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--★★Become A Manifesting Master/YoUniversal-Paradise of Abundance

This iz going to be a long post but I promise it will be well worth the read especially if manifesting your desires hasn't yet become easy and effortless for you. If that's the case then what I am about to share with you in this post may give you the perspective that will empower you to become a manifesting master using the Law of Attraction. 

I embrace the outcomes I can not yet see, knowing I can manifest my own positive experiences.
The beauty of this day unfolds strongly. The creativity within me manifests to its highest possibility.
I AM manifesting and keeping what I really want and infinitely better, no matter how wild, imaginative, creative it is that I want!!!!!!!!

How I formed my perspective on the Law Of Attraction

When I finally began to believe in the Law of Attraction, in that we are always manifesting and never not manifesting, that's when I wanted to get a much better grip on it. There were a lot of situations in my life that I was not satisfied with the outcome of those circumstances. I had gratitude for much of what I did have, but I knew that things could be better then they were and so I made a conscious decision to learn how to master manifesting my desires with the Law of Attraction. 

It all boiled down to expanding my consciousness and learning many different perspectives which then gave form to the perspective I have now that I will share with you here. A perspective that iz drastically changed my life for the better and I see all my desires unfolding before my very eyes. What I share in the following I have not seen anyone really teaching it. Of course bits and pieces of other people's perspectives, mostly LOA teachers, spiritual teachers, inspirational public speakers, and personal development coaches iz what gave birth to my unique perspective that changed everything for me and I'm going to share that with anyone who cares to take the time to read this. And you don't have to buy a book, sign up for a webinar, or contact me for consultation. I'm giving this away which was going to be in my first book but I've have many great books within me, I want to share this with everyone NOW. 

So let me tell you how this came about and what I have found that works for me that I feel will eventually change how many teach the Law Of Attraction, mainly the way they speak of reality and the one great big obstacle many people struggle with due to having a particular limited belief we know as "lack."

Watch out for that first step it's a loo loo. 

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After having read, listened to, and watched many different teachings on the Law Of Attraction I wasn't sure who had it right or at least the most accurate. The first step I decided on taking in order to learn how to master LOA for myself I had to figure who was actually right. By taking that approach I created middle men that were unnecessary. This wasn't even taking me in the direction I wanted to do in. Instead of spending time learning how to apply the Law Of Attraction I spent a lot of time learning that no one was wrong and everyone was right. They were right about what worked for them. What all this revealed to me after several months of reading, studying, applying and practicing was I had a major doubt in myself. I thought I had to get it from others as if they had something in them that we don't all have. We do. 

This frustrated me a bit because I had to get over these doubts I created for myself. I was idolizing these teachers instead of just respecting them and honoring what was actually the Source for the Law in the first place, the same Source that dwells within everything that iz a thing both seen and unseen.

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While I had learned a great deal in the process of trying to figure out who was right and I did get some results by applying all that I had learned I still wasn't getting the results I knew that I could. I seemed to only be getting a glimmer of what those who teach LOA and some of their students were getting. This still bolstered my belief in the Law and my resolve that I could master it but I wanted better results than what I was getting. 

Don't idolize the teachers. There's a big difference in appreciating someone and idolizing them. The bulk of students are not acting as students, they are worshiping the teachers as if that will get their results they desire in their life. When one realizes their power that never knew they had it all along it iz quite an amazing transformation to experience. Some felt like they were abandoned to a cruel universe or world, but they were never abandoned, and their universe or world iz only a reflection of the one who iz viewing it, it can't be cruel or compassionate, it iz just responding to your most dominate vibration.

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LOA teachers are not greater than you in any regard. Respect them and show them love but give your expressions of gratefulness to the Source that dwells within them, go beyond the external shell of who you think they are and speak directly to the Source from where the Laws come from and what gives form to everything. The same Source dwells within you and you have never, not even for a split second, been separate from the Source, nothing at all iz ever separate from the Source. The same Source that guides them also guides you and it iz not outside of you but within you. Just keep in mind that it iz Source who iz guiding you and you will be taught what you need to learn from other teachers.

I follow the Way, not the teacher of the Way.
I am my own teacher. How could I not teach myself to seek the compassionate alternative in all ways?
I embrace the teacher within

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What resonates for you iz what iz true for you. What doesn't resonate with you, does not make it false. It's just not what you need to learn at this time. Let go of whatever doesn't resonate with you. If something doesn't resonate with you due to your limited beliefs Source will find other ways to bring your limited beliefs to your awareness. Do not beat yourself up over anything and start creating doubts, the Law iz always true and it's always active and can't just turn it off and on. You are never being punished or having your desires withheld from you because of something you did or thought. Source iz never displeased with you. Just trust that you are capable of mastering the Law Of Attraction. It took time for you to create your current belief system and it will take time for you to rewire your mind. The good news iz it takes far less time to rewire your mind than it did in your original wiring of it. You can always learn techniques on how to become conscious of subconscious programming that doesn't serve you. In fact, there iz a free powerful workshop here in the forums of bmindful you may want to take advantage of. I highly recommend it, I'm loving what it's doing for me.

