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★Progressive Affirmations

Using affirmations is like doing physical therapy on your brain. Just like a physical therapist
teaches your muscle to operate in a more functional way, affirmations teach your brain how
to create and maintain more beneficial and supportive thoughts.

Just like you would not want to stretch a muscle so much that the ligaments snap,
the same is true for affirmations. Repeating “I am rich, a millionaire” while your mind knows
perfectly well that you are struggling to pay the rent is not a productive affirmation. It simply is too much of a stretch.

Progressive Affirmations bridge the gap between an effective affirmation and its deficient cousin:
the brainwashing lie. Instead of saying things that you don’t believe it, Progressive Affirmations
allow you to stretch towards what you want comfortably.

How to use Progressive Affirmations

Find an affirmation for something you want. For example:“I flow money easily”

Find the level of your affirmation that feels comfortable. There are 4 levels.

Wouldn’t it be nice to [flow money easily]
I am open to [flow money easily]
I am ready to [flow money easily]
I choose to [flow money easily]

Repeat your affirmation at this level until you feel a very strong positive emotion while saying it (typically 10 to 20 times).

Try the next level up. If it feels comfortable, repeat step 3 with this new level. If not, go back to the previous level.

NOTE: It may take several days before you feel comfortable moving to the next level. Don’t rush it!
If you feel comfortable, you can level up within minutes!

by Elise Lebeau, M.Sc.

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In response to EliseLebeau’s post:

I love the wonderful affirmation exercise above!
It works hand in hand with a natural process that we can assess where we are to take ourselves to the next level with affirmations.

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Here is something I found that I liked for affirmations.
thread Very Helpful for Affirmations-focus wheel

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I wonder how many of us get stuck in the contemplation and preparation stages .

For a long time I have been contemplating having a big declutter in our home .I have bought storage boxes in preparation and already filled than with piles of stuff .Have also bought lots of bin bags,cleaning cloths etc in preparation ,and they have been devoured by the clutter .

Why are the last 2 steps so hard to move up to .

After writing the above post I remembered this video I posted yesterday .
It is one of those that make you take action because you realise how lucky you are .

I am so lucky to have a cluttered house because it shows I can give things away to help charities that help people in so much need that they have to search through rubbish .

It is a very humbling feeling ,but also one of gratitude and hope .
I have learnt a valuable lesson once again .

If you can do something to help others it is a blessing and a gift – so instead of thinking/saying I am stuck with clearing out me clutter ,my affirmation and action is now

“I am giving things away to charities so that they can help people who really need it “

Heres the song ,I have posted it before but this video is so right here .

every little things gonna be alright ….one day

be back to this thread tomorow


Your post is the first one I’ve read as a new member. I was reading my own story through you. The preparation and contemplating has a life of it’s own. The ‘Stages of Change’ graph is a great visual and will serve as an effective tool to measure personal progress.
You connected the dots so well. Its the refreshed sense of reason that has eluded me for this past year. Confirmation how timing is everything.

Thank you John, for bringing this thread back!

For me, progressive affirmations really resonates…

Recently, since I have been working on this website, and have taken quite a shine to all of the personal growth and fulfillment, I have sincerely progressed on the quality of my recent affirmations…

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