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Not too much to say about myself… Work in NYC, live on LI. Decided this was the year to start crossing things off my “Regret List”—things I’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to doing them, with the outcome of looking back with regret. A small start, but going i the right direction. New to the affirmations (positive ones anyway). Old habits are hard to break, but if I keep chipping away I’ll end up with a masterpiece—a new me.

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Hi! Your affirmations cover a variety of subjects and that is definitely a good thing - variety supposedly being the spice of life! jtab!

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Hi again! I was reading your profile and wondering how you are doing with your regret list? You are making a great start - stick with being positive and review your affirmations and you’ll do great! I too am fairly new to positive affirmations and must tell you that I find things going very well - I feel more confident than ever and must say that things really seem to be falling into place for me. Being positive does work!!! Take care! jtab

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Hi there! Happy for you that you have resolved not to have any more regrets! Here is a favorite quote of mine which gives me energy to see those things I’m grateful for and “Give up all hope of changing the past” Look around the site & you’ll find an oasis for the soul. Jan

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In response to jtab060801’s comment: Hi—Funny thing with the regrets; once you get started you want to tackle as many as you can, but I really want to experience the full joy of making them a reality instead of a regret of the past one at a time. The affirmations are like potato chips, it’t hard to stop after a few. My friend got me into Hayhouse radio and I returned the favor in telling her about this site. It’s just what I needed.

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