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I am a student, a pastors kid… They say I look older than my age, and i think maybe because of all the changes in my life… All the thing ive gone through…I want learn more about LIFE… And Contentment…I want to view life in the positive side… I want to know and meet people who thinks positively and loves to live their life in a positive and practical manner… Who could influence my growth as a full-pledge person…

I believe that every man has the power to live their life the way they want… Coz we make our own destiny… And we all have the mind to use in building our own world… A world of geniuses..

I want to be mindful… So that i could use and share my life/gifts to people who believes in the natural power that is inside us… inside the MIND…

I want everybody to Think Positive…. Even if I really don’t.. But still I’m trying… so, i need to start with myself…

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