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★- -Diving deeper into the JOURNEY w/KINDNESS[Happiness Mtg]

Diving deeper into the journey with kindness: 2 week long meeting.

  • (posted at top for 2 weeks though its still a mtg thread that never closes)

In this next Happiness meeting, I am blending a few previous topics into one, and rolling them together, and taking them deeper into the journey with kindness…

As I look back on several recent happiness meetings, I look back upon a collage. I want to look at where we are collectively and individually, with our journey of heart, and our individual journey of consciousness, and into a new journey of exploration and creation.

Here are a few of the recent past Happiness meetings:
-Ease tinted glasses (10/17/16)
-Growth, purpose and destiny (10/5/16)
-Opening the door of wonder: Engaging the unknown (9/19/16)
-Splendor and service (9/13/16)
-Joy and health (8/24/16)
-Deepening acceptance (8/3/16)

I am looking at the above collection of topics that we have explored and I’m just impressed with all of the good work! And, I smile as I recall how it made that part of the journey the best and most optimal, at that moment.

I have reviewed the meetings, and that helped me to see beyond individual personal transitions, to see how each of these topics began to open us up.

For me, my participation in the Happiness meetings contributed structure and predictability, which I began to really look forward to. I came to appreciate the time and the effort and I saw that this was beneficial to me. It supported my ability to nurture my growth, reshape and re-energize my “now” identity, and focus on my priorities. What was valuable was that I was fully on court with things that were the most important. Things move forward, over the coarse of one month, goals were met, and priorities ultimately shift and change, and a new way of life becomes available. New access, transformation is always possible.

I also learned a very great and necessary life skill: to take time to create a space where there is no to do list. Just a space for wonder, a space for innocence, or just a space of requirement…

I believe if I had to do all of this work of exploration alone, I would never have gotten all of this good out of it. We learn so much from one another, and its all in what we share with each other.

For everyone who has joined us in the Happiness meetings, your presence here is a huge contribution!!

All of the work and the growth is very beautiful!! I love listening to all of you and I enjoy seeing how having a new perspective contributes to new experiences!

For all of our new members, I invite you to join in these Happiness meetings. You are also welcome to chair any of the meetings and you can pick your topic. You will be supported in this process, and your level of Creation, both in the meetings and in your life will improve with your focus.

The greater your ability to focus, the greater your level of creation and expression!

All members, new and old are welcome here, in heart and in spirit!

Questions and reflections for consideration:

As we begin to move into another holiday season, I ask that you look back at this past year, and appreciate all that has happened.

Just remember, no one is perfect, and no one here is asking us to be perfect.
We have all gone through some big changes. Some are positive, some are definitely vulnerable. All of it is valuable. All of it is important. All of it has brought us to exactly where we find ourselves today.

Today, we are being invited to look with kindness at ourselves and others. If you are unable to be kind to yourself, then you cannot possibly be kind towards others.

We are being invited to discuss your current journey, and how do you see yourself diving deeper into your journey with kindness.

What do you expect to happen if opened yourself up to having more kindness for yourself and with others? Do you expect to be well received or would you be misunderstood?

How are you doing?? What’s new?? What’s showing up in your life right now??

What are some of your perceived barriers? What, if anything, is stopping you from having honest or straight communication with people who you work with or who are family members.

****What is holding you back? Or is there something that YOU are holding back on?? This is a really important question!! This is where you could create access, in this question… What would happen if you stopped being held back??

How could you BEGIN to create your environment at home and/or at work to be more supportive to your goals?

What are some things that you could do that would create positivity for yourself or for others?

Do you have any recent random acts of kindness that you have done that you want to share??

to make it easier for me to find my posts to continue adding I will # them
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  • In response to Kathi’s post1:
    In response to Kathi’s post2:
    excellent intro Kathi! And wonderful questions.
    And yes, it is my hope too that others find their way around the forum and find threads which resonate with them. And …while I am a bit biased here, Happiness meetings are a wonderful place to connect with ones self in kindness and with others on the forum whether they have been ‘formally’ introduced to these threads or one another(: ~7:49AM 10/30/16

  • ~
    Actually, I have found on Bmindful any thread which stimulates a soulful-spirit connection is awesome in my book. I wholeheartedly agree w/your statements:
    I believe if I had to do all of this work of exploration alone, I would never have gotten all of this good out of it. We learn so much from one another, and its all in what we share with each other.

more thoughts:
When we do this with others… the love …the loving energy is multiplied and truly expansive for each of us. I look forward to the miraculous benefits/miracles await with each topic. (:

(will elaborate how I’ve benefited from these thread mtgs) this post is in process(:

I would like to share an affirmation that has proven to be very powerful for me:

All that matters is how I spend this moment. 8:10AM 10/30/16

I Am living a Divine plan

post 2
thread post in process:
10/30/16 8:05AM
Giving To Self & Others -Kindness
best friend

  • ~
    how do you see yourself diving deeper into your journey with kindness.

