you are able to build up your will. This alone is a totally new experience!  Subjugating the mind, literally means to make the mind subordinate. And what is it subordinate to?  It will be subordinate to your will.  
  2. Emancipation. Setting aside limitations and releasing burdens. When your burdens have been lifted, you will not want them back! You are shedding one identity. Your consciousness is not the same as your rational mind. Your rational mind will ask questions, and  your intuition will usually answer with a vision. It is this process, where the rational mind brings questions and the intuition provides a solution. 
  3. Balance b/t the more subdued rational mind and the intuition. New experiences bring new understanding. The pineal gland is located in the back cerebral portion of the third ventricle of the brain. To many, it is said to be the home of the soul, an out post of the life of God.  It is also said to be the lowest point, where pure spiritual life from our Creator contacts or reaches. Through concentration on the light in the head, knowledge of the spiritual worlds and those of pure spirits who work and walk in them is achieved.  It is through the development of the head and the use of the head center, the will is brought into functioning activity. 

I know that this is not an easy to read thread!  And, still, this unchartered path is unfolding!!

Please, stick with me!

Here's a little more, that I am hoping will be something of value!!

Experience (of the pairs of opposites) comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish b/t the personal self and the purusa.  The objective forms exist for the use and the experience of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this, arises the intuitive perception of the spiritual nature.

Purusa is defined as a complex concept, such as a cosmic man, or consciousness.

Quote from "The Light of the Soul", page 320. A. Bailey



Recommended inquiry:

This is a spiritual thread.  I can offer you questions for inquiry and reflection, however this is only speaking to your rational mind.  This thread is meant to nurture your spiritual nature...!  

Right now, my Spirit needs nurturing!

I am inviting you to balance your rational mind with your spiritual mind. There is room for both! It takes time, patience, intention and focus. 

I request that you work on any part of this meeting that speaks to you.

I know that I am working from where I am, and I am committed to being transformed by love.

This meeting is now open!

thank you for taking the time to contribute this Happiness meeting.

I can only know because of my intention to grow through things and not just go through daily life... there will be much personal exploration -adding to the discoveries I will appreciate.

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thank you, and yes, we are here to explore our unknown!



1st thought on topic of unknown:

I believe 1 way (of many) 'the unknown'  has begun creating its own clarity is my desire to not label or judge all that comes into my experience after the way has been 'paved' 5-19-17 9:13AM EST

note to self- 'paving' (expound later)


Finding Words For Experience -self/2017



 In response to Kathi's post1:In response to Kathi's post2:

I can say...'my brain' has been traveling a new path, and the driver of this is definitely Greater than my my primitive human place...



  • I would say Love (as I understand it/feel it/know it in this present moment).... has evolved with much more  faith/trust .
  • I'd say that has what has been happening for me... progressively... thanks to desire, willingness, and inspiration (which  comes from something Greater) ... that I (always) find where I (truly) seek & allow.... is simply Awesome; a word overused ....though best description for:'letting go',  'being'  and lovely  co-creative experiences ... with less and less effort.
  • It is a process... that I Am trusting ... My 'old self'  from a younger time would logically deduce ... (from my rational mind), that fear is good...Those infamous wake-up calls...  would create imaginative... run-on solutions lol. In earlier days,  I would've said  fearful analyzing  was simply caring. . And who knows...maybe there is a thin line between love and fear. b91bfe0b01c6bcc23d10f6b687c146f3.jpg
  • Though much has been transformed, and as you Kathi so appropriately titled the last mtg-transformed by love...
  • You couldn't have told me in my early yrs...
  • ~~~~*early yrs...-all is relative - though mine go back a ways(:
  • Anyway my point I was about to make... as I grow... love is always being transformed... 2cc938bce6a01ce4327b3a479da4c05f.jpg


In response to all of your posts above: And that is part of what is coming up for me to share (utilizing 'today' , the last mtg which added to my today and the ideas : The intention for growth of consciousness    you listed above :   Meditation, Emancipation, Balance  

to be continued....


☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to Kathi's post:

  1. Meditation---I don't pretend to know anything about meditation but I can make my mind go completely blank within seconds. Ok maybe minutes. I also seem to have no trouble focusing my concentration on one particular thing for long periods of time. I can seemingly shut out the world around me and not see or hear things around me. It's like I'm in a trance or self hypnotized. Others can snap me out of it by calling my name several times or touching me. I know it sounds weird, but it is part of my unknown. I have been doing brain entrainment for years and I continue to use it to relax, go into delta to sleep, help relieve sinus congestion and allergy relief, as well as pain management. 
  2. Emancipation: I think I do this all the time. It fascinates me and is very satisfying. I will ask myself how to solve a problem. It usually has to do with solving a mechanical problem or coming up with a way to create a solution to do or fix something but it works just as well with remedying social situations or conflicts. Often I will ask one of my parents who have passed to help me with something and I get my answers in dreams. To me this is another complete unknown. 
  3. Balance between the rational mind and intuition? Well, I try to be rational or at least sensible but I do depend and trust my intuition a lot. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

9:44 AM EST 5/19/17

In response to Poppy's post: the clarity of your responses have assisted my own, thank you for joining in for you...and for many I'm sure... You have triggered ideas for my own clarity. 

I can further tell that I will receive a lot from this mtg!

 10:19AM EST 5/19/17

 Poppy's post: I hope you don't mind Poppy, I came across a poem of yours (on an Allowing/Accepting-Happiness Meeting... )which works for w/me for this thread:


Who Are You And What Do You Want? Or What Time Is It?

Time moves forward
Second by second
It’s time you have

Time past is unchangeable
Future time does not exist
Breath by breath
Heart beat by heart beat
Is the present

I am me
You are you
The same and ever changing, us

Accepting what is
Allowing Source
To fill uncertainty
Of being

Liberating authentic self
Instantly here

And gone
And here again
And gone
And here…


☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post:Hmmm---I wrote that?  Sounds vaguely familiar or at least, it resonates with me. Thanks! 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post: Thanks Poppy for joining the meeting!  Always love your sharing!

I have never heard of brain "entrainment", but it sounds like a powerful technique that one could use to learn the path of stilling the mind.  I will google on this, and check it out.

Unlike you Poppy, I hardly arrive at a state of stillness quickly... Maybe as I do this more and more, it will become natural.  The first thing that I go to, is the light in my head. That part is instant, less than a nano second. 

Chitta, mind stuff  is a barrier for me. My mind is never silent!! Right now, I am using this as a lever.  I am separating from the endless rational mind that refuses stillness.  I am just directing my focus behind and away from and pulling awareness away from the chitta. This is just a start....  there is "East" to go from here!



In response to Kathi's post: I think I know why my mind doesn't chatter. One has to have a mind for it to chatter or my mind is like a TV. A TV that is turned off. I am just not getting a signal. Luckily, if I have to, I can turn it on occasionally. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

New thought just occurred to me... that its my greatest desire to continue "being transformed by LOVE", --and that IS me speaking into my unknown! 

It just feels like finding a puzzle piece, and feeling it as it is a perfect fit, perfect find... and feeling it connect to my physical body, and with it, a welcomed wave of ease and a deep sigh that followed.

 I was off today, and I am so grateful for all that IS right with my life. Today, I took time to take stock in this Happiness meeting... and also, I took stock in where I am, what are my thoughts like, what am I attracting, what am I manifesting, where is my valley, and where is my mountain...

This is also me speaking and communication with my unknown.

And, I DO need and WANT spiritual nurturing. I AM spiritually hungry. The time is right for me to ask myself about this hunger.

What do I really want?  Love.  The answer is Love!

In response to Kathi's post: Yes Kathi, the answer is always love. Continue developing a deep everlasting love and forgiveness for self and your heart light will shine brightly and infect everyone you meet and that spiritual love in your heart will spill over in all your endeavors. 


I wrote this this poem recently and it suddenly came back to me. I can't remember if I published it or not, but it must be part of my response to this meeting. 


