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I’m an honest to goodness lover of life…I appreciate and relish each and every moment. I live in the present. I choose not to dwell on the past, because nothing I can do about the past, and the outcome of the future has to do with what I do NOW, at this present moment!!!

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nelswonderful is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Yeah! Nelswonderful, your focus and faith comes through in your straightforward and positive affirmations. Thank you. Jancydat

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I like you statment at the top.

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Thank you Jancydat and Listener2 for your comments- :) I always make sure to be mindful of each day that passes and regard all events that happen to come into my life as —BLESSINGS-IN-DISGUISE.

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Dear Nelswonderful~ I enjoyed reading your affirmations. My favorite one is “I will smile at each person I meet”. That is very beautiful and I think that I will try and remember it as I go about my day and incorporate it into my life. Thank you for the idea!!

Warmest regards, MM

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In response to meditatingmama’s comment: Hi Meditatingmama!

Love that name! Anyway, thank you for the kind words and yes, I, too, have started to smile at everyone I meet. They may not alway smile back, but it’s ok. What’s important is it makes me feel good to be able to give a smile- :)

Have a wonderful day!

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