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★Why Your Life Never Changes

Why Your Life Never Changes
By Mr. Self Development on Dec 1, 2010 in Goal Achievement, Success, Thoughts

Today I want to talk about why your life never changes, why you never make drastic progress, and why your goals are never achieved. This may be one of the most important articles you ever read.
Let me start-off by explaining some concepts, and then I will discuss why your life never changes.

The Brain and The Mind

What’s the difference between your brain and your mind?
I submit to you that your brain is the tangible organ in your head.
Your mind is something that is intangible; it’s not bound to the confines of your skull. Your mind consists of your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions, and it runs “the programming” that you’ve received throughout your life.
Let’s talk about “that programming” and how it’s responsible for your success, or your failure.

Hardware and The Brain

The “computer” that you’re reading this article on has hardware: there’s a monitor, you may have a printer, and there’s definitely a “central processing unit.”
The central processing unit or CPU is the “base” of the computer; it’s very much like your brain.
…and just like the CPU is very important hardware, your brain is also very important hardware.
But hardware is not enough? You can have the best hardware in the world…if that hardware doesn’t have any software…it is useless; just like a body without a mind.


In order for a computer to be of use, it needs to have software. The better the software the more useful the computer…
You need Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint, or Gaming Software…you need some type of software; otherwise the computer is not much good.
The computer becomes increasingly valuable to the owner when there is valuable software and data stored on the computer.

The Mind

Your mind is the place where your “software” is uploaded onto the hard-drive of your brain. Your mind also runs the software that’s stored in your brain. Information flows through your brain (by way of your senses), is uploaded into your mind (as software); it is then stored in the cells of your brain (on your personal hard-drive), and utilized by the mind to perform certain tasks. You may want to read that again.

What “software” am I referring to…? What software is being uploaded into your mind?
I’m not talking about “Microsoft Word”….I am talking about software that’s loaded into your “head’s computer.”
What Software Are You Running On?
If you speak English, then you are running on “English software;” you have installed the program for the English language into your “head’s computer.” Let’s call that program or software: “English 2.0;” if you are a master of the English language, then you might be running on “English 4.0.”
If you speak Chinese, it’s because your mind has uploaded the Chinese language software.

If you know how to walk, it’s because your mind is utilizing the “Walking” software. If you know how to drive a car, it’s because your mind is utilizing the “Driving” software.
…Everything that you know-how-to-do, and everything that you do, is based on the software that’s running in your “head’s computer.”
…If you speak German, if you know how to fly an airplane, if you can type 60 words a minute, or if you can tap dance, it’s because of the programming that has been uploaded into your mind.

Success and Failure

If your life isn’t changing, it’s because your programming isn’t changing. If I’m using Microsoft Word 2000, I can’t expect the benefits of Microsoft Word 2010, if I want the additional benefits, I need to update the program.
If I want to succeed, I need to get the program: “Success 4.0!”
Everything is based on our programming! If you are failing, it’s because you’re running on software that causes failure. If you are overweight, it’s because you’re running on software that tells your body to be overweight. There’s nothing wrong with you! It’s the programming that needs to be changed. If you never change the program, how could you ever change?


“If your life isn’t changing, it’s because your programming isn’t changing.” How true! I think the hardest part can be the getting started part. Just like if you were pushing a car. The hardest part is the initial push, then it gets easier. You gotta’ keep on pushing though. Just like gravity and resistance work against a car so it is with life. This seems contradictory in some ways with “just being” or “going with the flow”, but in reality it isn’t. At least I don’t think it is. Life is hard. That’s kind of like the pushing part. When we fight against this reality it’s like setting the parking brake or pushing up a hill.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

RAMPAGE – Deliberate Creation Release Resistance

I had posted this on a busy-thread of mine…and would like to highlight it here…because it emphasized some wonderful points which work with this thread. It’s an Abe-rampage.

Phillip, this is a wonderful thread,btw. And SRWE great post! SRWE, to comment on your post…I do like your analogy, and can relate to times like most of us can with the ‘pushing the car’-analogy.

I’d like to add…once we accept that some days we are going to get that car moving with a push…we make the decision…and stop focusing on how hard it is… and delight ourselves with our ingenuity of knowing to push the car, being able to push the car…and then watching that car get moving. And the more experience we receive in knowing we can & having ability …the more belief/faith/trust we begin to manifest in handling what is needed. It doesn’t mean we won’t ever get frustrated…or wish some of the things that crop up… didn’t… though knowing its possible to get through … rewires us for a bit more energizing-spirit(: That’s my current-take. …will say being joyfully rested helps with that philosophy(: I will add self-care assists with a joyful take(: (still lovin’ my vacation] (:

I Am living a Divine plan

In response to Philip’s post:

Thanks Philip!

This is a great article and it is easily understood in how the brain and mind function. I certainly agree it is vital to continuously upgrade your software, but like computers, we also need to upgrade our hardware. Our CPU has the advantage of working with the mind in upgrading itself by tapping into the Universal Mainframe.

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

Our CPU has the advantage of working with the mind in upgrading itself by tapping into the Universal Mainframe. That is truly a vital point missed…the tapping into the infamous ‘more’

that’s great Poppy!

I Am living a Divine plan

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