Tightly closed eyes
View the world
In vivid light

A silent tongue
Sings loudly
To pricked ears

Deep within
Your heart

A still mind
Plays a recurrent

Can you see it?
Can you hear it?
Do you want to?

It is you
Best heed
It's message.



Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

"Into the Unknown" 


Reaching out
Thoughts and desires

Personal growth
Challenging, rewarding

Soulful journey

The unknown
Always love


Throw it
Without thought.


Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post: Love this new poem too! So perfect! These past few weeks have  been an incredible ride full of uncertainty, hope, and excitement. We've undergone some life changes we are believing that is leading to the life we've been paving the way for. 

If I was to share specifics, it could seem like an oh-no! Though it has somehow just fit... for the place of discovery and things we've wanted to "figure out" for awhile. 

We are believing this is the best time of our lives (one moment at a time).

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post:

"I acknowledge Love as the fundamental energy of life." This affirmation has helped me in times of uncertainty. When we undergo life changes, and we all do, it is natural to want to hang onto the familiar, but if we can toss out our heartfelt limitless love into the wind, it will catch something even better than we can imagine and return it to us. 

" I radiate love and happiness" 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post:

Thank you!!

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to Poppy's post: Poppy, your words are so soothing...

and I love your affirmation!!

Yesterday, while driving home, I had a huge insight... 

I saw just a tiny glimpse of something that is so important.  It's about ownership and taking full and total responsibility for all aspects of my life. 

I saw a tiny glimpse of how I have not yet done this...  I truly see how this blind spot, which I was fully unaware of, kept my moving from moving forward in every aspect of my life...

just a glimpse, and I was able to see with total clarity, how and why I am who and where I am!!

"Being cause" in all areas of my life, with siblings, with my daughter, with my x, and, more importantly, with my self...

I can see, that this is the contribution of doing authenticity work in all areas of my life. 

I just took ownership, and now I can work with peace and freedom, and feel the vitality of my Being...


I Am cause in the creation of and the matter of my JOY!

I deeply love and accept myself for ALL that I am!


Hi my friend, My heart smiles when you share your journey. Thank you. You are beautiful!


This quote reminded me of your beautiful place you are in.

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Giggling!  You are a glorious source of Love and Light, that shares my sacred path!

And, yes, yes, yes to that quote, above... and the word that most hits the bullseye: belonging.

Powerful stuff, BELONGING.

And, the same with exploring the darkness/the unknown.




"Kathi's Poem"

Deeply dive
Heart zone

Enter darkness
Without expectation

Open minded
Exploratory mission

Looking into
Your mirror image

Who are you?

If you find
You look like you
Look deeper

Ask your heart
To recall
All goodness you

Mind link
Heart findings

In the mirror
Look again

All you'll see
Your heart
Bleeding love

That's who
You are

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post: Thank you Poppy!!  Love your writing!  

Inner dialogue and self power:

I've looked over all that this thread has brought to bare.  And, for me, there is a lot.  

-My spirit needs nurturing

-Identifying that I was/am spiritually hungry

-The thing that I'm hungry for is Love

-That huge insight about taking responsibility for my self, my experiences, and my relationships including my relationship with my self.

Today, I take stock in self.  And I acknowledge all of my 6 senses. And I have edges, places where I have work to do... I feel those edges, and they are familiar.  Today, I choose to feel the exact opposite feelings.  

So, for broken relationships where there is no possibility, I choose healing... I choose connection and understanding.

For uncertainty, I choose trust and fulfillment.

I know that I can't do this all by myself. I know that my rational mind does not want me to say this or pray for miracles. My rational mind will fight me for an eternity about the merits of this thinking.

But my rational mind is not who I am.

I control my inner dialogue.  I create my inner peace.  

I create that my spirit is fed and nurtured.

I create that my entire DAY is busy, productive, and designed so that I can get freedom, access to meaningful fulfillment, and that I use all the things that are available to me in my life, including those edges, and I use all things in ways that increase peace, understanding, freedom, prosperity, friendship and love.


