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★??? s and answers and thoughts

Frank Castanza yelling at George: So George what is it you want to know about your childhood!

George: Actually I think I'm pretty clear about it.

Analyze this,

I couldn't get it up last night.

What do you mean sexually?

No I mean for the big game against michigan state

of course sexually.

Lilith:If I had a problem and needed to talk with someone about it

       would it be perpetuating a sterotype to actually select a bartender?

Sam:Well now that depends.

Lilith:On what?

Sam:On what you just said.

Lilith:Do you make a drink for failures Sam?

Sam:Hold on a sec,

       Phil what are you drinkin?

Phil:A Manhatten


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☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

So what do you want to do now?

Same thing we do everyday pinky

learn how to act,with our limited acting experience.

And boldly go where few have ever gone before.



Surely you can't be serious?

I can be serious on occasion

just not a huge fan though.

And please don't call me shirley.

"Look I gotta go I'll see ya man.

Where ya goin?

I don't know,

I can't spend my life discussing

the endless munucia around here"

In response to Stillness's post,

You been reading my mind again.

If my life were a book I'm writing what would this current

chapter be titled.

At this juncture I would have to say...

Chapter 8..."So where do I go from here"

Shindlers pissed what made ya think of that username?
I stop in for a drink at this bar downtown,where celebrities sometimes hangout.
Of all people Liam Neilson was quite intoxicated arguing with the bartender.

Jer you busy

kind of what is it biff?

What do our dreams signify?

Who am I freud,how should I know.

I had this dream the other night,I was in Vancouver 

at a stripped joint watching the ladies.

The bizarre part was Eckhart Tolle

was at my table with me.

"The mind is like a cave of bats"


That's all I got written,

What about fear contraction and the rest of it.

Oh ya,let me see now how does that go.

Fear is only contraction anger is only contraction

this that the other is,sorry biff I don't have the cd to reference

look it up.

Hey Jer got aminute.

Sure biff.

Do ya ever wonder about getting "enlightened"

and all the spiritual "paths" these days,

ya ever wonder what becoming spiritual or enlightened

would be like?

As a matter of fact I've pondered the notion now and then.

And I found a video that speaks to that.

Really what is it?

I'll post it in a minute.

Ya just my dark humor once again.

However this scene is quite profound upon a closer look.

For instance,the ambiance of the character descending the steps

and emerging from darkness into the bright sunlight etc.

Also at 2:36 point he goes into what we refer to today

as soup mode.

At the 3:15 point it looks like I do a cameo appearance.

If my life were a book I'm writing what would this current

chapter be titled.

At this juncture I would have to say...

Chapter 8..."Who writes this stuff"

Hey carnac what is a paradox?

What do you think it is?

I don't know a couple doctors chatting maybe.

Ya that's right and ponderance is a ranch that the cartwrights owned.

The Dr Phil show what's that all about?
I mean is this guy really a doctor?
Isn't that basically the Jerry Springer show with a Texas accent.

Can you tell me how to get to Katmandu?


Hmmmmm Katmandu I know it’s around here but I Don't think you can


get there from here sorry.






I just did a google search and it said 


“how should we know try the midnight express”

What do you call a writer who seems to 
have a case of writers block?
I don’t know sensitive maybe?
No but that’s very close
the answer we were looking for is "not very often"We would have also accepted "unemployed""waiter" or "taxi driver"


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