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★If You Absolutely Wouldn't Fail

I’m curious – if you could do ONE THING (any thing) in the world and be 100% guaranteed that you absolutely would not fail at it – what would you do?

Why aren’t you doing it now? What stops you?

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
Have you been chatting w/Brian Tracy? LOL! This is one of the top questions he poses on his Psychology of Achievement tape/cd set. (:

I absolutely love this question! I enjoy answering it on a daily basis with any frog in front of my face. Often things feel like frogs and become frogs, because of a series of things we didn’t do ( because we were afraid of something or just were not fully aware of options we had).

And when I’ve truly looked at things in the way the question asks, I stare whatever it is I have to do, or “should do”, or need to learn so I can do something toward a biggy quest. It it is an awesome perspective enabling the burning desire.Thanks so much MM for asking the question.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

be one of the greatest writers of my generation… ;)

I want to say thankyou for asking this question MM! It has really got me thinking about what about has been on my mind for quite some time.

I have always wanted to own a bakery, I love baking and making yummy tasty things for people, I like to see them well fed and satisified, the only two things that is holding me back is the hygenic food level grades, I will do my uttmost to keep my place clean and fresh of course thou its the public that I am weary of, I would not be able to handle the compliants if the food is not up to their standard. And the second thing is that I wouldnt want to be shut down.

I think now if I make homemade buns, fugdes, cakes, slices on a lighter scale, maybe call around to the local businesses in the area and sell my yummy food would work within what I want (My little one is starting school in October, so I will have free time on hands for myself, I have plans of quality time for 6 months for me and then progress out of the workforce. I have to find a job that will cater my kids needs, a nice 9am to 3pm job, who will be flexible during school holidays and is ok for me to go when kids get sick.)

Maybe the word would get around and I can do pre orders or or do bigger events for parties etc! Did think of weddings thou that is abit way out there for me.

Oh this is so cool, thankyou for the question again MM, it has opened another door to another awesome idea! I will certaintly be looking at this at a more deeper level when the time is nearer.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wish I wrote a foodie column or had a website where I could offer advice, recipes for health, diet, pure indulgence, food sense, ingredient knowledge, fun quizzes, and other such foodie paraphanalia. Somewhere I could really offer my expertise to help others. Everything from how to lose or gain weight, to what to cook for a dinner party including vegetarians and meat-eaters….what vitamin supplements to take for mild health complaints to what natural remedies can solve say, indigestion.

What stops me? The fact that I would need to be a credited nutritionist for the health related stuff. The ‘cheffy’ stuff…..I gues what stops me is fear that it would not be needed by anyone – they would prefer to seek advice from a qualified chef/restauranteur. My nutrition and food knowledge a purely self-taught. Have looked into nutrition courses but the only ones with value are degrees – I have two of those already and enough debt from both! Plus, I cannot afford to be a student again. The other thing is I dont know anything about website laws, creditation, etc

Hmmm you have certainly got me thinking…..Perhaps It IS possible…..??
A ;o)

A full and thankful heart..

I like your dreams Pure Essence and anoushka_f. i too have thought of opening a vegan gluten free cafe/restaurant or catering business. I think if I wasn’t a teacher I would be a chef.
I do have issues with your need for qualifications and certificates though. A certificate may get you through the door but if you can’t cook it won’t get you business. In my opinion (and thanks to the internet where anyone can be ANY-one!) if you are a great chef or have a good deal and can market yourself well, the certification doesn’t matter because you are just plain and simple doing a better job than anyone else – qualification or not.
I get that with food, your kitchen needs to be of a certain standard – ie no pets on the counter top if your making food for human consumption – but i would hope you have these food standards for making food for your family.

I think when MM asked this question she did clarify – “be 100% guaranteed that you absolutely would not fail at it” – so no ‘but what ifs’ here!
if you have a dream there are no boundaries! no buts!

This is going to sound silly comming from a 35 year old woman but Id like to learn to ride a bike.

I never had a bike as a child and the fear of falling off and embaressing myself is what stops me.

I would also like to learn to drive but money is a sticking point there.

enjoy life!

In response to meditatingmama’s post:

that’s million dollar question, WHY DONT WE DO WHAT WE LIKE TO? I think the defining factor is emotional drive. For example i always dreamt of becoming a Musician, i learnt myself guitar, used software to develop my own music and best thing is that i know i have the ability to create good music but i couldnt become a professional musician. Why? lack of confidence, lack of belive, fear. Coz it is unimaginable for me to do it practically in front of audiences.