(first in terms of giving to myself)

  • When I give myself too many things to do or to be… giving is possible through the beautiful ‘habit of loving’. /Though when connecting with the essence of love-its NOT just habit… its not routine.. its fresh its creative and also a foundation for awesome experiences… (to be continued)

When I think of kindness, I feel I don’t have to go far. It is when I go far…far away from my spirit… is when I get further away from the essence and natural-demonstrative behaviors of being kindness to self and others./ to be continued….

When I stray away from my spirit, whom do I bring to myself …? to others?
Spirit is not an overly involved sense of self…with self … Its a connection. Its a connection with the love we already are.
When I Am in touch with that place, I communicate not needing to find the right word… Or… philosophizing about my thinking… I allow myself to be, others to be… and not at my expense…(and the energy is never intentionally at the expense of another) A place that allows me to go to higher place of kindness …

to be continued…
Giving To Self & Others -Kindness

I tend to not use words or ideas that have me viewing things as chaos. I attribute that to valuing my spirit and asking myself questions that help me stay true to myself and my experiences. By doing this – kindness is more natural outcome.

What does that have to do w/giving/kindness to self or anyone else?

Everything (to me)! Perception of experiences… ours or anyone’s can create barriers to being kind. And seeing people places and things as chaos…. creates a new chaos.

Something resonated w/things I’ve been sharing lately… a link to post


To dive deeper, I want to bring this place to all of my planning(:
created an accountability thread today 11/01/16 and I believe this will reinforce this for me even better
looking forward to sharing how this thread-utilizing kindness(Diving deeper into the JOURNEY) has already assisted me… and what it taught me about intentions (this time)!

I Am living a Divine plan

In response to going w/self-care flow’s post: POST 1: Thats a very powerful affirmation that you shared!

Thank you!

In your 2nd post, you talk about “allowing my self to be, others to be…”

That is a great asset and tool, is allowing. Most people are not aware that they deny people their being. We see this with racism and with other “ism’s” from which prejudice takes root.

We here in North America are in an election year, and there is extreme division and polarity to one’s political persuasion.

When we “allow our selves and other their being”, we are giving them their humanity and their dignity. And, we are giving them our listening. That is huge!

My first response to this post is that for me to dive deeper, implies that “I am at a certain place or perspective,” and then, I must agree that there is some other position, or location, or some other perspective that I could choose engage…

This requires willingness. In order for me to be willing, I must see this as being valuable.

I do see value in this. What I see are 2 things. I see the value of appreciating the past year, and I definitely see value of doing a personal inventory. For example, this year, I have accomplished _______ (fill in the blank).

The 2nd thing that I see is more subtle.

It’s more than appreciating the changes that the recent past has brought to bare. It’s taking stock, that I am new. I am now. I am in motion. I have changed. My energy has changed. And, I have choice. My choice matters….

Am I willing to dive deeper? Am I willing to be open? Is it my will to dive deeper into my journey, and stretch myself, energize myself, with greater kindness?

I’m going to digress for a few moments, as I look back.

Several months ago, I wrote an affirmation:

I am willing to change.
I am willing to be an agent of change in the world.

At that time, when I wrote these, I was really wanting to get a particular job, that that was going to open up a particular door, and THEN, I was going to jump into what I really, really wanted, which is to work with “Doctors without borders”… I wanted to join them in bringing medical services, including surgery, to people who are in the greatest need.

To me, that is my chance to make our world a greater world, when all people have an opportunity to function and to matter!

I am loving this thread!

Here are more affirmations that I hope will be helpful with this diving thread!!!

-Being an agent of change will require the very best of me to be manifested!

-I am ready to be that agent of change!

-I allow my life to be built on trust and my life flows from one moment of Allowing to the next moment of Allowing.

-I create what I believe

-When I take responsibility for my beliefs, the world around me changes

****My external situation IS a reflection of my beliefs****

-My focus is getting closer to my beliefs every day

-At my core, I feel completely worthy!

-My beliefs serve me because they are bringing fulfillment

-All of my core beliefs expand my experience of my wholeness

-I believe that I am worthy; my life unfolds in ways that reflect my worthiness

How am I doing?? Whats new??

All is well and I am in the midst of change.

Things have changed with my employment. The facility that I was working at, has been closed down and now I am powerfully in between jobs.

