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★World Peace Begins With 'Me' {'A VISION' board}...1

World Peace Begins With 'Me' {'A VISION' board}...1


truly-love oneself-today-I-call-it-maturity

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    articleworld-peace-starts-with-you excerpt excerpt World peace starts with you. It’s a decision to be completely true to yourself. Only through that truth can you have a positive impact on the planet.
  • excerpt We spend so much energy protecting ourselves against others that we lose sight of one very simple fact – we are all one human family sharing this planet
    articlea related story-you may enjoy & prosper from
    excerpt When I let go of the need to define myself, I can choose any definition I want. By accepting that I am not limited by any notion of identity, I liberate myself to just be me. Right here, right now, I am choosing my identity by how I am choosing to spend my time. In this very moment I am creating myself and this is my identity.




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We all know people who believe they know you or all of your experiences by a single this or that… or even a culmination of them(:

They believe you’re great… or they believe how could you possibly know anything about this & that. I love both. Why?

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      If we’ve done any work on ourselves at all…we are aware we cannot allow the ideas of others to form the sole basis for who we are even when its wonderful(:


While feedback from others…can be enlightening and powerful..joyful or hurtful… The most important feedback will be how we speak & listen to ourselves… how we honor ourselves. Everything else is wonderful icing on the cake that then can truly be dessert(: Dessert is wonderful when we have a balanced diet going on(:

Loving yourself requires just that->Love!(: much love, SelfCare/Appreciating



I may not be able to direct the wind but I can adjust the sails.
Don' wait until you learn more. Go out now and use what you have.
I can only become who I am be refusing to become what others want to make me.
You will know the right way when you find it, because suddenly ever





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