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"Effect Driven - A New Way To Happiness Workshop"

One thing that the top teachers of the Law of Attraction are often pointing out to their students iz that we are often getting in our own way. This was true for me as I kept looking to what iz, my current physical circumstances, as a measuring tool for my success and failure in producing desirable results. Don't ever do this! 

From what I have personally witnessed the #1 mistake people make with the Law Of Attraction iz they are looking at their physical circumstances to judge themselves and their ability to manifest their desires into reality just like I was doing. It took many more months to find a way to make it work for me because it wasn't a concept that I had ever considered before. This was a foreign concept to me, this getting in my own way. I had trouble grasping it and I did a lot of research trying to gain a better understanding of what they meant by it. I didn't have the neurological pathways in place and had to form them which was going to take me a while especially with having many limited beliefs that I wasn't yet even aware of. The only thing I knew was that I had some but they were stored in my subconscious mind and I was becoming conscious of them little by little. 

I am open to the lessons of life because there is no better teacher than experience
Mistakes are my best teachers; they are how I learn.

Don't give in to judging or doubt

My wanting to grasp this concept for getting out of my own way led me to listening to the perspective of many new LOA teachers. I was open to hearing anything because maybe they had a perspective that I hadn't yet considered that would unlock a windfall of understanding for me. I've experienced this in my life several times before in learning other subjects and I had strong feeling within me that once I was able to grasp this concept I'd experience a big paradigm shift and speed along my mastering of the Law Of Attraction.

However, some of these lesser known teachers don't fully know what they are teaching. They are still students themselves but understandably they are excited about what they are learning and they want to help others. Some of them have a desire to manifest a career in teaching the Law to others. But some are teaching things they haven't received any results themselves with yet. Some haven't even so much as applied these teachings in their own experience and it shows more than they realize. Some are clearly only parroting what they have heard from videos they have watched online and they want people to regard them as life coaches, LOA specialists, healers, and so on.

Their teaching what they don't really know yet doesn't make them bad people, bad teachers, con artists or whatever you feel compelled to label them as. They may very well be applying LOA in their desire to become a coach or specialist. Taking action iz a big part in manifesting our desires. Please realize that judging iz done from the egoic mind and you will never know what exactly any person's true motives are, you can only take their word for what they say or not believe them but you will never know what iz within the mind of another for yourself. You can't peak into their minds, so it's never going to serve you creating illusions especially ones that don't make you feel good. It may feel good to shift some blame on another but ultimately you will have to let that go to keep it from negatively impacting you. Judging iz done while in a state of fear. When you allow your fears to form an impression of others or anything at all in the universe you are only limiting yourself, not ever them. If you learned to stop judging everything as good or bad, true or false, you will accelerate your understanding of LOA and open up many more possibilities for yourself and see the universe through far more loving eyes. You will also learn how to use your fear to live a more unlimited life instead of a limited one. I will create a thread on how we can use our fear to become a limitless fearless being in the near future. 

My listening to these "teachers" and applying what they shared with me produced little to no results for me. I did get some slightly different perspectives from all of it which iz always a good thing, there are an infinite possibilities in reality which includes infinite perspectives and the more you consider whether they resonate or not with you, will open more up to you that you didn't have before. What I also opened myself up to was their doubts about why their viewers/readers/listeners or "students" were not getting results. They will often shift blame to your misapplication or misunderstanding of what they teach. They will often guess that you have some sort of energy block if they briefly speak to you directly. While there may be some truth to your having an energy block their speaking of it in a general way still has many of their followers thinking it specifically pertains to them. I sure made this mistake in believing I had energy blocks not just limiting beliefs. It's a good thing that I always learn from my mistakes and believe that things are always working out for me because I am and they do. 


I was then completely sidetracked by all kinds of ways to unblock my chakra centers. I was EFT tapping, doing yoga exercises, using all kinds of crystal healing methods, meditating, listening to frequencies to unblock the energy, getting readings from psychics, applying the Sedona Methods, applying advice and techniques from medical intuitive healers. Now I'm not at all saying these things don't work. They do work. I was getting results from nearly all that I was learning and experimenting with but what I didn't notice was my attention was completely on my problems and needing to be healed not believing I was healed. Even when I was healed I still was looking to my physical circumstances to judge where I was within. I wasn't even giving my physical circumstances the time to change. If I didn't see immediate results I didn't think it was working or that maybe I had far more blocks than I realized. It was my believing that I wasn't healed that kept manifesting itself as such. What you believe iz what you will see and that's exactly what was occurring for me. I was stuck in this cycle for about 5 months and was very close to quit with LOA altogether. I still believed it but at this point I thought I was just too programmed with a lifetime of baggage that it was starting to feel hopeless. It's a good thing I grew tired of being blamed. 

Image result for what you believe is what you see wayne dyer

It was recorded lecture of Neville Goddard's that made me realize that we naturally are whole and complete. We start defining limitations and dis-ease for ourselves and then lose sight that we are not whole and complete anymore. We think we're broken. You're going to pick up limitations at times and these many healing methods are a wonderful tool but don't become reliant on them that you replace your over the counter drugs and turn these things into a new drug for you. It's all in the mind.


Once I realized that was again stuck in yet another cycle of limiting beliefs, I did one last round of clearing all my chakras, EFT tapped myself into feeling really good that I was healed and my chakras were all unblocked I accepted this as true and let go of all doubts and said, "I am now choosing to feel whole and complete." And so it was.