In response to Kathi's post:


I love how you've identified from your heart space... the space to create all you truly desire.

Joy Joy Joy!

Image result for quotes about life and god


  • Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend… when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present – love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure – the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience Heaven on earth. Sarah Ban Breathnach


☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thank you for speaking such joy on to my spiritual path! Your words and your intentions contribute vitality and alignment, and I grow in my heart! I can hear your kind and gentle voice of your spirit!  You always give with light and with pure love!!

Spiritual thread, for this spiritual being...!

New, new, new thoughts...

Feels like I'm starting over.  Starting over with nothing.  Nothing in my hands, trying to empty my thoughts... 


I do have something in my mind, and it is new.

I started this thread off with communicating with... (the unknown). Just got a shift from the universe, and now, I am learning to live my life with the unknown.

That opens up enormous possibility.


Yesterday, I mentioned  "broken relationships where there is no possibility"...

This is another example on how I have chosen to live, and where I could now choose to take responsibility for.  This is my life, after all, its not a vortex or a vacuum.  This is my experience, its happening to me because of me.  I am not being victimized.  And this situation did not suddenly develop into what and where it is. This is me.  This is happening because I have allowed these conditions to persist.

I think its important to talk about expectations when anyone is dealing with a situation that is not healing. 

I think when things do not heal, or when we are unable to move forward in a way that we would like to move forward, we have an unmet expectation.

Today, my message is changing.


There is no better gateway to FREEDOM than by accepting responsibility for your self.

This is wonderful, excellent.

Now, healing begins! 

I AM the source of all that I experience!

I AM the source of joy and abundant health!

I AM the creator of my life!!

When there is no path, create one!

When there is no possibility, create possibility!

In response to Kathi's post:


Total agreement Kath !

That is my philosophy...so much ...that doors feel opened even when precarious events happen with that  'infamous uncertainty' we speak of.  (: I hesitate in sharing about joyful opened doors of uncertainty  to many...though I know I am among friends (:

Here goes...Recently we had a pretty big change or turn of events in our household.

I am believing it isn't common how I Am feeling ...

Many would have been been less than energized... let alone positively charged ... that day or even that 'big' day later (:


  •   So grateful how  the seeing life as wonderful ...has increased life's-wonderfulness.



 It's a double whammy / double grateful/appreciation whammy that my hubby and I are experiencing a particular loss  as a gift. (I say double...because my happiness joy rule is not to utilize others as a prerequisite for my joy...So its a double joy that we are experiencing this at the same time.


  • So  what the heck is this  uncertainty with joy?

..for me it is  faith with a sense of humor , which takes inspired action as often as the spirit moves them. Well that's my story ...as vague as it is ...for a forum, though quite open for me in feeling (in this moment) -expressed. 



☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.



Little background to the particular joy that I Am experiencing these days connected to uncertainty:

Last year before a 'big' birthday of mine... I became a bit puzzled... I was trying to attach meaning to what this 'time' was suppose to mean for me. I began reaching into my memories... looking at others who I've loved, respected and admired that were once my age... like my parents.....  And that didn't work...because I Am me, and times are different. So I began creating lots of space for my life to be revealed to me more.... (that can be translated into lots of airy space without labels ... looking out from a view where nothing is broken...)


If something came up...I just let it & loved it...though didn't try to analyze it... I'm believing this has added tremendously to my experiences and joyful 'coping' techniques. I prefer to call it living techniques versus coping(:  Anyway, I just woke up from a needed nap... so hoping I made the sense my spirit seems to think it has(:


The thing I neglected to say...during the time I was just allowing...without labeling ... more of  my hearts desire in life began to emerge. The more I loved this newness without having to understand it, 'it' created a clarity of its own ... just without the kind of details that made for words/conversation.

  1. I occasionally would jot pieces down in these Happiness mtgs (and other threads... )in ways I understood...that  ...   have been 'receiving' our hearts desire.
  2. Years ago on this site...I said that was my intention ... wanted to be closer to my spirit...
  3. I'm believing that is why my joy has grown where it is/ closer to my spirit/living from my heart place.


