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★The Snowball Effect 

People often say that negative mental states such as depression or phobias ‘crept up on them’ as if they came from nowhere. They barely saw it coming, but then one day, there it was. This kind of unfortunate happening is sometimes called a vicious circle, but is more commonly known as the snowball effect.

This descriptive term implies that mental conditions such as depression start slowly, but quickly gather momentum until they are become an unstoppable force that quickly takes over and becomes impossible to deal with, much like a snowball rolling down a steep, snowy mountain. This is the bad news, so whats the good news?

The good news is this. I believe that affirmations can work in much the same way! Allow me to use myself as the perfect example here. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a little lacking in self confidence. I hadn’t been out (other than with my close friends) in months, and I was just a little low in general, not really enjoying my existence all that much.

I began using positive affirmations in an attempt to make myself feel better. I only noticed a little change at first, nothing to really write home about. However the little change that the affirmations did make gave me some hope, so I did some research and altered my affirmations and how I used them accordingly (see creating effective affirmations)

One of the changes I made was making my affirmations more specific in terms of what changes I wanted to make in my life. I decided that my main focus was going to be my self confidence. At first I started to notice little things, much like I had with my previous set of affirmations. This was all well and good, but nothing overly extraordinary. However, I persisted for a while and I soon started to see more substantial changes taking place.

One Friday afternoon, not all that long after making the alterations to my affirmations, I got home from work with nothing to do. Out of no where I had a fantastic idea, I was going to go out tonight, on my own! This may not seem like much to many of you, but to me, at that stage in my life, it was an extremely significant step. It ‘crept up on me’ seemingly from nowhere, but it happened. I went out that night, had a fantastic night, and have not looked back since!

My story only gets better from there, exponentially so, but I think I have made my point. My affirmations showed only miniature signs of having effect to begin with, but I quickly started to see more substantial changes taking place. Before long my self confidence was up at levels it had never been before, and I was taking ‘giant leaps’ towards becoming the self confident individual that I am today.

Before expecting phenomenal success with affirmations, you first need to make sure you are creating effective affirmations and using them correctly (reading them often, reading them aloud, reading them with emotion) and then you need to be persistent. As they say – it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. You will first start to see small changes, but persist and they will become larger and more significant with time.


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“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

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I simply always loved this article written by Lee in 2005...because it shows how powerful an affirmation practice is.




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