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Coming Soon.

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I see you’ve just joined this wonderful community, welcome to Bmindful! I thank you for adding me as a friend. I’ve added you as well. That’s a creative affirmation you have there…”I am an unlimited being accepting from an unlimited source in an unlimited way”…I added it to my list of choices(: Looking forward to hearing more about you, learning from you and seeing you on the threads.

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Lotus Jaguar
2 posts

Hi changingkate, I’m Lotus Jaguar. I wish I could claim those affirmations about grace as my own, but I thank the Universe for allowing someone else to create them for me to find. Thank you for the friend invite. I hope to build with you soon.

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Be Smylee
45 posts

May your day b filled with over abundance in every department, joy&smiles2yous! ;) Great oils in affirmations too. Smiles!

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1 post

Thanks! You will succeed :)

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9 posts

Thank you for adding me as a friend!

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