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★Daily Attitude of Gratitude


When you change your perception to finding gratitude with even the smallest things, you realize there are no small things, and that life is a wondrous place to be. And having the opportunity to live your life and look out of your eyes with wonder like that of a child, you can begin again and again, and no matter what you are experiencing in your life, it all gets better better better, and even better(:
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    This thread is simply and wondrously dedicated to gratitude(:

Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings. Marianne Williamsond43a0513146d7bcf9e4478e300740d2d.jpgc929744dff72bd7002bc35761a022851.jpgl71479a62516db3b8a6f2270400b5d6ca.jpg



Some people have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy. Abraham H. Maslowbe-grateful.jpg


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As you know Laurie this is my favorite subject!!!
Yes, I agree in the power of gratitude in attracting all you want in life. Being grateful for the ‘little things’ makes them grow tenfold so that they are no longer ‘little things’. They are all significant. If you are grateful, wholeheartedly grateful, for a loving word, touch or look – you simply attract more of it. Now, who could possibly say that ‘love’ is a little thing? You attract what you desire, as long as you are clear on what you desire, and it is for the good of others as well as yourself.
e.g ‘I am grateful for my wealth as I have plenty to give’ (to affirm when you get your ‘expected riches’, your wages – by affirming that it is more than enough….it is so.

Learning to be grateful made me so much happier with life! The more grateful I am – the more I recieve, in health, wealth and happiness. The universe is so giving – and I am so grateful!
Thanks for starting this thread Laurie!! Abundant blessings to you and lots of love, A ;o)

A full and thankful heart..

Isn’t it great to be the trust fund baby of the universe??? Gratitude makes all the difference!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
In response to anoushka_f’s post:
I’m appreciating my day off today. I paid attention to how I felt, and did whatever I felt like doing. Felt like a true vacation-day!! While I can’t do this all of the time, I certainly enjoyed myself!

And yes, MM, and Anoushka, a gratitude-perspective (in mind and in your heart), makes all of the difference in the world!!

I love MadCookieMan’s thoughts on gratitude. I cannot remember where I read it, but he was right. We need to stop and think about all the things that we take for granted that we should be grateful for… like sunrises, etc.

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

Today I am grateful to God and the wonderful universe for blessing me with ability to now see the goodness all around me.
I am grateful for all the little things that I once took for granted, and the big things that are getting bigger and bigger the more I notice them.
I thank God for my ability to learn from others on this site and give back as lovingly as I am given to. I am grateful for all the opportunites that are manifesting in my life and the joyous feelings that I have on a daily basis now.
Life is so special and I gratefully accept this gift and thank God for the guidance to use it wisely.
Big smiles and much gratitude to all bmindfullers, for keeping it real, in the moment and worth celebrating.

A full and thankful heart..

I love what you say: …having the opportunity to live your life and look out of your eyes with wonder like that of a child…

Children are always curious when they encounter something new and pay compete attention to whatever they are doing at a time, competely distracted from anything else.
I envy them for that…. working my way back :-)

…what a wonderful world….

In response to aftab’s post:
Ya know, the other day I had some affirmation, that included eyes of a child and wonder, and even though work was not a place I felt excited to go to before the affirmation, after-> the entire trip there I didn’t take for granted; saw the beauty, and every experience was more joyous. I’ll find the affirmation, I believe I wrote in the Fresh Eyes thread(:

You guys are great! You all are full of gratitude and it makes me think- am I in any way ungrateful?
No way I am so grateful to the forces of nature, my Karma, and the Lord Almighty that I have such a fulfilling life( At times I am grateful for the little mishaps here and there coz I realize they are actually lessons to be learnt). Can one ask for more?
But we are forever asking God for more- more time to work, more salaries, more love, bigger houses, better behaved children…. the list is endless. Isn’t affirmation a part of asking for more?
But still being grateful is the best thing to do. It really makes u feel so complete and blessed. Personally whenever I say my gratitude prayer at the end of the day, I feel I am so very special, a special part of God, that he has showered me with so much.
Thanks for creating this feeling of being full of God’s blessings and being the very special being on this earth today.
Love to all for all the wonders of life..

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a permanent change on the world.

Some things don’t last. Money gets spent, we all get old, buildings crumble. What lasts is love. I’m grateful for all the chances I get every day to drop a love bomb on somebody. Any kind word or act. Any shared joy. That’s what I live for because that’s what really lasts.

In response to SONIA’s post:
Good morning or whatever time of day it is by you(: I’m just starting my day and love looking at everyone’s views on gratititde.

I would like to share, I do believe you can be grateful and want “more”. I think you’re saying that too, when you said, “But still being grateful is the best thing to do” ; meaning keeping gratitude in the mix, right?

