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I am Accessible - Beyond Limits is the name of my business. I offer workshops focused on disability sensitivity training for the workplace. Training addresses myths about people with disabilities on the job, the job interview, invisible disabilities, and physical, as well as product and service accessibility.

I love the power of positive affirmations. I say “Guide me to the right people, for the right purpose at the right time.” every day, and my path has been wonderful. It unfolds exactly as it should. I love where I am in life and I especially love sharing a message that I am passionate about, in order to give to and help others.

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What a great list of affirmations and wonderful goals. You know I have a nephew who is autistic - now 36 years old. I wish there were people like you when he was growing up, because they just wanted to institutionalize him. Luckily, my sister was strong and kept him at home and in school. He has a low-functioning job, but is otherwise making it. You know what is ironic? His dream is to be a broadcast journalist and he talks about it all the time (in autistic talk).

What kind of graphic design work have you started? I own a business and I’m always on the lookout for some good graphic talent… :)

I look forward to learning more about you!!


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In response to meditatingmama’s comment:

Hi MM :)

Thank you for your kind words :) Thank you for sharing your experiences with your nephew. Interesting that he wants to be a broadcast journalist - I have my journalism degree :)

I have been in business as a graphic designer since March of 2008. I absolutely love what I do. After many years of experience in the publishing industry, I decided to go on my own.

I have worked in ad design, small and large publication layout, editing, data conversion - pretty much every aspect of publishing. I currently specialize in business branding.

Visit my website at to find out more!

I am launching another site in the near future “i am accessible. net” - to focus on my speaking career and getting my message out about people with disabilities.

I look forward to hearing more about your business and your path!

Thanks again for your message! Have a blessed day!


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Hi Liz, Thanks for the website address. I just submitted the information that I am seeking for design. Look forward to hearing from you!!

Warm regards, MM

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Welcome back lizvr(: Wonderful!

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