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★eating frogs and having fun(:

This thread is from 2015

and bringing it to 2018

awesome posts from Jeff & Flowergirl

Please feel free to join me some more 


eating frogs and having fun(:

  • ~~~~~~~~~

Brian Tracy, the infamous personal development guru… coined the term eating frogs…as in making space for our next right action… with things on our lists…

[his idea is the most difficult thing first] I will leave that up to you(:

I have a bit of a twist on his work for this thread… (and once again…share as openly as you like…most important person that needs to understand completely is you) simply,straightforwardly, joyfully share with a hint of detail with positive momentum toward the baby-steps goal of the day. {affirmations welcome of course}

[joyful-accomplishment to go for it with this task in next 24 hours ] (:


See the source image

affirmations first(:
I feel great potential for myself.
I look forward to each new day.
I have a new awareness in my life.
I acknowledge my needs.
I make wise choices.

When I think about eating my frogs my mind ALWAYS turns to attitude. The attitude we bring to each day is so important and points to, for me, why affirmations are such useful tools. Use them and your attitude will improve and likely your results, fall away from using them and your attitude and results will suffer. Another thing that comes to mind is circles. This stuff is circular. Like a car’s engine, though, it takes a spark to get the thing going. I, and I’ll bet you, could use a spark every now and again. Without those sparks and fuel keeping the battery charged we will eventually stall. I’m glad for the changes taking place on bmindful. It is a good place to charge your battery. Let’s charge each other’s batteries here.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

today I am munching through those frogs

filled in and posted a form to student finance

paid a bill

went to citizens advice beauraux to get some help re finances and came away with an appointment

taking everything off kitchen worktops and cleaning them

cleaned top of cooker

cleaned out bottom of fridge

usual laundry

rewarding myself with a cup of tea

have just planted 3 packs of herbs in a lovely oval tin planter and some fuchsias in a hanging basket and some in a tub ,sweet potatoe wedges in the oven and time for a sit down

The frog I’m working on is an area I refer to my hub area. It is my work area… It is something I attempt to maintain … Though, I’m revamping it to make my files and all that’s in there… an easier experience for the things I focus on there… (functionality and appearance).

It’s going to take some time, though I thought if I expressed it more as an intention… things would begin creating themselves(:

Anyway… believing in awesome result(:

I appreciate having fun and I am always surprised how fun shows up everywhere, and it is amazing how it is building new neural pathways for a more joyous journey.

Today is a good day to gather all of my frogs and see the common thread …so my 80/20 rule is in effect.

Looking forward to living a beautiful day of ease.

Today I will make the call I need to make to receive the great response I can't wait to get!

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