I believe gratitude needs to be the foundation for it ‘all’ to keep perspective. For example, if you ever have had health-issues and today you’re well->how can you not understand that today is a today, that you should cherish, for all God has given you in helping you turn it all around. Though, it doesn’t mean, you can’t affirm that you want more for your body:
-Affirmations to want that body to continue doing healthy things.
-Affirmations to want it to look nice also (with daily routine)
-A home that you can afford, and livelyhood that meets your needs, keeping perspective that everything you have is a blessing.

I once pondered the question of gratitude and wanting more. And I believe the passion you create (of thinking of more), after truly having an attitude of gratitude, assists in being grateful for all and anything that happens; an attitude of optimism. Though, if all doesn’t happen as you set out to do, that “full feeling” reminds you, anything else was “extra”.

Desire for additional things with gratitude as a foundation helps give
give you necessary perspective, love in your heart, compassion for yourself and others, and awe for all that is; with the knowing whereever you are, whatever you have, and every step of way is a blessing.

Though, I do agree with you, God continues to shower us with all we need, and I love that feeling and knowledge of being full of God’s blessings.

Though, I have actually ‘made myself’ so grateful that anything additional was never a thought, and that has drawbacks too. We are presented with opportunities all of the time, to fufill things to assist us in life, and if we don’t think about what those things are, we do not create any enthusiasm or passion to see opportunity or create w/in the opportunity.

In response to AccidentalNote’s post:

I totally love that word “love bomb”… I think I will borrow it today!! :)

In response to laurie’s post:

Laurie, it is so funny that you should mention having a “full feeling”. When I am truly in my groove, it feels almost frivolous to want for any thing more. I think that luckily there is some invisible pendulum that swings and puts you back in the desire mode naturally. It is what keeps us striving and growing. …and getting better and better and better… :)
…hmmm… where have I heard that before??? :)

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

I read an article today about a woman who is dying from a brain tumor. What this woman wrote about appreciating the time she has left appreciating friends and family and squeezing as much happiness into her days as possible was very uplifting and made me realize we can all enjoy everything we have and appreciate all the people in our lives. Gratitude is all about enjoying now.

enjoy life!

Answered Prayer
I asked for strength, that I might achieve,
I was made weak, that I might learn humility.

I asked for health, that I might do greater things.
I was given infirmity, that I might do better things.

I asked for riches, that I might be happy,
I was given poverty, that I might be wise.

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of others,
I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God.

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life,
I was given life that I might enjoy all things.

I got nothing that I had hoped for –
but everything I had hoped for.

Almost, despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.
I am… most richly blessed.

Love the Following From Others in Regard to Gratitude:


In response to Rejuvenated-Reinvented-Free Spirit’s post:

This is a great poem thank you MCM and Laurie for bringing it back. We do have so much to be thankful for. Thank you all for making this website a place to see the good in this world and for Lee who was inspired to bring this about for all.

Love and peace,


Plenty of Gratitude today…

After a full day…and then relaxing afterwards…I felt such a strong sense of gratitude. While life does have its twists and turns…its great to know life is more than the things that happen. I am so grateful for this moment, and the gift of being able to enjoy ….from a place deep inside.

I’m grateful to be able to smile, and share smiles with others.

I would love to get this thread going again…and hear from the bmindful community…

Much love and appreciation for those who bring out smiles from the depth of their spirit and share it with others here(:
gratitude 24-7

In response to R-R- Free Spirit’s post:

This came up as usual when one takes things for granted. I live in California and we recently had the most terrifying windstorm I believe in our history.

350,000 people were without electricity! For three days we were without power and had to use candles and flashlights. No way to communicate unless you had a generator or were walking around but no one could because of the 60mph winds that battered us night and one day Some gusts were 90mph yes that’s true!

When we finally had power again it was like heaven. We have no idea how to “pioneer it” most of the people lost the food in their refrigerators. Others are still without power. Huge trees crashed into homes and totaled out cars. The city is still cleaning up. When I turn on the power or tv or computer I am so very thankful!! It actually put people in the Christmas spirit!


Blessings to you all(:


Mary that must be so scary ,thank goodness you are o k .We moan in England at the rain but we are very lucky really as we dont get the bad weather and all the damage .

We take so much for granted .Love flowergirl

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My reminder today, is that each moment is brand new! And I love starting fresh(:

Absolutely! the dawn of a glorious New Day brings opportunity our way. Filled with absolute wonder and splendor for it is a New Day, one that has never been seen before. We are fortunate, to experience it and thrive. It is truly a joy to be alive and bask in the joy of the day!


In response to Nancee1953's post:

love this Nancee!



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April 7, 2018 - Readings in Recovery: Step by StepImage result for God is amazing


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On today's Happiness Meeting I couldn't resist reposting this Louise Hay affirmation here too:




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