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Hi there. Soul on the mend here. Have had some hardships in life, went in retreat for a long time and couldn’t do much more than survive. Was successful at that, so now I’m trying to figure out how to bust out and truly live!

Like many people, I’ve had a hard time accessing the full scope of my abilities, and believing that I truly deserve happiness, love, success, and all the other parts of a good life. Something deep down firmly believed that that stuff was meant for other people, not me. I think I believed that because I was told that, silently, by the circumstances in my life when I was young. Don’t believe it any more, not consciously anyway, but it’s become clear that conscious understanding and bone-deep change are two different things! I believe with all my conscious mind that I’m capable and worthy, and yet my actions keep telling a different story.

So for me, affirmations are a way of re-educating myself, of getting to some of those bone-deep negative ideas about myself and changing them. it’s a daily struggle, and some days go better than others. But I do feel that affirmations help, and are a really powerful tool.

Please drop a note if you’re on any kind of similar journey - I’d love to hear from you. And good luck on yours!


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Hi Jason!

How long have you been doing affirmations?


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Jason, it’s probably best to answer here, since the question is here :)

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Okey doke. So as i said back on your page (oops) I’ve been at it consistently for only a few weeks, but more sporadically for a couple of years. How about you? I’d guess since you have so many that you’ve been at it for a while?

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I’ve been doing affirmations seriously for about 3 years. Before that I wasn’t committed. It took being committed (literally into a Mental Health Unit for depression) to really get me committed. I wanted to be well and I got well!

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Hello, Jason

I hope your soul is the way you want it to be now.


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