All that I have is all that I need. I am whole and complete, nothing missing!
I am whole and well in mind, body, and spirit.
I am perfect whole and complete just as I am, where I am.

Again, I learned a lot of new wonderful things. So you can see what was only once an affirmation for me became my reality, things are always working out for me. Just like I am still choosing to be feel whole and complete. Having realized I once again was sidetracked from what I had set out to do I felt a strong desire to find an easier path in rewiring my mind and I did in fact find an easier path.

I got out of my own way. Whole and complete means being whole and complete. I had to stop seeking because seekers will always be seeking and many spend their whole lives seeking but never find what they are seeking because they are "seeking" instead of finding. 

It was time for me to look a bit closer at what stories I was telling myself because it's those stories that we come to believe as being our truth. If I am whole and complete and nothing iz missing from me, not even the things I desire, then I must be telling myself a story that I don't see them. It was time to examine what was I telling myself?

Let me add, before moving on, that another thing that kept me from getting my desired results was my misunderstanding of reality. I will elaborate on that more later, but let me share with you what I did to accelerate my mastering of the Law of Attraction. 

Accelerating the mastering of LOA

I had no doubts about LOA being real, I knew it was, that part was clear to me. What was also clear to me was that I still had an unknown number of limiting beliefs and I was creating the stories that I tell myself based on these beliefs.

I was already actively examining all my beliefs. We have a whole lot of them, you're not going to examine them over night, but as I was getting rid of what didn't work for me and replacing these limited beliefs with affirmations and new thoughts that did serve me I was getting noticeable results that kept me focused and my happiness increased dramatically. My desires started to flow into my experience effortlessly and many times totally unexpected. Not only was I feeling good but the things that I desired that I felt were absent and I needed them to feel better about myself and my life situation were now flowing into my life and adding to my joy. I didn't need them to feel happy because I already was but now they were adding to my happiness. I wasn't dependent on my desires manifesting to become happy, I just was happy because what mattered most to me was how I felt at any given moment. Things were now changing and accelerating for me and it continues to increase for me to this day. 

I become more presently aware and consciously kept my attention focused on the Now. That's when I really began to realize the power we have with our minds in imagining what we desire when I took my mind off wanting to see my desires manifest on my time schedule and comparing my ability to manifest my desires based on what my current circumstances reflected back to me. I could imagine the future, what I call planting seeds, and then shift back to the present moment. Overthinking always leads to anxiety and impatience for me and then the future begins to cover up the present moment and I began to feel bad. A big help for my understanding this part of the mind was reading Eckhart Tolle's "The Power Of Now."

Image result for Power of now
Reading recommendation: The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

You will read or hear me say it over and over again. Gaining new perspectives will expand your consciousness and open the door to many more possibilities for you. Your opportunities in life will increase the more you become aware of different perspectives. These then form new neurological pathways in your brain. Reading books iz by far one of the best ways of doing this as reading requires a great deal of your paying attention to what you are reading. You are investing a lot of your energy into this task. Nearly all of your focus will be on the task of reading while your mind filters the information you are feeding it. Reading and writing require the most mental focus out of any task you can do. 

Your subconscious mind will take notice that it must be important if you are investing so much of your energy into that task. It's responding not to your talk alone but it reads your vibrational frequency more than the words you say or the thoughts that you think. That's where it decides how you really feel about what you say and think. It's reading your feelings and gives that more weight than what you say or think because you don't believe everything you say or think but your feelings never lie.

Your subconscious mind will begin to store that information for further review later while you are sleeping. If you meditate and visualize before going to sleep this will send a stronger message to your subconscious that this iz a new belief and your brain will then create neurological pathways so that you can become aware of these circumstances which will mirror this as a physical reality for you. You're not so much "creating" your reality as you are selecting what was already created, it's infinity, your infinite potentialities are found in infinity. You are co-creating your reality or better said, creating your story and we do this with the Law of Attraction.

Think about what are you feeding your mind all day? How much are you investing in watching television, listening to the radio, reading publications, and reading books? How much of that you are feeding your brain iz taking you where you want to be in life? If you are feeding your brain far more information that creates fear, stress, anger, depression, or any of the things that you really don't enjoy experiencing over that of what you do want to experience then guess what you are going more of? Your thoughts are on those same things. You are reviewing/visualizing your past day events or thinking ahead about what worries you tomorrow and then what occurs? The very things you worry about or don't want to experience more of. You have the power to change them but you keep planting the cactus seeds in your mind but expect to life to produce strawberries for you. What are you investing most of your energy into? Stop making excuses, you are reaping exactly what you are sowing. 

I noticed that I was far happier and getting much greater results than I had even dreamed of receiving, I was getting BETTER results than I even thought was possible. How was this happening? Well I shifted most of my focus on things that actually served me and benefited me.

Such as focusing on the present moment more than I do on the past or future, and when I don't feel good that's an indication that I am no longer in the present moment, the past or future iz covering up the present so then I take notice of the emotional sign Source gives me to let me know I'm now creating circumstances that are not in line with what I want for myself. Once I become aware of the sign, the bad feeling, I simply shift back to the present moment where these bad feelings can only dissolve. Those who have already read The Power Of Now know exactly what I'm referring to and this iz why I recommend this book so often to people. Read the book and take back your power that you are giving to your mind. You may be unconscious of doing it and you won't know it until you read this book.

