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Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

As a second year animation student, I feel that I have not yet determined my dream career. Before I started University, I had mainly focused on studying fine art so painting was (and still is) my passion. I applied to 4 different universities to do study fine art but got rejected by all four yet through studying a degree which I never originally aimed for, film making and character design have also become to passions of mine. My dream job would be to be able to combine both animation and fine art together on an independent basis, I don’t know I would do that but isn’t that one of life’s adventures, to discover how to bring what makes you happy to life? I’d love to have an animation side to my career (my favourite animators being John Lasseter, Hayao Miyazaki and Seth Macfarlane) but also an arty side (my favourite artists are Wyland, Christian Riese Lassen, Drew Brophy and Pose Two) My other passion is wildlife and nature so whenever I start a project, the human relationship with wildlife and the environment to be a recurring theme, that or either a group of skateboardig ducks! At the moment, I’m trying my complete best with my degree, aiming for a 2:1 yet I take extreme gratitude in being able to create my work not for a financial gain but for a creative, educational, mentally rewarding gain :) and for now, that’s suits me happy

Harkey, thanks for sharing…. to be open to the future while working on your passion is such a womderful combo…. my passion is just to help people…. I get really psyched if I can get someone to understand that they have a choice in the way they feel… sometimes I can see their eyes ligfht up…. it is a great feeling…

Harkey?! Hah just kidding, thanks for the help!

Definitely important questions, Mara.

Those questions can be incredibly tough to answer.

I wonder how many people look at those questions and think to themselves there’s no way I can live the dream. My day is filled with obligations and my life is filled with people I am committed to that are not part of the answers to these questions.

It kind of explains why Oprah’s not married!

I’m all for living the dream. But I get nervous about lofty expectations of living the perfect dream. Or bucket lists.

OK this is a stretch. Imagine how someone like the Dalai Lama would answer those questions.

what do you love? Love what you do.
what are your dreams? Pay attention to your dreams.
if you could do anything what would you do? Can you do those things?
what matters to you?
what do you believe in.
what brings you joy.
what do you find beautiful.
who are you.
how do you spend your day.
where do you want to live? Love where you live.
who do you want to be around? Love who you are around.

I am sure those are not exactly how he would answer those questions. But he would make “living the dream” somehow seem a simpler thing to do. Something about God’s kingdom on earth starting in our hearts.

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This is amazing! This is the topic in my household these days…(actually a long chat even after a 10 hour work day)…the rediscovering a passion for where we are and what we want today. I so agree with you Mara and Accidentalnote… asking the important questions are vital.

My hubby and I have been discussing what is commonly referred to as the 2nd part of life…These days …getting older doesn’t mean settling down…or even settling. It means rediscovering who you are for now…Most likely a lot of what we find out won’t be new…just things that got buried, and able to flourish with courage, and renewed passion for meeting each day with something that can’t be matched with an earlier version of ourselves. How can that not be so…growth has never meant standing still.

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Oh. And then I realized this thread was about career choices, not life choices. Never mind! Or not. :)

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Wow Laurie, That was exactly my perspective too. My wife and I are also negotiating direction for the “2nd half”. We’ll be empty nesters in a few years. Your last paragraph was spot-on as an approach for rediscovering the dream in your life.

“this thread is about what ever you want it to be about.”

It’s my dream thread!

That’s lovely about your passions. I think Hayao Miyazaki is a great person to look to for inspiration. His animation artwork goes beyond anime and into fine art. Everything is beautifully presented in his animation movies (even the bad guys). And if you look at the way the character’s hair moves – it’s perfect.

I believe you can definitely combine animation and fine art. Hold onto you dream, keeping working at your craft, and you’ll be led to a practical plan for achieving it! Blessings! :D

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“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who think you’re not.”

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What a great thread this is…Living the dream and admiring…



relating to those finding/living theirs(:


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