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Hi blsmsw (how is that pronounced??)

Thanks for the friend add. These are some excellent affirmations!

Looking forward to hearing about your progress and experiences with this…

Love&Gratitude, Ilana

PS - re: “I will get pregnant this month”…well, I hope you don’t really intend to get pregnant every month :-) You might want to reword a bit - something like “I intend to get pregnant at the perfect time and experience a healthy, comfortable pregnancy and birth” - or something along those lines. Babies will come to us when they want ;-)

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1571 posts

I grabbed lots of your affirmation and added you as a friend. Welcome to bmindful.


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49 posts

What a wonderful long list of affirmations you have there!! I look forward to hearing how some of your affirmations come to fruition. Stay focused and just go with the flow … all things happen at precisely the right moment … the Universe has a funny way of giving you just what you need right at the ‘perfect’ time! With love, light and protection, Judiann xoxoxo ;)

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