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★How do you use affirmations?

If I’ve just started using a new affirmation then I’ll use a bmindful print out, I’ll carry it with me and when I get a spare minute or two I’ll bring it out and read through them. If I’ve got time enough then I’ll get out my notepad and pen too and write them out.

This is the way I usually use them. I find that the act of writing them down makes them more ‘real’ and having to memorize and recall them is a great way to ensure their always at the front of my mind, or at least not too far behind whatever it is that I’m currently working on :)

Everyone is different and there’s plenty of ways to use affirmations. Some that I’m aware of include meditating on a particular affirmation, repeating them to yourself out loud or simply repeating them quietly to yourself/inside your head, using affirmation mp3s and using your bmindful home page or particular affirmation pages as your browser start page to remind yourself of them intermittently throughout the day.

How do you use affirmations?

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

I tape them and play them in my car as I am driving along. Listening to my own voice makes them real to me. wWen I tape them I have music playing softly in the background, so they really sound quite good.

I write them out 15x per day in the present tense of course. “I am a nmoney magnet” is a favourite. 3 days after affirming same I won $934.50 in a 50/50 draw at work! Woo hoo!

I repeat them whenever I feel the need or just get a chance. Mainly in the mornings getting ready or on my way to work.
They work the best when I say them consciously to myself and feel them. For example: Everybody loves me. I notice the difference when I feel it, feel the energy and warmth. I also notice how my posture then changes.

I have now started also to write down my affirmations. This is a new practice for me that I have learned at bmindful.

…what a wonderful world….

i am now just starting affermations i want to do them well

I usually try to unwind in my bedroom a little before I go to sleep. I write a little in my journal and then I have a notebook for affirmations. I’ve started writing them out. I pick one or two affirmations and then fill a page with them. I also have several sleep tapes I’ve made with a free program you can download called audacity. I have made quite a few of these. Actually it’s not a tape at all, I record a few affirmations, then edit them into a long cd and let it play while I’m sleeping. I turn the volume low enough that it doesn’t keep me from falling asleep and the affirmations play over and over. I’m also trying to get into the habit of saying something positive to myself in the mirror every day. I also have a vision board with a lot of quotes I like, and ideas I’m trying to keep in mind. I often read the stuff on my vision board before I go to sleep, and sometimes in the morning. I promise you that all these little things add up, I have a much more positive outlook on life and I have far fewer distractions in my life. I also have a dry erase board that I write stuff on that I want to keep in mind.

A note on sleep tapes: I’ve made quite a few of these over the last few months. I briefly got out of the habit of using them but am back on track now. I’ve experimented with this some and feel now that it is best to make a sleep tape with only about four or five (no more than ten) affirmations. I figure out a handful of carefully worded affirmations that target one area. Record the affirmations with a mic into audacity. (most computers have an input for a microphone and computer mics are pretty cheap).
Play around with audacity a little bit and you will find it’s pretty easy to work with. Record your affirmation several times, just keep recording and deleting it until you get it the way you like it. Once you have it right, do the same with your next affirmation on another track. Once you have several you want use the copy and paste command to make one long track of your affirmations and then burn them to a cd. There’s a thread on here somewhere about how to make one. Give it a try, I’m sure you can figure it out, if not I’ll be happy to help you.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Live, breathe and BE – as if your dreams/affirmations already exist….
Its amazing how the changes manifest. Materially (things that you can see, things that physically happen) and immaterially (things that you just feel).
Take confidence for example; the more I ‘do’ confidence (not faking, just believing) the more ‘i am’.
Thanks bmindful.
Anoushka ;o)

A full and thankful heart..

Also!!! Creating the right attitude, in order to accept what is there to be recieved. Being open to recieve abundance is for me having an attitude of gratitude for all the things that come my way, be it love, smiles, promotions/recognition at work. The more grateful I am, the more is recieved. Its happening to me and honestly working. I was being grateful for the little occurences at work(instead of thinking of the things I didnt have), and bigger better ones began to manifest.
Hope this makes sense…..
Basically its like ‘dressing for the job you want’ and believing it already exists.
Gratitude to all of you that continuously support me….
Anoushka x

A full and thankful heart..

Recently I have started affirming in a new way. Besides filling out a page of my affirmation notepad every morning what I have started doing is that as soon as I wake up, while in bed after thanking the God Almighty for all that I have (this is my little gratitude prayer)I say my affirmations at the end. By doing this it feels that my affirmation is a reality and am grateful to God for it. It somehow makes me feel good. Though I havent won a lottery as yet but I feel happy and as if I have achieved my dream.

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.

I just signed up for this website and have preached to others to use affirmations. However, I have a bad habit of not following through because I printed them and they wind up somewhere and I forget them. Thanks for the ideas of putting them in wallets and taping myself. Sounds like a really good plan. Now all I need to do is believe them after repeating them! :)

Just going over your your affirmations whether in written or audio form makes them seem so very close!
Its such a coincidence that whatever issue is on my mind in the morning I somehow open that very affirmation page in my diary! and I write it out to fill the entire page.
I love this exercise each day.
Happy n successful affirmations to all of you:)-

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.

Greetings – I use them in several ways.
1) Some I write out and paste to my bathroom mirror which I read every day.
2) I take some of them and use my computer and record them using freeware programs. Normally I do four tracks. Two background music or nature sound tracks and then use two other tracks (left and right ear) and record one set of affirmations on one track (left ear) and another set of affirmations on another track (right ear). Then I switch the affirmations. So I wind up with the left and right ear hearing all the affirmations at different times each ear hearing the two affirmations at the same time.
3) I use the free version of subliminal blaster 2.0 to display the affirmations continuously on my personal computer.
Enjoy! :-)

My husband and I own a business and we have this blank white wall with nothing on it… I am entertaining the idea of writing my affirmations on it and letting others do the same…. how wonderful to have them in my face all day every day…. (yes, I work 7 days a week)… I realize by letting others write too that the affirmation idea might get watered down but I still think it would be fun… if not I can paint over it….

great thread to bring current from 2008

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