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My name is David and I’m not particularly new to positive affirmations, just bmindful ;) I am looking forward to learning some new powerful affirmations and using them daily!

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David is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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14 posts

Thank you, Dave, for Stumbling this to me!!!

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Hey Dave,

Welcome to Bmindful, this is a great community of people and since joining, I have found it to be a very encouraging and positive place to stop by and pick up new affirmations.

I sent you a friend request and look forward to seeing more of your great affirmations.

Kind Regards,

Maria Australia

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Hi Dave, Welcome! Great affirms - thanks for sharing them & I look forward to reading & exchanging more of them. Mary Ann

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Hello Dave, Happy new Year!(:

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Love your affirmations! I had to borrow one, it was what I needed today. Have a great day!


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Hello David, I enjoyed your affirmations - you are almost a neighbor :) I have always been curious about Reiki and am so happy that you are here to practice it.

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