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Coming Soon.

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harry815 hasn't selected any affirmations yet!

harry815 has not selected any affirmations yet!

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Welcome Harry(:

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Hi Harry,

I would love to learn what you would want your affirmation audio mixing application to do.

We are building mindjamz for the user and your thoughts are important to us.

Live well Harry,

-Gary D

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Hi Harry.. welcome to bmindful… the best place on the internet… Kathy

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Hi harry’Urban yogi here in Australia’

Heres a website that you can get as many binaurals as you like” and try then out

These are called isochronic tones and some say are more powerful” Alternatively you could buy yourself a mind machine. I have two of them’

I have been using brainwave technology for quite a while” with meditation and affirmation work

a 3rd alternative is to download binaural programs and make them yourself as I do’sometimes.

good luck urban”

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I forgot to mention Neuro programmer 3. You can download the demo and try it out. Its supposed to be the most advanced software programme” cheers”

urban yogi

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