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I’m Cecilia AKA urbansoapchick. I am riding on the spiritual express train with no destination, just exploring life wherever it takes me, making lovely handcrafted soap and taking photos along the way. :-)

I first had my spiritual awakening back in 2006 and I remember how blissful that felt. I had wonderful insights popping up all over. But then along the way, I had some interesting challenges that made me fall off my spiritual train and I started to feel empty and lost.

But I found it again a few weeks ago after an intensive spiritual retreat in Sedona. Through sessions with healers and breathwork I was able to ground myself again and to find my strength & internal light. I am now living every day as a spiritual practitioner. I have been in the corporate world for 10 years now and every day I find myself leaning towards a passionate life path for me-I am in the process of entering the holistic arts, first stop Reiki. It aligns perfectly with my heart. So I’m excited to be on my train headed where ever.

Anyone else along for the ride? :-) I’m so grateful I found an inspiring group of people here.

Many blessings, Cecilia (urbansoapchick)

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Welcome to bMindful! I love your profile name… very witty and cute!! :) You’ll have to upload some pictures of your soap. What is your base? Anyway, have a great day and WELCOME!! I can’t wait to learn from your spiritual ride!! :)

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In response to meditatingmama’s comment: Hi MeditatingMama!!! :-) Thanks for the welcome and the add. I just recently discovered affirmations and was so excited to find a website like this. You can see some of my soap on twitpic. I just started making soap a month ago. So I’m still experimenting. But so far I’ve been using olive pomace oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and castor oil. Soapmaking is soooo much fun!!! It feels like Christmas every day with cute little soap all around! Thanks for the comment!!! Hope you’re having a great day!!!

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This is beautiful soap. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. - and you are making them very natural and healthy. Are you going to start selling it?

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In response to meditatingmama’s comment: Hi there! Thank you for the sweet comments. I loooooove making soap. I’m giving them away as gifts to friends and family for now, they make wonderful gifts. But I do plan on selling them some day….hopefully soon!

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hi dear, nice to meet a soap decorator here,. I `m a sculptor /decorator and do some soap carving,,contact me if u wish to exchange some pics,, my email
have a fabulous day, c u

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