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★best friend

I enjoy being friends with myself. I can lessen my expectations of the world by enjoying my own company and taking good care of myself.

Funny thing happens … perspective for everything just widens with more love…for even the smallest things.

On days (in hindsight) that I am not demonstrating what I would’ve preferred for me… – I treat me like I enjoy treating others … with belief … that I am a work in progress, and I’ll decide on how I want to give to me better (next time) …by just believing in my intentions, & knowing loving me is a very good thing. (that way I can love people places and things in my world a a whole lot better) I can anticipate better moments, better days… (a life I can love)

with love,selfcare

PS I love all of you too(: G’night.

I’m almost inspired to post a song,
after reading that.

thanks serenitylakes.

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I saw the following quote yesterday which truly resonated with me:Image result for whoever makes you feel that intensely deserves

and I found out something really beautiful.


Yes ... of course the lovely ones who are so easy to be with rose to the top of my heart place.

Though guess who

ended up having first place (after awhile of enjoying the joy of others I love)?




I spend more time with me than I do anyone....

I take me wherever I go

and without me- in 'good standing' -the other peaceful joys in my life are not all they can be- (where I allow more of that joy)

Happy to say the most peaceful people in my world-require me to be

absolutely nothing other than who I Am...

Though who am I -if I'm not my own best friend and offer myself the most authentic connection?


Today and everyday I am experiencing supportive and abundant results for every task I Am engaged in.


I go with the flow and feel my connection to the stream of life 


I now breathe and move into my natural well-being .


Today I align myself with freedom, growth, and joy


It is extraordinary just how much I have gotten to know me

and the benefits of living my soul's truth.

That's always been me.Image result for whoever makes you feel that intensely deservesSaid the introvert.

In response to aquanimity's post:



I love your comment 'Said the introvert.'

Thanks for bringing smiles.

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