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★Moment Of Acceptance -LOA (Matt Kahn )


I truly love Matt Kahn quotes 

“Whatever happens, love that.”
Matt Kahn


Feel free to add your own Matt Kahn favorites 

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRX5hEPAOGND6kEFXisB6GlHQiChjv6HaYJDAU6waUC1a_yPPc0Iw I listened to an interesting video by Matt Kahn Anyway, here it is, hope someone enjoys…he is a bit unique, though I have enjoyed much of his work. He was introduced to me by a professional healer in my community Confrontation The whole spiritual teaching is called the end of victimhood


“... He looked at me in a really surprised way, and I could tell he was thinking, "I didn't mean it as a compliment!" Of course, I knew his words weren't spoken with care and concern, but I chose to take it as a compliment and turn it into a gift that I offered in return. No matter the circumstance, love can withstand any type of judgment or ridicule and turn it into something more redeeming as a gift for every heart.”
Matt Kahn, Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins with You 

“I accept that no one is trying to hurt me whenever hurtful words or cruel behavior come my way. I accept that unconsciousness occurs as a way for others to show me how deeply they suffer. I further accept the unconsciousness of others does not require me to lash out and match their vibration, nor does it reflect back anything unconscious about me. Instead, I allow every act of unconsciousness to inspire a more conscious response, as I witness an unconscious world helping me evolve, at the rate in which I act out the very choices I’ve waited for others to embrace. This doesn’t justify anyone’s unconscious behavior, or mean that I should put myself in situations that compromise my well-being. It allows me to go wherever my qualities and talents are celebrated, while acting upon my soul’s highest wisdom, as a way of energetically helping those who suffer to find their way home.” Matt Kahn

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I truly love his book and his teachings. It is so loving and powerful to be able to lead with love and have the opportunity to change your experience and others the way the past never did...One of my fav. quotes of his!!! 

In response to Meechee's post:

Hello Meechie, sorry I missed an opportunity to respond to you. Hope you visit again some time

And hello to a fellow Matt Kahn fan!


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