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★Defeat the Nasties in Your Day

Some days flow with an uncanny perfection..and other days probably have lots of perfection in it, but occasionally (like everyone) nasties can cloud one’s spirit.

For some just a brief …pang in the gut … to something that you can feel a progressive better… though taking a bit of time…

What are the nasties? The nasties are people, places and things that were not part of your plan, but just might be challenging you to step up to a ‘higher place’.

Let’s chat about getting to that Higher Place.

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The chessboard metaphor

I made the perfect choice to dwell in peace, appreciation and freedom! ◦ -I Am allowing myself to Be whatever I enjoy feeling. I do this simply and powerfully by doing more of what works in my life…

Nasties are a part of my every work day. They challenge me every day to increase my character to not react to their comments, gestures and ill wishing. Some days are harder than others. It gets old that I seem to be the only one working on improving myself and to keep forgiving what isn’t being asked to be forgiven…then it happening again the next day. It also gets old trying to ignore them and not to sink down to their level. Luckily I have lots of tools in my toolbox to overcome, not to mention I am cut from a very strong cloth, my mother, and was raised to have class..unlike them. This is one of my tools so thank you all!

Love and light! :)


I am a new member here and English is not my first language so bare with me =D
This topic attracted my sight. Well first, I can go to my happy place and change my thought or feeling by remembering a wonderful memory or a person who I cherish or maybe even a previous funny moment that happened to me. If the moment were really challenging I would rather look at the good perspective the Bright Side Why possibly this would be happening to me?
- Maybe it’s something you asked for it in the past.
WORDS Like: I want to Grow, I can be challenged, Strong and confident in every situation. And BAM these moments happens! So there is a chance that this is a Good Thing?! Of course Yes? you can LEARN from these experiences! So next time you know how to deal with it.
- If it was unexpected comment from a person; you can turn around by using humor

  • laugh it out*
    - If it was a place that wasn’t a part of a plan: think of it as an adventure, and remember being flexible is also cool so put that in your daily affirmation.
    Using affirmation is really good in the morning: recharge your energy by saying “This is a GREAT day with new opportunities”!
    “I attract good thoughts and wonderful people”
    “ I can tolerate in any circumstances”

The important thing is to REMAIN UNDEFEATED NO MATTER WHAT !!

And So on …
Today my friend was upset because she didn’t get what she expected to get in her work. I tried to cheer her up and lift up her spirit, but still she was fixated on that subject. What would you do if you were in my situation?
I told her maybe it’s for the best, and you never know maybe new doors will open for you in the future. I really picture her where she has to be. I have big faith in her she can be what she wants to be.

In response to chamy’s post:

Very nice post and welcome to Bmindful.

I have quite a few friends who concentrate on the negative in their life instead of the positive. So in answer to this I have put a box outside my door with little pieces of paper that reads

“Rocks’ Worry Basket”

“Please dump negative s**t here! You can pick it up when you Leave!

The Management Thanks You!

In an attempt to heal my home and my life, there is a new rule in this House and I would like everyone to try and follow the rule.

It is not very hard, but it will help to cleanse my home and me. If you are having a problem with your job, your spouse, your money or your life: please leave those problems in this basket. You can pick them up when you are ready to leave. This way we will bring only love and positive energies in this Home.

take a sheet with you so you don’t forget!”

If someone needs to talk about something, we will do it outside and so the negative energies will be disbursed through out the cosmos, instead of localized in the home. Seems to be working rather well and most of the time by the time they leave the negative has lost control.

God bless you and yours,


Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

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