 I love affirmative prayer!

  • Affirmative Prayer

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not arrived, and I lie in an eternal present filled with an everlasting good. There is nothing unhappy or morbid in my consciousness. I have no fear of yesterday nor do I anticipate tomorrow with anything other than enthusiastic expectation. Everything good in my experience shall create my future. I have no fear in looking backward or forward, but realize the eternal day in which I now live. Today is big with hope fulfilled, with love and life well-lived. Tomorrow will provide its own blessings. 

by Ernest Holmes


Here's a quote I really like!

  • Quote

Every day we touch what is wrong, and, as a result, we are becoming less and less healthy. That is why we have to learn to practice touching what is not wrong—inside us and around us. When we get in touch with our eyes, our heart, our liver, our breathing, and our non-toothache and really enjoy them, we see that the conditions for peace and happiness are already present.

by Thich Nhat Hanh



☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.


☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thank you for all that you shared.  I appreciate that you are on your spiritual path and that while things are uncertain, that you have a strong relationship with yourself and with your husband.  I'm happy for both of you that this new change was one that you were both able to face together and that you both rose to the occasion! While this is still a new adjustment, you are manifesting abundance, health, JOY and trust... 

I have always felt in my spirit that having the "gift" of a bountiful personality, was always better than money in the bank.  Personality will always be a source of richness that will always lift you up and draw you near to your next step.

And, you are sowing wonderful seeds, with many compassionate deeds! 


In response to Kathi's post:Thank you for your loving acknowledgement. I do place a higher value on Being than other forms of abundance-so that is indeed a compliment. With the Being-element having ...is, and/or always in process... and with that 'gifts' of material abundance (Thank You God) often just arrive as needed in ways, quantities/qualities that we allow much delight. 

I work a great deal, and so has my hubby. We just have considered that part of what we do ... and thankful for our ability/desire to serve out there (: We just don't look at any one thing as abundance...We feel utterly blessed because it is our joy and beliefs about how we receive that receiving is something we are simply keeping our arms open to knowing all we need keeps coming at the right time. 

Your lovely compliment reminded me of  a quote I truly like

The Abundance Creed

From The Light of my Creator that I Am.

From The Love of my Creator that I Am.

From The Power of my Creator that I Am.

From The Heart of my Creator that I Am.

I Decree-

I dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of my Creator is my Infinite Source.

The River of Life never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression.
Good comes to me through unexpected avenues and my Creator works in a myriad of ways to bless me.

I now open my mind to receive my good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen.

With my Creator as my Source, Nothing amazes me.

I am not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other is yet to come.

By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful fearless actions and my deep rapport with my Creator, my future is created and my abundance made manifest.

I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into Higher Truth. My mind is quiet.

From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and Life gives back to me with magnificent increase.

Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. My Creator provides for me in wondrous ways.

I AM indeed grateful. And I let it be so. Amen

found this some time ago,not sure of author, once saw Aiden Powers. Please correct if misappropriated credit . will correct immediately as directed.
found this again this time on video in 2016







☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to Kathi's post: your beautiful place in your now- seemed to fit these empowering quotes

Empowerment happens when you face the profound responsibility you have for your own life.
Bryant McGilled083aea9ae1077e419993ddb90b40b5.jpg


 Kudos Kathi! I celebrate with you!



☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thanks!

Who knew that this thread would lead to such clarity and ultimately, self empowerment!

That's what is so amazing about these happiness meetings!

Empowerment was not part of the intention, however, tapping into spiritual hunger and spiritual nurturing have, for me, brought much to bare!  I am as grateful as I am pleased!  



Great affirmation!

Empowerment happens when you face the profound responsibility you have for your own life.
— Bryant McGill

See the source image

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

I just reread this meeting and communicating with and into the unknown is very timely for me right now. I don’t know how it showed up, but I’m glad it did. I like the Mandy Hale quote, ...when nothing is certain, anything is possible. “

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

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