The other thing I had been doing was making sure I was feeding my mind more information that was where I wanted to go in my life and far less of anything that made me focus my attention on anything that I didn't particularly like about experiencing more of in my life. I don't watch the news at all. The only news I see iz what other people post and then I skip over it. I don't need it. I'm not in fear, I have nothing to fear, especially not what others are telling me what I should fear. Fear works in my favor when I want to make use of it to overcome any limitation it makes me aware of that I am holding onto. I do not allow fear to limit me. I watch a couple of shows that are strictly entertaining for me, that's all. I feed my mind far more information that I want to experience in my life. That's what I invest my energetic resources into and it produces greater results for me as I continue to uncover other limited beliefs and remove them and installed new beliefs that will serve me with affirmations. I LOVE affirmations. So do you but you may even be conscious that you are using them but we all use them. Those affirmations, the things you are affirming for yourself, iz what a big part of what iz creating your reality, it's the story you are telling yourself.

As I choose to erase unhealthy thought patterns & replace them with positive affirmations, I am changing the energy that flows to my body.
I enjoy using daily affirmations to enrich my life as they positively change my thoughts and behavior.
Using power affirmations and other positive thought, I am creating the reality that I desire.

With just these few things I was now doing, I began to grasp LOA teachers much better. I was putting methods to the test that I never even tried before and I was getting instant results. Why? Because I was no longer limiting myself so much as I had been before. The more I removed my limiting beliefs and became less rigid in what I was replacing the limited beliefs with the results accelerated for me. I was manifesting much faster now.  

One of those limitations I gave up was duality also known as the Law of Polarity. Now that didn't mean I thought of it as false. On the contrary, I don't think anything iz fiction, I believe all things are possible. Polarity has it's divine purpose fulfill just like everything else does and it did serve a purpose in showing me that I am actually a limitless being, and so are all of you. I merely let the belief go that I am constrained to an existence of duality living in a universe that iz governed by the Law of Polarity, I didn't set out to prove it wrong or that it didn't exist. It does exist. Anything that we can think of with our mind does in fact exist, and I do mean anything, including the one thing that actually does not exist which iz the belief of "lack." 


What iz real? How do you define real?

Image result for what is real? how do you define real

All there really iz iz abundance, even in the belief of lack we find and create an abundance of lack and what does that prove? That only abundance exists. Without abundance there can be lack but abundance iz not at all dependent on lack to prove it's existence. Lack cannot cancel out abundance but lack iz canceled out by abundance. When you shift to an abundant mindset all lack begins to dissolve. Like I once was, you may have an abundance of beliefs in lack. I am still rooting out limited beliefs that are based on beliefs on lack from my subconscious mind but I have since reached the crescendo and I'm singing out loud as I continue skipping on down the road of my journey taking the path of most allowance these days. 

What we imagine to be real becomes our physical circumstances. If you believe and feel that you lack anything then you will create those very circumstances for yourself. You may think we all experience what you do, but you only think that, you don't know that to be true. That's not knowing, it's narrow-minded thinking, a very limited perspective you accept as true. You feel it's true so it becomes your real experience. Does it feel good to you to lack what you want more of in your life? If you said no, then I want you know that in it's not feeling good iz a sign from your inner being, the Source that dwells within you, iz telling you it's not true and that's why it feels bad. It's a sign, pay attention.

Are you creating obstacles or creating opportunities?

There's this one great big obstacle those who believe in lack tend to create for themselves and what an amazing transformation that was for me when I finally became aware of it. When I say it's a "great big obstacle" I hope to conjure up a picture in your mind of something so large you don't even see it as an object, you almost see it as something that encompasses everything else within it. Think in terms of the sky above. Or if you have ever been out on a boat or a ship in the deep sea think of how the water was seen in every direction as far as your eye could see. If you had been born on a ship and never seen land ever once in your entire lifetime you wouldn't think anything of land. The concept of land wouldn't even exist in your mind. This obstacle we create through our belief in lack iz similar to that. I hadn't even considered it an obstacle because I believed in lack, scarcity and poverty. Even when others are trying to describe something to you without a similar reference point, or at least trying to make you aware of something your mind has never conceived before then it doesn't sink in, it doesn't take on a form, and you can't grasp it until you form those neurological pathways in your brain that will eventually help you to finally picture it and imagine it. This obstacle was like that for me and I got the belief from other people so chances are there are millions of other people who have the same obstacle blinding them and they are not even aware of it.

