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2008 is proving to be a most wonderful year thus far. I have found the love of my life at 39. I am embarking on a journey back to nature, back to soul, in order to (re) discover my purpose, my gift to my community. I’m looking to enter true adulthood. I’m learning to appreciate that my thoughts do not define who I am.

Current Heros: David Whyte, Mary Oliver, William Butler Yeats (poets), Bill Plotkin (visionary), Eckhart Tolle (dude who gets it).

I wish all who are in the world peace and joy and limitless love. This sentiment lives within our collective core.


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nannasc Lee
Gypsyfriend is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Welcome to!

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In response to nannasc’s comment: Thank you! This seems like a fantastic community and I look forward to sharing in spirit with all of you.

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Wishing U all the positiveness U deserve!

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