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★Our True Wealth is inner wealth

Contact with our inner wealth leads to outer wealth.

The greater our connection between to our inner richness, we increasingly welcome outer riches.

I have been noodling on this thought for the past few days…

I feel like I have been on a rather sudden journey of waking, growth, truth, and perception.

My thoughts about my “inner man” have been liberating, and I can begin to experience my inner man/inner self…

This is a great mystery, being revealed, showing me my higher self, so that I can properly identify with my higher self and no longer have attachment to my lower mind…

Thank you Kathi, for this thread. Here is an affirmation/quote and other affirming statements I've chosen for me which relates to your topic



Today I Am connecting with my inner spirit, and I'm allowing the Good I know... which I'm Now seeing  in my minds eye.

Today I bring forth the perfect health I know of too well throughout my being.

Today I respect that health by actively engaging in healthy activities which I know oh so well.

Today I allow new ideas which are always coming my way to show me the perfect things I can do in the time I am given, to be true and available for what is needed for myself. 

Today the good I give me somehow helps others when they need it most.












Enjoying This Moment Emotions and activities come and go and I am ever in the flow as I need and desire to be.

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