Now imagine you are sitting in some stands to watch a film, a game, a play, or something similar to that effect and then someone much taller than you with a big hat sits right in front of you and blocks your view. Would you politely ask them to remove their hat? More than likely you would but what if they are so tall that after they remove their hat your view iz still blocked if not entirely at least partially enough that it would ruin your experience? If you didn't do something about changing the situation so you could have a clear unobstructed view you wouldn't enjoy the show nor get any pleasure out of it and you really wouldn't have the experience that initially desired, would you? If you didn't change something about the situation your only experience would be staring at the back of the head of a tall person sitting in the row in front of you but whatever you came to experience would not actually be what you experienced. Everyone else the stands would not experience what you would be experiencing. Iz it the tall person's fault they are so tall? If you could move would that not be an easy and effortless solution, if the tall person wasn't willing to move? Someone that towers over you iz more than likely not going to be an easy obstacle to remove if resistant. If we can't remove an obstacle than it's much easier to just find ourselves a new perspective to view what we want opposed to viewing what we don't want.

When I hear "no," I don't give up, because the results I visualized just haven't happened yet. I persevere until I reach my goal. Obstacles are never indications of failure, unless I choose to give up. It is my choice.
I am never given a dream without the ability to accomplish it. Obstacles make me stronger & must be viewed with gratitude for the challenge.
I win challenges and overcome obstacles because I am constantly improving my mastery of communicating with my environment, and because I take immediate action in the right opportunities.
I turn my obstacles into oppurtunities

This has made a radical change in my life. I stopped being so rigid in my beliefs that other things outside of me needed to change in order for me to be happy and to see the things I've always dreamed of come into my life. All I did was change my perspective. I stopped looking at the things that I didn't like or I changed how I looked at them and then the things I looked at changed. Wayne Dyer's sharing this perspective in his Power of Intention PBS special iz what opened my mind to this. It's a perspective that he got from someone else and couldn't even remember the source, but everything ultimately has the same Source. The thought alone iz based on infinite intelligence because it invokes opening our minds up to other perspectives, and all perspectives are apart of our infinite potentiality.

Change yourself (your outlook, your limited beliefs); change the world
Through the power of my thought and words, positive changes are happening in me and in my life now.
My inner wisdom is guiding me toward perfect solutions, I open myself up to receiving different perspectives and new possibilities.

That's all I've been doing ever since it finally dawned on me that I couldn't know of other possibilities if they're a foreign concept to me or I become rigid and reject them as false and untrue. It has made all the difference for me and that's why I am so big on reading and why I don't like to judge anything as good or bad, right or wrong, true or false because I know how it liberates us from the imprisonment of our minds when we do. Feeding our minds the things that we want to experience will put you back in the drivers seat of your life and your mind will harmonious go along with you while at first it will act like a backseat driver but in time it begins to trust you and appreciate you.

How can I be so sure that this can help anyone? Well, when you open yourself up to understanding any perspective that comes to you then you are expanding your consciousness. Your awareness increases. When you are also removing limited beliefs, not to discredit them and judge them as false, but simply acknowledging and understanding that they are no longer serving YOU, you are opening your mind up to your infinite potentiality. You are naturally a limitless being. You are life itself, you are abundance itself, abundance iz life. Those limited beliefs did serve you at one time and such beliefs may serve others too, but when we judge the world by our own personal past experiences we become rigid in those limited beliefs and narrow-mindedness takes over and we refuse to release them or even considering anything that challenges our limited view. We are constricting our consciousness, we are actively limiting our awareness when we become rigid and closed off to other perspectives. We even project our limited beliefs upon others especially those who are doing what we don't think iz possible for ourselves or iz wrong of them to be doing because we don't feel it's right for us. It may be wrong for us but not necessarily wrong for them. Nothing iz false or fiction, if it exists in anyone's mind it's real, you don't have accept it, you don't have condone it, but you don't have to condemn it or judge it either. 

We put a lot of energy into creating our worldview beginning from the moment our consciousness enters the body within the womb. Then we continue to download information after leaving the world we knew as the womb and entering the external world. Our cells are alive too, they are downloading and exchanging information from one single cell to the other to create our bodies and every other physical thing in the universe. Everything iz consciousness, that iz what creates all things, it iz intelligence, and even energy iz alive with consciousness. Everything that you can imagine iz made real the moment you imagine it. Desire gives it birth, then it takes on a form that iz unseen to the external universe but it iz seen with the mind's eye of the one imagining it. Finally it iz then that we make a physical copy of it or express it in a physical manner for it to take on a physical form. Reality iz beyond the mind itself, it iz beyond consciousness. Our consciousness makes us aware of reality, then our imagination gives reality a form. We copy that form seen in our imagination and recreate it into a physical object or physical action. It's real before we become aware of it, it's real before we can imagine it's form, and it's real before we give it physicality. 

I am acutely aware and open to the wonderful new information and opportunities that flow to me minute by minute.

What iz physical iz not reality

The ultimate reality iz unseen and invisible. All things visible have a physical cause and are assisted by the invisible eternal and infinite reality. Infinity iz reality and all things we could ever imagine already exist eternally in infinity. 

Am I saying that all things that are visible and physical are not real? I'm not saying that at all. What iz seen iz real. What iz felt iz real. What iz sense iz real. It's all real, nothing iz fiction. 

If it's all real then what do I mean when I say it's not reality? It's not reality, it's a real reflection of reality. 

