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★Living well: Forgiveness

Recently, I started a new ritual.. Forgiveness first, then prayer.

If I open my heart to forgiveness first, my heart is ready for prayer.

The one I need to forgive is my self. My judgements, no matter how righteous, are a barrier to prayer….barrier to Being…

I have recently had a very personal experience while working with forgiveness. I will do the best I can, given the extreme limitation of language… Something “pivoted”. Thats the best word I can use.

When I was working on this one issue, where I knew that I had not forgiven, that is where I more or less, first had a feeling of movement or a pivotal shift. Something moved. I now had something I never imagined, that I almost felt like I was being extracted from a cast, where I had no freedom, like being frozen. A shell. Well, I was never aware of this shell before.

At first, I really over looked it, but, in another personal way, I must have released something or I maybe I literally moved out of this form. That actually feels more accurate, it was a form, and I left that form. I’ve moved on now.

That was two days ago. Since then, two or three things: This wave of exhaustion, the need for deep sleep. Second, my inner awareness has awoken, and is more and more a daily experience. The need for even deeper trust, absolute and pure… and…, the one I NEED to trust is my Self…

So, the bottom line, is that I am much quieter on the outside, and much less judgmental. Totally neutral. And, I just see everything as “phases”; we all go through phases in our lives. Passages. Every passage is important! Its all connected.

We go through times in our lives where something was very important, and we build a life around beliefs and values. Intentional growth.

Right now, my intention is, in part, some very deep healing, and then, releasing that identity.

Is anyone else working on forgiveness?

Any insights? Any shifts? New energy, new possibilities?

Another intention is to stay heart centered. And keep just notice ego, when it pops up!

Morning meditation are really wonderful! I like the experience, starting the day by doing something healthful and healing first, then a few moments in prayer and contemplation, then the rest of the day, being productive.

God, my Source, is the ultimate Physician!
In Him, I trust!
He knows my Heart!! And, I know His!!!

Good post

It may sound a bit selfish, but I forgive others to be totally free.
I feel great when I release any feelings of disappointment substituting it with forgiveness and acceptance. After all a rose is not any less beautiful because it has thorns. Maya Angelou states my feeling ““When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” or as John Lennon put to song “Let it be.”

 The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good. Catherine Ponder9ac43cac0f6a5b021859ed08f71d0194.jpg

We think that we are over things simply by avoiding discussing them but if we make a conscious or subconscious decision not to forgive, we actually create a reaction that becomes hardwired into our brains. So we subconsciously react whenever something sparks that brain pattern that reminds us of the emotions we experienced at the time of the original event. Emotions and reaction become hardwired together– and the more that they are repeated the harder our reactions are to control/ undo. center of light.org [ The Center of Light is a spiritual community, a spiritual group, a highly diverse collection of individuals who come together to encourage and support each other on their unique, personal, spiritual paths.]



Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker

Great timing, to re-read this!

As I read this, I remember that phase, and I can see from where I am, and it just gives me a pause to appreciate all of the different phases and the movement, the progression, all the way up to where I am now.

I am looking at choice.  I am looking at my responsibility, my active participation in forgiveness.  

This is important, because this is the single gateway to accessing healing and freedom.  Transformating my experience of my heart.

Its helpful to read this.  Peace is priceless.  

Any thing that steals your peace is too expensive.




Forgiveness set your spirit free to soar to amazing heights of love, acceptance, grace and peace.


Yes, learning to live well, and learning to proactively choose Bliss.

From time to eternity is a blink of the eye, literally. 

I choose to be pain free, judgment free.  And with every failure, I again and again, choose bliss and surrender...

I proactively choose daily meditation in exchange for injury and indignation.

I surrender all!  

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