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I work in a medical office and spend my days working with the public. Dealing with a large number of people on a daily basis gives insight into the many different types of people that there are in this world. I find that most people are (or appear to be) friendly and generally positive. I really try (and hope that I succeed) to add a positive influence to every person that I come into contact with and hope that in cases where people really could use some happy or positive words that I can make even the slightest difference to their day and at least get them to smile. I came across positive affirmations by chance one day and have been intrigued with them ever since. Words are so powerful and positive words have no limit!

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Hello and welcome. I love your affirmations. They have a loving, sincere flow. Jan

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Hello and thank you for your kind comments. I have viewed your affirmations and liked them as well. You seem to have covered all aspects of life with your affirmations - that is very wise! jtab

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