We can not do because we are afraid of something, just becoz we have fear.

stay blessed everybody

Thanks for a great topic MM. I agree with Fay that it’s that fear factor. The self doubt, heavy in the gut fear. Darnit! I have had so many ideas and interests languish because of that. Positive affirmations have been the most effective in changing attitudes for me. I feel a bit more courageous now, but I still have work to do — on me. Then I will be a writer or an inventor or a chocolate shop owner…:)

I have made a start on my dreams since I wrote it down!!! I figured I should feel the fear and do it anyway!!! (as someone once said!)
I have starteed researching ways in which to start an online business. The tools needed to be a success at it and how you actually get started are all a case of looking beyond the four walls I am sitting within and ‘awakening the giant within’ – another great man once said (Tony Robbins).
I guess what I am trying to say it that I agree with Jan – its the fear factor. But hey! there is nothing to fear but fear itself – thats the only hinderance to your dreams right?

I am slowly piecing together a business plan, by gathering information from the wonderful worldwide web! Thank God for the internet. Thank God for this boring job I have that allows me time to research when I am bored!! Thank God for MM for starting this thread and motivating me (perhaps ‘Motivating mama’ would be another good name for you!!! mwah xxx)
I am so grateful for the abundance in this universe. I really feel as if I have been led by divine guidance today. Thank God for this site, it always puts me in a good place mentally and emotionally.

May this positive energy ‘keep on keeping on!’. This is so magical!
Anoushka ;o)

A full and thankful heart..

I’m sure I’ve shared this story a thousand times, but if it helps one person overcome their fears, then it is worth it.

How did my business come into existence? Well, ever since I can remember, I wanted to own my own business and be responsible for my own income fate. As a youngster, I mowed lawns, babysat, etc. I’d been employed steadily since 12 years old. However, as life came and went, my dream became buried in what I had let become my reality.

Then, my husband was in a terrible car accident and his spine was injured. He could barely walk. He lost his job because he was no longer able to work. A little while later, my division closed down in my company and I was laid off. However, I was on maternity leave with a two week old baby. No job…and we all know that now I had five kids to feed, clothe, etc.

Ok, all looked pretty bleak. No income. No jobs on the horizon. Lots of panic. However, I had a conversation with a friend who told me about WIA (workforce investment act) and they will pay for all of your college expenses for two years if you can justify how you will earn an income after completion. Suddenly, I was back in school for entrepreneurship.

I had no money saved in liquid cash – only my 401k, which is a retirement fund I didn’t want to touch for a “temporary emergency”. I had a credit card with a large credit limit. (In hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way, but I didn’t think a bank would loan us money to two unemployed people whose asset was a dream.)

With a baby in my lap and two toddlers running around, we designed a website and brought our dream to fruition. It took a lot of dedication, sweat, and perseverance. But, six years later, we are still here – and happier than ever. My kids are all in school full time, so now we can concentrate on growing and expanding.

My point is, the fire in your heart will carry you through. Fear is only in your head. If you REALLY are passionate about your dream, GET OFF YOUR BUNS AND GET GOING!!! I can’t tell you how many people begged us to quit when it looked bad. We didn’t. Don’t invite naysayers into your space. Surround yourself with the positive – and be your own best positive influence!! Use your affirmations to your benefit. Don’t give up!!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

I’ve been wanting to go back to your email and see what you had called the area that assisted you. Is this the right site?

Thanks for repeating your story. I love everything you spoke of(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to anoushka_f’s post:
You’re right, thank God, for our current jobs(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to laurie’s post:

Yes. I was laid off in 2003, so I qualified for the Workforce Investment program. It was very easy. I had to lay out a 2 year plan and write a small, simple (but persuasive) essay. I was in school in no time at all. It was like a job. I had to give time sheets to prove I went to class and have them signed, plus they requested to see my grades. Small price to pay for a quality education that furthered my ambitions!!

It is my goal so tell my story so that fear or money or education doesn’t sideline them. I want everyone to know there are other ways than traditional methods. Be creative. Be resourceful. Be proactive.

Please, people, don’t settle for ordinary when EXTRAordinary is waiting for you to just invite it into your life!!

PS: Bill Gates dropped out of college sometime around his freshman or sophomore year to start Microsoft. Who would deny he is less of an expert in his field due to lack of education????

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
I wonder how this program would work if I’m currently employed?

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to laurie’s post:

Go down to the local office and ask. That is what I did. They have so much money they have to give away each semester. Just be one of those people!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:

Thank you very much to give such courage. Really when we intend to complete we can. Yes. Interesting story you told about and i learnt a lesson from it that never give up whatever the circumstances and always stay positive.

God Bless you all

Hmmm I would build a sustainable community. I’m doing it now. I can feel it in my bones that it’s already a success. I think about it daily, mostly what it would feel like… I am focusing on the feeling, not the specifics because I am still tracking down the land and the people who will participate have not been attracted to it yet… YET – but they are there :)

I am growing into a knowing that I am in the right place at the right time. I meet the right people and they are attracted to my vision with no effort – because it is their vision too, I no longer try to “win people over”.

