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--★★Gift of Love|13th Edition Soul Food Series


 Have you ever taken the time to consider each and every one of us is Love incarnate? 
We are created from Love,  it is to Love that we will return. What about the "meantime" ?
The time we are bequeathed to have human experiences. Yes, be ever mindful we are spiritual creatures having human experiences. We are Love, our nature is to Love. It is what we are, what we gravitate to, what we desire more than diamonds, gold or any riches of this world.  It is what enables our spirits to soar to heights never known before. Love is total Freedom.
Love is an integral part of you, the majestic threads magically interwoven comprising the beautiful tapestry of the essence of you, it not only engulfs you but totally surrounds you. If you look for it, you will see it, Love freely abounds, it is everywhere, you can feel it in the warmth of the rays of the sun,  in the exquisite beauty of nature,  in the flowing of a gentle breeze carrying the scent of honeysuckle or the smell of a batch of fresh baked cookies. You can hear love in the sounds of a babbling brook/ stream, shared laughter, a musician playing a concerto, or the sounds of enjoyment emanating from riders on a ferris wheel. 
Love is prominently displayed at the dawn of each new day as a myriad of colors dance across the sky beckoning all to come, join in and experience life, most of all to Love.  Just  as equally displayed at the coming of night, as hues of orange and gold boldly convey the coming of night, the end of the day.
When we live in the moment it is easy to see all the Love in the Universe is a part of you and me. The very air we breathe is a miraculous gift of Love. The water we drink, bathe in  is loving provided for our consumption, hydration, moisture  and enjoyment to sustain us.  Looking  through the eyes of Love it becomes perfectly clear the true purpose of our existence, is to share the magical gift of Love.


Please take  a moment to review the description/graph comparing "worldly love and spiritual love. The concept of "worldly love" it is relative to physical attraction, magnetism and infatuation. These variables can be easily controlled to a certain degree and can be removed according to certain conditions or experiences. Spiritual love  is often referred to as "agape love". Love emanating  from your very essence, the Soul. Pure, void of requiring any prerequisites  or specific conditions, like a beautiful steam  it flows freely respecting, accepting, encouraging and  forgiving.



I have carefully selected articles and videos with the goal of increasing your awareness of the many facets of Love.  Think of a multifaceted stone such as a diamond.  Use your creative visualization to picture it in your mind, notice how there seems to be many dimensions to it. How brilliantly it shines depending on how it catches the light. So it is with Love. How fortunate we are to have the ability to harness and utilize this tremendous power to not only enrich our lives but the lives of others as well.



  I invite you to please take a moment to ponder  REFLECTION QUESTIONS -LINK.




For me, love, gratitude and joy are all magically linked. It is  impossible to experience one without the other. Such an exquisite gift, where there is Love there is profound gratitude, the feeling of gratitude creates immense joy.  Love is communicated in numerous ways, we hear it in the song of birds, a cat purring, or a dog wagging it's tail, the beauty captured in a smile, all expressions of Love.


Where there is Love, there is light, a light so brilliant, it can cancel out the darkness. Each and everyone one of us has this amazing gift, the best thing it is the more you give, the more Love you receive.






 Reflection Questions:


1) What are some of the ways you share Love with others?

2) Do you use creative visualization as a technique to enhance the love and gratitude you feel for the gift of life?

3) Do you use Love as a tool to  uplift, inspire  and encourage others that you come in contact with?

4) How has incorporating Love into your daily life increased your sense of gratitude and joy?


want to come back in Sept 2018/note to self(:

Absolutely fantastic material! Thank you for this awesome thread. Looking forward to taking time with your reflection questions and  every bit of the content! Wow!

In response to Nancee1953's post:

2) Do you use creative visualization as a technique to enhance the love and gratitude you feel for the gift of life? 

What I utilize mostly, is allowing life to be created from depths  of my heart place. From there love truly is everywhere. It truly puts me in my 'own world' ... and from authentic things occur where so everything is a gift...

to be continued... 



Though in regard to creative visualization I love the aid of pics to assist me...assists my own creative place (even before get my day rollin' ...because it is actually a tool in getting my day started. 



No matter the activity I've seen on this site (I have always viewed this site, one of love), so creating on here boosts this place of love for me...(:

When things come from heart-place:


3) Do you use Love as a tool to  uplift, inspire  and encourage others that you come in contact with? Yes!!! I get the biggest opportunity to do this at work, because of of service I am involved with... which I love exceeding what is expected... because as I stated in q. above it is about heart ... not about a job description(:


I love your questions... Will definitely return as more comes up...
Thank you Again!

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Bmindful rocks!

In response to Nancee1953's post: Beautiful thread Nancee!  And, our synchronicity is right on point!!  The current happiness thread is titled "Being transformed by Love"!!

I just want to say that I love my life!  And not a minute too soon!!  I am actively removing any and all barriers that separate me from being connected to having love in my mind, heart and spirit!

What are the ways do you share love with others:

For me, it is in my nature. I look for love, and I see it in all things, and in all situations.  Mostly I see the gifts that others have, and I look for their unique contribution and how they make our world a truly great place.  I see people helping others, even if they are complete strangers.  People are just GOOD people who are aren't afraid of hard work, and who will share with you what little they may have.  And that's what makes our world GREAT! 


Love is always right on time!!   Never, ever late...!

We are so lucky!  We have every single day to discover love and the millions of ways to enjoy and celebrate all of these gifts!


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 really like that quote!laughing

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I love being love, giving love, manifesting love where it seems to be only within the background covered up by seeming lack of it in a moment other emotions are running wild, receiving love and I marvel at all the love that I already receive from family, friends, even strangers, and the love of the universe and the love of all that iz God. 

I love that the world seems to be awakening more and more each day to remembering we are love itself.

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There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

Love the comments.


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The biggest embrace of love you'll ever make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you'll realize you've just embraced the whole universe, and everything and everyone in it ~ Adyashanti

I live a completely charmed life

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