What’s new is that I get to do some serious job searching, and really challenge myself to locate this group, and compete for their position. I am casting my net so that I can fulfill my hopes of landing a job with a surgical service. It may require that I move, possibly to another state. Thats a tall order. Maybe I can find the right job here, without the commotion of moving…

There are huge challenges. I will be new to the world of working in the operating room, and I will need a service who is willing to bring me on. They will have to see me as a valuable asset, one that will be able to make significant contribution to their service, one who could be quickly brought forward. And, I have to have the goods.

What’s holding me back? Am I holding my self back?

How can I create my environment to be more supportive of my goal?

Good subject, for one who is attempting to open a new faucet to their career!!!

2 things that I can say hold me back: my age and being overweight. I need to loose about 30 or 40 pounds. And, its totally achievable.

I cannot fix the age bit, but I am totally comforted when I see the ages of many top surgeons, and that they are passionately working and contributing at their age. They are doing great work, and their work is in demand! Nothing wrong with that!

I have been gearing up to joining the gym, and I can use this happiness meeting to help launch myself, create structure and just step into it… I know that once I start getting into the habit of going to the gym, that overall, I will be more productive and more energetic when I do contact perspective employers. It is my goal that they have a reasonable realistic feel for who I am and how I compare to other candidates.

I know that what I bring to the table, and the service I offer to potential patients is much greater than my fear of rejection based on my age or my body.

Its not the potential employers who are holding me back… Its me being fearful and small, thats all. There is so much that I have to offer in terms of direct patient care, and also, being a member of a really fantastic group of talented providers!!

How do I see myself diving deeper into my journey with kindness?

Well, in many functional ways. I will be using this conversation as a spring board, as I launch myself into my next job opportunity. And more so, when I keep telling my truth, and keep diving deeper, and keep being awake to this inquiry, and above all, keep connecting to others. Keep listening to others. Empower others to empower others… start a revolution in the way that we listen to one another!

The kindness practices that I am wanting to usher into my life will empower me to boldly face my vulnerabilities. I can see that I can use my vulnerabilities and not be diminished by them! People can relate to that, and they can also confront their vulnerabilities and they can be empowered to tell their truth and move beyond their fear. I think that its liberating and empowering to give voice to the places where we feel stopped.


And, I can laugh at myself and my heart can use the levity!!

Nicely said Kathi!! Happy connecting!

In response to Teri’s post:
Hi Teri! So glad you stopped by(: Truly hoping we see more of you(:

I Am living a Divine plan

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In response to Teri’s post:

(& like that-Happy Connecting!(: ) And I agree with you I love how Kathi is so open and intends from that love & such incredible open-honesty! I probably say this in some shape or form every week(:

In response to Kathi’s post:
I love your words in the above link.. your acknowledging your self, this moment, and getting that feel for what is vital to you that you’ve been part of and want more of! Awesome Kathy!

and yes yes to being able to laugh at ourselves.

will return to this post:
I truly believe taking the things we value seriously is an awesome element. I call this passion! And love to include laughter as we take a look at it all…

While we are not responsible for all the results in life…. We can add appreciation for every blessing that is set before us. We Are responsible for enjoying our lives. & …that we have some control over! Isn’t that the best?!!!

I Am living a Divine plan

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As we begin to move into another holiday season, I ask that you look back at this past year, and appreciate all that has happened.

I’d like to take a wonderful look at this question over the course of this meeting (and of course regularly after) (:

saving this place for this focus

I Am living a Divine plan

In response to Teri’s post:
Thank you Teri!

Always great to have you here!!

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saving this place for responding to these questions…

smile at yourself and others

  • ~

Do you have any recent random acts of kindness that you have done that you want to share?? I love the opportunities I have at work to be random with kindness(: I don’t know (always) who I will see… and circumstances others will be in when they arrive… Those I interact with, are individuals (for the most part… that I’ve gotten to see/know for years) We have formed relationships… and their being open with how they feel and what is currently going on is regular… though not ‘routine’

Whatever I have to give, I enjoy making it part of each interaction. One thing I’d like to do, is write some of these things down… because I forget specifics of this nature. One reason is the amazing quantity/quality of interactions w/familiar and unfamiliar people.

Another reason I forget specifics of giving….it doesn’t feel like giving…It feels like receiving…… Its supposed to be about others & yet it is such a present to myself… to enjoy others this way. 10/30/16 speaking of this, it is time to prepare for ‘work’ (:


  • ~a)What do you expect to happen if opened yourself up to having more kindness for yourself and with others? b)Do you expect to be well received or would you be misunderstood?
    …. (very interesting questions) will return, of course(:

a) this thread opened me up to having more kindness. Examples coming soon. b) I expect to be well received…I imagine… I don’t think in terms of not(: Though giving for me is often done w/little expectation. So I imagine… that’s why(:

saving this place for:
How are you doing?? What’s new?? What’s showing up in your life right now??

saving this place for:
How could you BEGIN to create your environment at home and/or at work to be more supportive to your goals?

