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Affirmation Profile: Positive Affirmation #1549

“I believe in myself.”

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When you hear the words “I believe in myself.” what do YOU think? Do you think of some one who is concieted, or someone who has healthy self-esteem? Most people easily recognize that it is someone who believes in their self who HAS the healthy self-esteem to accomplish positive things in life. Some however tend to think that this is an imbalanced focus on the SELF, assuming that the person simply saying “I beleive in myself.” is inadvertantly ALSO saying “I don’t beleive in any one or anything else though.” I think that is just plain silly. ALmost everyone I have known my whole life acknowledges that beleiving in oneself is a positive and desirable quality, enabling one to accomplish wonderful things, not just for themselves but also for others in many wonderful ways. But here is something even more important to consider - The very place where any of ANYone’s believing in ANYthing takes place is WITHIN ONE’S SELF!!!!!

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