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★World Peace Begins With 'Me' {'A VISION' board}...1

World Peace Begins With 'Me' {'A VISION' board}...1




“Every single being, even those who are hostile to us, is just as afraid of suffering as we are, and seeks happiness in the same way we do. Every person has the same right as we do to be happy and not to suffer. So let's take care of others wholeheartedly, of both our friends and our enemies. This is the basis for true compassion.”  Dalai Lama XIV

truly-love oneself-today-I-call-it-maturity

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    articleworld-peace-starts-with-you excerpt excerpt World peace starts with you. It’s a decision to be completely true to yourself. Only through that truth can you have a positive impact on the planet.
  • excerpt We spend so much energy protecting ourselves against others that we lose sight of one very simple fact – we are all one human family sharing this planet
    articlea related story-you may enjoy & prosper from
    excerpt When I let go of the need to define myself, I can choose any definition I want. By accepting that I am not limited by any notion of identity, I liberate myself to just be me. Right here, right now, I am choosing my identity by how I am choosing to spend my time. In this very moment I am creating myself and this is my identity.




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We all know people who believe they know you or all of your experiences by a single this or that… or even a culmination of them(:

They believe you’re great… or they believe how could you possibly know anything about this & that. I love both. Why?

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      If we’ve done any work on ourselves at all…we are aware we cannot allow the ideas of others to form the sole basis for who we are even when its wonderful(:


While feedback from others…can be enlightening and powerful..joyful or hurtful… The most important feedback will be how we speak & listen to ourselves… how we honor ourselves. Everything else is wonderful icing on the cake that then can truly be dessert(: Dessert is wonderful when we have a balanced diet going on(:

Loving yourself requires just that->Love!(: much love, SelfCare/Appreciatingcaf15f63ab3bbd61eae607edf3cc34c4.jpg

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