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I am 26 year old African-American female residing in Northern California I am a proud Caregiver for the elder who hopes to expand my career as a health care professional. I struggled with low self-esteem since childhood saturated with self hatred to the point where everything around me came crashing down. I think I hit rock bottom this time. I am seeking spiritual growth and to make peace with God. I lost my job, possibly my soulmate, my dignity, my self worth, emotional intelligence and self respect. Being a victim of sexual abuse by multiple abusers under the same roof, emotionally unavailable Mother, absent father, isolation, constantly ridiculed of ethnic identity and weight. I am ready to overcome all of these issues and I am completely aware of my problem but just not sure how to apply these life changing strategies to my life. I may not feel like a I am deserving of a lot of things but I do know am a good person and I deserve to be happy. I would like to keep these life changing skills with me for a lifetime so that I can leave this earth with a piece of mind. These are the words of a person with a hurt soul seeking redemption.

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Hi Fatima, welcome to bmindful. I appreciate your profile introduction and look forward to the day when your past is past, and your present and future are joyful, bright, and celebrate all that life gives us. I can tell you are a powerful person and that day is inevitable for you.

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In response to AccidentalNote’s comment: Hey AccidentalNote!! Thank you for your words of encouragment and prosperity sorry it took me so long to respond. Peace and blessings to you :)

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