Are you the reflection in the mirror? Iz the figure in the glass your actual body or iz that not a representation of your body, the external shell of your body mind you, being reflected in the mirror? Even your body iz not really who you are. It's a part of who you are, but it's not entirely who you are. If I asked you who you are you'd more than likely tell me your name or what you do. That's not who you are though. Your name are words that have meanings for each word which are used to identify yourself. You are not what you do either, that's just what you do, it's a repeated action you may make a living with but it doesn't create your life. Many make this mistake because they don't give it much thought and they're unaware that their ego's running their lives.

When we become so focused on the physical reflection and think of it as being the ultimate reality that iz when things become chaotic and we give away our power. That's when we think we can't find solutions where all the solutions to our problems exist, in the invisible reality, where all things are no-things that become some-things. We give our power away to all sorts of things but mostly to our current circumstances and this also creates all of dis-eases for us, including our insanity of doing the same things over and over while expecting to received different results.

Image result for insanity is doing the same thing meaningImage result for cannot solve problems einstein quote

The physical universe iz real but it's not the ultimate reality, it's not the source of reality and nothing physical has a physical cause. The physical universe iz a real reflection of reality but nothing more than a reflection. Everything in the seen universe iz merely a reflection of the unseen reality. If the visible universe iz this incredibly beautiful than you start to get an idea of how much more beautiful the invisible unseen reality truly iz. You can't see it with seeing eyes, nor can the imagination see it with the mind's eye, but you can feel it's beauty within as it's being expressed through you and the YOUniverse. You are the universe, it's not outside of you, that's just your projecting it and perceiving it as being outside of you and you are not just a part of the YOUniverse, no less than a car isn't a car that only has an engine but no body. The seen YOUniverse iz made up of our consciousness which iz our becoming aware of the invisible reality within ourselves, then our awareness causes us to form an image of it in our imagination and we project that formed image into the external space and time we are now increasingly calling it all an illusion. If we refer to it as reality then indeed it iz an illusion. However that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That's why I refer to it as a reflection because the physical YOUniverse does work like a mirror reflecting reality. Mirrors can obscure reflections though and that's what we are seeing on the quantum level of physical science

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Who's writing your story?

You are creating the story of all that you're experiencing whether you are doing deliberately or by default, allowing others to influence what you are creating for yourself. You can blame them for your creating a story that isn't very pleasant for you but you are only giving your power away when you do that. You will only find a small amount of relief in blaming others and that satisfaction will be short lived, but if you took responsibility for your life than you would be taking back your power and you could rewrite the story of your life and live out all of your dreams.

Use your imagination to create that life that you dream of living. Anything iz possible. How do you it?

Tune your frequency into what you want. First understand, that the Law of Vibration iz the foundation of the Law of Attraction. The frequency you are vibrating on iz what attracts everything into your life. You can change your vibration by how you feel. Watch the video above on the Emotional Guidance Scale. I'll include another video here, Abraham-Hicks speaks extensively about the Emotional Guidance Scale. 

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What desires are you conscious of having now? What iz it that you really want to experience? Remember nothing iz impossible for you, there are no limitations except for those you have defined for yourself. What do you want knowing that nothing can prevent you from having them except for your own limited beliefs or unwillingness to believe you are worthy or that it's not possible for you. Don't think of something less that you don't truly desire but it just seems more reasonable. What you desire iz something you knew you were going to call it into your existence before you were ever born in the body you're in now. That desire iz there for a reason. You are supposed to manifest it. It's the journey of manifesting it that you are truly after not so much just the manifestation itself even though that too may play a role in what you came to experience here physically. Don't ever settle for something less, go beyond your limited beliefs and ask your subconscious what must you do to believe that you can achieve what you have conceived for yourself and watch how the universe will move mountains for you. Act upon all your impulses as those will put you in circumstances that are lining up for you to get to your desire in the most effortless way possible. 

Use the most powerful and amazing gift of your imagination to fill in the scene in your mind to make it look and feel as real as your physical circumstances, KNOW that what you desire iz already here. It’s NOT there, as if your mind iz somewhere else it’s here, within you, right where you are. It’s not absent, it’s present within you. Remember that's closer to reality than what iz physical. Stop wanting it by knowing that you already have it. Wanting creates the illusion of separation, once you become aware of what it iz that you want you then shift to creating it in your mind and then assume that it iz already fulfilled. To keep feeling want within iz to keep the very thing you want to manifest from being in your mind to being in your physical circumstances. Being iz a big part of that. Be that what you want to become. Live as if you have already got it physically to allow it to manifest into physical form. Everything has it's season to manifest physically. 

My blessed imagination is fertile ground for blessed, life-ward creativity.
Colorful imagination makes my world more interesting.
I possess the natural power to create all my dreams using my powerful imagination.

Your body more than likely took 9 months to physically manifest. It takes a chicken's body 3 weeks to manifest physically, a horse 12 months. Some plants take 60 days some 90 days some much longer some much sooner. Everything has it's season in physicality. Know that it's instantly a reality in your mind. If you can hold it, feel it, sense it with all your senses in your imagining of it then you will in due time hold it in your physical hand so long as you don't create limiting beliefs that it isn't going to manifest because in doing so you create the act of it not manifesting. Whatever you allow to be your most dominate thoughts of possibilities for you iz what you will experience. It's law.

