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I’m The Best Around….Nothings Gonna Ever Keep Me Down!

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queenprincess is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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I think that its wonderful how this site makes it possible to get to know someone in a new way. By reading someone’s affirmations, I get a specific idea of what they hope for or are trying to bring into their lives. Perhaps we struggle with some while with others we already enjoy success. Regardless, this is what we reach out for and what drives us. I clicked your profile out of the Users Recently Online list, just to see who’s out there and it just so happened that we shared several affirmations. Yet yours speaks of you differently than mine speaks of me. Somehow, I like this way of starting to know someone. I wish there were some way to bring it into face-to-face encounters; perhaps an affirmation party where our affirmations are the first thing we get to know about everyone else in the room or something.

Keep laughing and smiling and you’ll enjoy endless creativity and wealth.


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Hello Queen Princess, I love your name and enjoyed reading your affirmations! :) I wish you the best of success. Warm regards, MM

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Thanks for adding me as a friend!

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In response to Lihai’s comment: So true Lahai! I love all you wrote to Queen Princess.

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Hello queenprincess, long time no see around here! I too love your positive energy affirming!Hoping for a visit from you on Bmindful! Blessings to you for an awesome New Year! peace & joy, AWP (aka selfcare)

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