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As you can tell, I am not a secret agent. I started making web pages for myself about 12 years ago and when I tried to retire I decided that I did not want to do to much upholstery so I thought and thought and realized that I already had a income to speak of and that was web design, web hosting and web mastering just like Lee Nutter. I have found over the years that a web site of your own can be a fantastic image builder and a positive reinforcement for the brain to work on. My web site is a great image enhancer for me and others that I know of but you have to look out for the rip off’s. If you give me an email I will tell you more about what to look fore. If I can be of benefit to any one email me at;

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Hello Listener 2, I would really love to learn more about you. I sent you an email. Great day to you.

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Hello, Listener2, I’m very new to bmindful. How are you?

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Hello, sence the phone company decided that my business did not need any advertizing in the phone book and put my upholstering out of business I have decided to reinvent myself and I started useing affirmations again. why, because I know thay work. What goes in your brain and comes out the mouth comes to pass. So I hope you can benifit from them as I have. I beleive that I have my email address on my web site if not I will have to fix that. chuck rose

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Hello Listener2, I enjoyed visiting your website and reading your affirmations. First of all, I wanted to compliment you on the beautiful job you do on the furniture! It is awesome. I wanted to wish you the best of success in all of your endeavors.

Warmest regards, MM

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I Live The E-Life
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I’m new to bmindful, and you look like you’ve been here a while. I really enjoy your affirmation and will visit your site soon.
I affirm love, happiness and peace in your life, starting today for eternity.

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