Every time you exercise your imagination in the practice of visualizing you are turning your frequency to that desire. You may have some adjusting to do but this iz a good thing. You will get so good at tuning your frequency then you will attract things to you quicker and you believe in attracting much greater desires into your life. It's not just picturing it in your mind that you tune your vibrational frequency with, you must also add feeling to it. Think of all the sensory experience you can to fill it in as you adjust the experience in your mind. What are people saying to you, hear their voices in your mind. What looks do they have on their faces? What does the desire feel like? Iz a physical object, if so add all the sensory feelings to it that they have when you see them, touch them, hear them, smell them, or taste them. The more you add to it with your senses and emotions the realer it feels in your imagination and the sooner it will manifest. Once you finish your visualizing exercise don't start thinking of it as not being here yet. Remember that it iz real and it iz here but you just haven't seen it yet but think of it as if you do see it and have it now. Live your life like you have it and any impulse you feel to do something go do it because that may very well be how it comes to you. In your imagination do not create expectations of how you will receive it or when you will receive it. That would only create limitations and tremendously slow the manifestation process down. Just create a scene in your imagination of already having it, always create your image of being in the past tense. Don't create a bunch of different scenes just fill in one scene and keep visualizing that same scene. When it happens you will know for sure that you created it with your imagination because some of that which you will visualize will really take place physically but don't be surprised because remember your imagination iz more real than your physical circumstances are. 

I am fully aware that the intensity of my intents and the power of my emotional energy determine the time that it takes for my desires to manifest to reality.
I maintain a raised consciousness and emotional mental & emotional harmony, which takes me to a vibrational level which manifests my desires.

A lot of people struggle with manifesting things physically because they are focused on their desires being absent. They look to their physical circumstances and compare their reality with the most external reflection of reality. They are unwittingly creating and manifesting the absence of their desire which already exists but cannot become physical because they creating an image and feeling of it being absent. Once you master this aspect of it, manifesting become easy for you and you will manifest the most incredible experiences into your life. If you tend to think of things being absent or apart from you then you must break this habit of thinking that things are absent, that you don’t have them when you actually do and that's why I've shared the perspective with you that reality iz unseen, not seen. Many LOA teachers will refer to the physical universe as reality. They are doing that for those who have trouble grasping the unseen, they believe only what they see. This caused me a great deal of confusion because that's not reality and when I let go of what they were teaching and embraced what Source was teaching me within that's when I really started getting results that I desired...or even better. It was never less. It's exactly what I desire or better. It’s not necessary to fool yourself or getting into faking it to make it. That apparently helps some people but it didn't bring any results. I knew I really did already possess my desires in my mind.

The Universe has blessed me with all of the power, energy and talent I need to create a life that I desire and I am thankful in advance for receiving what I want.
I am trusting my vision and work to manifest it.
I manifest my blessed loving desires in timely and effective ways.

Think of the dreams you have while sleeping. We all have those dreams that seem very real we think they are. And well they may not be physically occurring but they are real. You are using your senses in the dream. You have sensations that feel realistic that when you wake up you may be shocked at how real it felt. That's because it iz real, the sensory experiences are real. The emotions you felt in the dream were real. So stop thinking of things as being false, fiction, or unreal. We just don't really understand what dreams really are yet but we will one day as our collective consciousness continues to expand into lighter density and get in aligned closer with the unseen reality.

What you see in your imagination iz closer to the invisible reality than your physical circumstances are. Your imagination creates the physical universe. Everything seen has an unseen cause. The invisible iz the foundation for all things visible. I think it's time that LOA teachers shift their teachings to being more in line with words that more accurately describe what iz occurring and stop referring to the physical universe as reality and speak more on the invisible reality so people can get a better idea of what iz real and how things manifest from the invisible to the different stages of becoming visible. I hope that some will possibly read this and it resonate with them that they stop calling the physical universe reality and call it what it iz, a reflection of reality. 

As I have mentioned a few times already nothing iz fiction. All things that can be imagined, have been imagined, or will be imagined are real if not in this reality in a parallel reality that you are not aware of yet. I won't get into parallel realities here but we are infinity itself, we are infinite beings with infinite potentiality and everything else that exists has infinite potentiality too. There are infinite versions of everything that iz. Thus iz the nature of reality, it iz infinite.

To be or...let's face it there isn't a not to be

What does it mean to exist, to be?  In the book The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle talks about the silence, the void. Neville Goddard also speaks about going into the silence in every one of his lectures he ends it with "Now let us go into the silence." 

They are talking about what supports all that exists. From nothing springs something. From silence springs vibrations that become sound when our ears translate the vibrations into sound. This iz not new science or new age thought. We have known this for thousands of years. It may be news to you because a lot of us haven't given it much thought. I know I didn't. I was far more tuned into the sounds, and what I can see than tuning into what I cannot see and cannot hear but now I have learned how to feel it and enter it within myself. You can learn that too by reading The Power of Now and his follow up of the book Practicing The Power Of Now. That's not what I wanted to actually share with you though. I want to share some more information with your to strengthen your faith in your wonderful imagination and your power to call things that don't exist into existence.

