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★The Metropolitan Museum of Mindful

Heya gang! Hope your all well :) As an illustrator and painter, I wanted to ask this to anyone and everyone. If you were gonna create an art exhibition to illustrate what you are most passionate about in life, be it beliefs, experiences, dreams etc whatever you like, how would you make it:

What medium would you use? Drawing, Painting, Sculpture?

Are there any movements or styles that would influence your style i.e. Renaissance, Impressionism, Visionary, Fantasy, Abstract?

Any specific favourite artists you would use as an influence?

I love this wonderful, thought provoking question. I’m gonna have to think on this one.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Looking forward to educating myself to join in this artsy chat(:
Renaissance Connection

Guess what I would use Harley duck – flowers and nature

I would plant spring bulbs like snowdrops,daffodils,tulips to grow in the shape of peace signs

I would create an enchanted wood full of wise old trees,small stone circles – like mine Stonehenges,carpets of bluebells ,wild roses sharing their scent.Lots of birds in the tress showing of the different colours .There would be lavender growing which would make everywhere feel so relaxed and along with budddliea bushes they would attract lots of butterflies .

This exhibition in nature would show my beliefs and passions:
I’m a pacifist,pagan ,love peace ,tranquility,everything natural and believe in the healing power of nature .

I would love to create this display and share it so everyone could enjoy the choir of birdsong,trees rusting in the breeze ,water in the streams rippling over pebbles.They could breathe in the scent from everything growing and let the lavender fragrance relax them .Imagine sitting in the middle of a stone circle ,looking at the beautiful colours of the flowers,trees,sky and feeling so much gratitude for all our gifts

love flowergirl

Artists I like

Neil Geddes-Ward

Hedgewitch is my favourate

Fairie Boot workshops

how amazing are these boots

The Flower Fairies

these are so pretty

Pagan and Proud

I love the colours in these paintings

Jeff Wilkie

Thanks to Harleyduck who introduced me to this artist

I would use watecolours, or hand embroidery. I like Turner and Kandinsky. Kandinsky uses a lot of bright colours which I like. I like the Fauvists, who all used a lot of colour in their work.

Were I to paint my passions it would be in an abstract style of painting, or – on the other hand – in a style that is close to anime! A very happy style of painting.

By the Way flowergirl, the fairie boots are so cool – Do you spend a lot of time in Glasto? I go there often. The pagan and proud and the Jeff Wilkie artwork is great!

Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories

Affirmations,Audio Stories and handcrafted Inspirational Gifts

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who think you’re not.”

hi Stefania ,love your ideas ,I like cross stitch .Those boots are great aren’t they .I have never been to Glastonbury yet but it on my list of things to do .Hopefully in 2014 I will be doing Reiki master level and being attuned there .
love flowergirl

In response to Smart_Routines_With_Enthusiasm’s post:
I like that photo of the Louvre. I’d love to go there one day, have you ever been there?

In response to PositivelyStefania’s post: Heya Stefania, I’m also a fan of Kandinsky, I admire the way his creative style worked. Thanks for replying, you sound like you have a very good vibrant attitude to life :)

In response to flowergirl’s post:

I LOVE that, FG! If I were going to do an art exhibit of my favorite books, Tolkien, I’d like to do something like that too.

If I were going to do anything I’d like to do something like that, something that you walk-into, I’d make it like one of those haunted houses you go to on Halloween, except it wouldn’t be scary, well, it might have scary parts in it, who knows, but, it would be something you had to go through by yourself and there would be no telling what you might find in it. If I were magical and could create anything I’d make the first room a room where the walls and ceiling were giant hd video screens, then you’d walk out of that room into a room where the stuff you just saw on the video screens was real. You’d interact with the greatest men and women throughout history that we know about. You’d walk through time. You’d spend one day walking in the shoes of your worst enemy. You’d hear live symphonies and look through the world’s most powerful telescopes and microscopes. You would see suffering and you would see love. You’d experience hunger, real hunger like so many others in the world experience every day. You’d experience real fear and desperation at some point. You’d fly through the Grand Canyon and over Everest. You would take a ride in a balloon. You’d taste the foods from around the world and you’d drink the finest wines and beers the world has to offer. You’d taste the most exotic fruits. You’d go into a submarine and explore the Marianas Trench and look for Atlantis. You’d get out and swim with the whales. My show would take you weeks to get through. It might be a sort of wonderful labyrinth. You might even spend a day with David Bowie, lol. You’d fight a Minotaur or something. You might have lunch one day with Socrates and have a date with Jennifer Aniston or your favorite hunk. You could get to create a completely new animal. You’d spend a day as a soldier in a real battle. Maybe a battle where they used swords and shields or muskets. You’d spend a day as an eighty year old and a day as a four year old. You’d spend a day as the parent of a seriously ill child. You’d spend a day with Gandalf and he loans you his magical powers. You’d do battle some orcs and trolls. You would have an afternoon where the US Congress and the President were tied up and gagged and you had to give them a speech before you were allowed to progress to the next phase. You’d get to watch the Royal Shakespeare Company do Henry V, at some point you’d get into a rocketship and see some of the wonders of the universe with a super-cool robot, you’d have a day where you felt like Gulliver – everything would be tiny compared to you and on another day everything would be giant – at some point you’d go through a time machine to visit great events in the past and future, you’d have a day of magical powers where you could talk to all the people you ever loved, living or not and tell them whatever you should have told them, and then you’d be shown two different versions of your funeral, the one would be if you keep living like your living and the one it would be if you lived the life you were meant to live, and then,… when you finally made it through, you’d be eighteen again. That’s my art show. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

that is fantastic ,you should write stories Cookieman with your imagination .I love how your experiences would be such a mixture of wonderful things and also heart breaking things .

“you’d be shown two different versions of your funeral, the one would be if you keep living like your living and the one it would be if you lived the life you were meant to live,”

these are greast motivational words for making changes instead of thinking about them .

love flowergirl

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go into Fangorn!

I’ll have to think of what kind of art show I’d put on in the real world. That was fun though. I’d like to see plants that glow in the dark. I’ve thought of that many times in my life, glowing plants. When I saw the movie Avatar I thought someone had read my mind. The ones in my mind are still better though.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

I found these as I was looking at information about Glastonbury ( my dream home) and love the paintings and “Miss Smith”

Miss Smith

Water Lilies -Monet
Monet and Mozart

I liked this combo-Golden Angel – Zbrush TimeLapse Sculpt – Creative Meditation 49 – Brahma Kumaris

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I’ve been looking all over for the artists Harleyduck shared …that I have realized I truly like also… this is it this picture and this
    can’t wait to share interesting story from you sharing this artist’s work.
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