Going at a slower rate (am watching myself) and learning to trust my intuition more and more.

I’m writing this from my retreat at the caves :) Don’t worry, it’s very comfortable and warm – even have internet out here!


In response to Freygan:

I am fascinated to know more…. what sort of sustainable community? Where? How?
This has intrigued me. Hope you are enjoying your retreat. I love your affirmative statements of ‘knowing you are in the right place at the right time and attracting the right people with no effort’. Excellent affirmations to have. I wish you all the best with it…..

A full and thankful heart..

Hye everybody,

i have a question to ask to your guys. can someone tell me what is the best affirmation in order to eliminate fear from oneself? if someone tell me i really appreciate it.

God Bless You all

Hello Faye, Can you be more specific? What do you mean fear from self?

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I mean i have fear of public speaking, i avoid social gathering. Though i know it is ruining my talent and skills but i want to know what would be a specific affirmation should i give to my self. like I am Brave, Bold or what?

To Fay:

Some affirmations for you off the top of my head. Hope they help…..

‘I speak clearly and eloquently’

‘I am always heard and my words are valuable to others’

‘I attract positive responses when I speak’

‘I love to educate others of my wonderful talents and skills’

‘I am confident and approachable’

‘God goes before me putting everything right…’ (I think I found that one on this site!!)

Either way Fay, always affirm in the present as if it already is the case. Never put negative words into your affirmations as they attract more of it….e.g dont use the word ‘fear’ but state the opposite as a fact e.g ‘I am bold and brave….’ And, repetition is the key for those affirmations to become a reality.

Good luck. Nurture your talents. You are unique and noone else has your gifts….feel the fear and do it anyway. You will thank yourself afterwards! There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I am working on this too at present! When in doubt….I always go back to gratitude of everything around me. That puts me back into a positive frame of mind and ALWAYS makes me smile – thats gotta be a good thing right??

Love and blessings,

A full and thankful heart..

Thank you very much Anoushka, You really helped me out. Tell you what before reading your reply i was going through with some frustration, i was really feeling worthless, hopeless entirely negative. But really i now recognized that affirmation can change thinking and programming of mind. I request you all guys to pray for me so as i can do what i need to do. Again thank you very much for encouraging.

God Bless you All

Fay – You are very welcome. Glad it helped turn your focus to positivity. Thats what this site is full of! Its truly magical (Thanks Lee! Bless you).

I hope you will gain from this site and you own personal study the true powers of positive and affirmative thinking.
Good luck and of course, I will pray for you.
Keep your faith in tact when in doubt – it will always guide you through any dark spots.
May you always be surrounded by positive people, peace of mind and a confident glow to radiate to others. Keep affirming!!!

A full and thankful heart..

I’ve been off sick from work the last week and have now come online, still resting my body but feeling more awake and wanting to activate my mind. I can’t believe how this thread has evolved!! What supportive and nurturing people you all are! It’s great to read you helping each other and the gratitude coming from the posts is amazing!
A great pick me up! thanks guys! It’s like Lee planted a seed and even when we get caught up in other things, the tree is still blossoming supporting it’s own development.

:) Peace

In response to Fay’s post:
Someone once told me to imagine your audience all sitting there in their underwear, they wont be as scary anymore :-D

To all you new business starter: Go for it! I can only encourage anyone going in that direction. I am an independent for 10 years now and enjoyed every single day of it, even the 6 months that I had in between without an assignment were great and gave me wonderful insight.

I used to work as an employee and actually quite happy, thinking that I have my safety net being with a company and having the company taking care of the other duties which would let me concentrate on what I do. I was not interested in going up the career lather and sometimes felt like a victim having to go to clients sites which I did not like.
Until a friend of mine talked me into freelancing, it took him about 3-4 months. And I did it. It is absolutely wonderful. I now have alot more freedom than before. It is now my choice for whom I work, which is a complete different feeling than before. And as to the safty net, I now have a lot more safer net than before, especially with the current situation that companies are laying off or asking to move or or or..


Anoushka, maybe Lee can help with your questions ;-)
Dee, why would anyone not like your cakes? I already love them.
Laurie, GO! This is the time, it has been on your mind for a while now. It can only work.

…what a wonderful world….

In response to se da luz’s post:
I also wanted to be a writter, not just any, a Noble prize winner.
I just couldn’t come up with a topic or decide on the language in which I would write, so I gave up. I’ve never written anything, not even a journal.

I can not recall a specific dream, suppose the fear is so big that I don’t even see the dream (?)

…what a wonderful world….

In response to aftab’s post:

The seed is planted, my dear Aftab. It is just waiting to be fertilized before it blossoms!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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