I have begun this by creating an accountability thread. (to be continued)


I Am living a Divine plan

I have always visioned myself as kind and have promoted it as a valuable trait to share with myself and others. Being kind to yourself is not selfish, but kind. I think kindness has to start within yourself and it expands to others.

Recently I have started acknowledging appreciation to others in a very simplistic fashion. I have made a conscious effort to tell others, “Thank You” for even the smallest of kindnesses they have shown to me or others. It is kind to say thank you if someone has been kind to you or has done something for you, but it is a much deeper kindness to recognize kindness rendered from others to others. It’s unexpected coming from a third party and I have found it to be “Kind.”

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy’s post:

my pic vanished

here is a new one

It did say Thank You Kindly For Being You! And that was no hot air(: Thanks for who you are, how you consistently are & all you stand for Poppy!

  • ~my pic reappeared -oh well now you have 2(:

    PS and that of course goes for all the other wonderful loving kind bmindful members around here! many thanks for creating all that you do when you do from that loving place that makes you-you!

I Am living a Divine plan

In response to Poppy’s post:
Thank you Poppy, its so great to hear from you!!

Thank you, for being YOU!

In response to Kathi’s post:
Back to those 3 questions:

Am I willing to dive deeper? Am I wiling to be open? It is my will to diver deeper, to stretch and energize myself with kindness??

What would become available??

I think that anything that you want to create or focus your energy on is available.

Greater energy. Dynamic health. More play! More spontaneity!! Greater communication. Releasing expectations. Greater self awareness. Being more creative. Simplifying my life.


I am so grateful that my mind is a center of divine operation –
always open for expansion, fuller expression and total connection.

I AM all I choose to be!

I re-examine my thoughts, beliefs and feelings to make sure they match what I am asking the universe to provide.

The joy that I seek IS equal to and created by the joy that I have within!

I declare world peace.

I am on my way to creating and claiming great wealth!

Pure bliss, endless abundance, endless possibilities are all within my reach!

Awesome, kind and loving people want to be near me!

My daughter is my best friend!!

Kindness, wisdom, understanding, gentleness are my truest self expression.

Goodness, fruitfulness, diligence and peace are in every step on my journey.

I speak health, happiness and prosperity over all areas of my life, and my life expands internationally.

I love the work that I do, and I reap a glorious bounty!

My days are full, and so is my heart!!

In response to Kathi’s post:
beautiful Kath!

I Am living a Divine plan

Just wanted to share, that I am still exploring with those 3 questions:

“Am I willing to dive deeper? Am I willing to be open? It is my will to dive deeper, to stretch, and to energize my self with kindness?”

I am finding this to be very helpful, as I hear my self complain about ________ (fill in the blank).

There are all kinds of justifications!!

The news. The election! My health! My job search! My relationship with my sibs…

And, still, a new day opens. New thoughts are welcome! More peace is welcome! More prosperity is welcome! New job offers are welcome! Greater health, greater flexibility in body and in spirit are welcome!

Sending peaceful, kind, loving and highly energetic thoughts to ALL bmindful community!

You are all amazing!!

Something really fantastic and unexpected happened yesterday…

Someone very important in my life has been struggling with depression. After over 12 years, I have had a difficult time coping with the downward spiral… And our relationship has been strained.

Here is what, I believe happened. I just re-wrote everything. What does that mean? I just totally stopped engaging All of the impossibility. Just stopped.

Then, I only speak to and OF things of meaning and value in this valuable connection. And, without judgement or explanation, I was able to communicate those things of value, the things that communicate love, affinity, respect, and CHOICE.

I made a Choice!

This IS manifestation!! YES, it is!!

I just re-read all of my affirmations, and I’m giggling!!

In several of my affirmations, I affirm expansion, fuller expression and total connection, and that kind, loving and awesome people want to be near me…

This is really exciting for me personally! I truly love healing energy and what it provides! We are all able to take this on and be generous with our selves and with our significant life time relationships, whether they are friends, family, chosen family, colleagues or in our communities. We are all connected, and we definitely influence and impact one another. And, I am so blessed with all of those connections, even when things aren’t what I wish they were, I am still being blessed and I am still being served valuable life lessons!

In the 3rd paragraph of the questions, we were invited to look with kindness at ourselves and at others:

I want to acknowledge that I have been doing a lot of this: looking with kindness at my self and at others….

I have made new adjustments with how I view myself and others. As I listen to others, I can appreciate their opinion without reacting. I can hear where they are, and where they are coming from without being judgmental or defensive.

Having given others their space, I have also given my self the same space.

When I am generous with myself, I can be equally generous with my listening of others. In exchange, I keep my inner peace. I respect the inner peace of others and I trust that the universe provides the best balance for all of us.

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