Look at what the words exist, existence, and assist all mean. These following three definitions are the etymological definitions, the original meanings. Take a real close look at their meanings and let it marinate within your mind. 

exist (v.)
c. 1600, from French exister (17c.), from Latin existere/exsistere "to step out, stand forth, emerge, appear; exist, be" (see existence). "The late appearance of the word is remarkable" [OED]. Related: Existed; existing.

existence (n.)
late 14c., "reality," from Old French existence, from Medieval Latin existentia/exsistentia, from existentem/exsistentem (nominative existens/exsistens) "existent," present participle of Latin existere/exsistere "stand forth, come out, emerge; appear, be visible, come to light; arise, be produced; turn into," and, as a secondary meaning, "exist, be;" from ex "forth" (see ex-) + sistere "cause to stand" (see assist).

assist (v.)
early 15c., from Old French assister "to stand by, help, put, place, assist" (14c.), from Latin assistere "stand by, take a stand near, attend," from assimilated form of ad "to" (see ad-) + sistere "stand still, take a stand; to set, place, cause to stand," from PIE *si-st-, reduplicated form of root *stā- "to stand" (see stet). Related: Assisted; assisting. Medical assisted suicide attested from 1884.”

Image result for Romans 4:17

Exist means to step out, stand forth, emerge, appear, exist, be. Step out from what? What iz something that exists standing forth on and from? Emerge? Appear? 

Iz it becoming clearer to you in your mind now? You can't see it with your eyes. You can't see it with your mind either, but you can feel it, and it's deeper than the mind. 

Let's take a look at existence. In the late 14th century they began to call existence "reality." But when we look where they got it from in the Old French and Medieval Latin, it meant existent, a present participle of the given Latin meaning to "stand forth, come out, emerge; appear, be visible, come to light; arise, be produced; turn into." If that's not good enough it gets even better. Etymologyonline then suggests we see "assist."

Assist, in the early 15 century, often was used to mean "to stand by, help, put, place, assist" which was taken from the Old French but Old French got the word from the 14th century meaning of the Latin word assistere meaning "stand by, take a stand near, attend," from assimilated form of ad "to" (see ad-) + sistere "stand still, take a stand; to set, place, cause to stand," from PIE *si-st-, reduplicated form of root *stā- "to stand". 

Reality assists all that exists. Keep saying this to yourself as much as possible and ask your subconcious mind to assist in you giving you a better more complete understanding of what I mean by "reality assists all that exists" and it will deliver a more better more complete understanding to you.

Once this takes hold in your mind you will have aligned with Source on a whole new level and manifesting the absence of your desires will no longer be a problem for you. Manifesting becomes easy and all your desires will come effortlessly to you. 

I hope that you find the long read well worth it and can see the value in changing your perspective to a more realistic spiritual one and find some balance between the many different aspects that makes your whole being who you are.

I feel that I could have sold this information by writing a book but I will give it to the world for free as I want you all to know who you are, I want you to live out all your dreams, realize all your desires as this will only benefit the entire world and universe. Happier people make for a more joyous YOUniverse. Besides I have plenty to write about, I am an infinite being with infinite potentiality and seeing many others realizing their every desire and living life in joy iz a very big desire of my own. 

I bow to the divine in you.

Happy manifesting!

Your manifestation skills are divine. You know exactly what to think, to get exactly what you want. Everytime you focus on something you want, it flows into your life, with Infinite abundance. The universe is amazingly clever.

I am a powerful Magnet, attracting to me the right people and circumstances to manifest my desires. I am happy, healthy, prosperous and loved to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you.

I am surrounded by Divine substance, and this Divine substance now manifests for me in rich appropriate form.

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.



You give myself and the rest of the community so much to look forward to reading. You've motivated me to create more blocks of time, just to read all you share. Awesome! (I am going to have to broaden my vocabulary of appreciation) (:

In the mean time-THANK YOU, Iz!

Love all, though truly love:

 Without abundance there can be lack but abundance iz not at all dependent on lack to prove it's existence. 

 All there really iz iz abundance.


Affirmation Time (from your thread ideas/your words I Am claiming(: Though if it serves you run w/it(:


I Am blissfully aware of my of the abundance that always is.

As I continue skipping on down the road of my journey,my heart is always singing my abundant-song joyfully.




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Bmindful rocks!

Wow!  So much information here that is so good.  I need to re read this again because there was so much in here.  Love it!  I loved The Power of Now.  It literally changed many things in my life, but like you I got caught up in the trying to find out what was right (logical left brain mind) instead of understanding what I felt was right (experiential or right brain mind).  Loved the way you laid this out.  Thank you it was super helpful!

“The trick to being happy isn’t to live in the know, it’s to live in the mystery.”

In response to The Magician's post

Thank you! I'm glad you feel that way. I figured some people would resonate with the experience I've had with it all so far. I'm currently reading Eckhart's "Practicing The Power of Now." It's almost like a recap but my awareness iz still expanding as if I hadn't noticed them the first time.

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

Simply put, just magnificent!! Not only is the thread informative, entertaining, it is filled with absolute truth!!!! One of my favorite quotes has to be Wayne Dyer "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." The concept in itself is so empowering, it resonated so well with me I lived the philosophy for an entire year sharing it with everyone that I would see. I wanted it to sink in, to be absorbed because it is life changing. You have thoughtfully and generously oprovided us with such wonderful tools to put in our tool box in preparation for our journey.



Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!


Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!


Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!

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