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★Is Your Computer Still a Gift?




Being a “baby boomer”, the computer has been a miraculous present that keeps on giving. When I think back to what life was a life in a classroom before computers..I think how boring…most of the time. Information came in such piece meal.. distributed by 1 source in mostly 1 way… most of the time.

What a difference when I continued my education…when I was older..no wonder I can’t seem to get enough of education. It is a treat in comparison to some of the ol’ days.

Though, the other day one of our members asked a trivia question…like a music-game question..I almost had the answer…and instead of giving myself a little time to find it “within’”..if it was going to come at all..I googled it. The sad part was I didn’t even know that (at first) that was a form of cheating. After I found it..and posted it…I had to delete it..because I realized what I was becoming…with the ‘help’ of the computer.

Many old wonderful books were written by others who never had a PC. I question what is happening to our brains with the gift of our computers. I love my computer…but lately we’ve been having a love-hate relationship. I want to respect it again. I’m doing lots of things differently to gain that respect for the computer back.. the simplicity and ‘brain-power’ in living.. back. What are your feelings/thoughts about the subject. I’d really like to chat about this..though not too much for me..because the computer and I are seeing each other less. We thought it would be better this way(:

I am doing better…with my chosen time on the computer. Less distractions of a gem(: This love hate relationship is moving forward … We (My computer and I) are getting clear of our terms of use(:200573817-001.jpg

Interesting article to ponder entitled- Best way to journal: Handwritten or typed? Both!

…handwriting is more connected to hearts and keyboarding is more connected brains. This is part of an entry written by Ruth Folit from a site called The Art and Science of Journal Writing

Very interesting concept to remember … if you are typing about your feelings
the difference between handwriting and typing.

This is what the piece said :
Still others feel that the handwriting/keyboarding schism figures in to where their writing originates: handwriting is more connected to their hearts and keyboarding is more connected to their brains. (Often I’ve been able to reach a trancelike state where I can close my eyes and type on a keyboard with the comfort and ease of heartfelt writing that bypasses the brain. It’s almost impossible to close one’s eyes and handwrite legibly. So I think there are ways to bridge the heart/brain gap in keyboarding.

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part of an article stated “I can close my eyes and type on a keyboard with the comfort and ease of heartfelt writing that bypasses the brain”

I took a wonderful Cognitive Psch. and a Psych of Language course that touched on so many things, related to this area…and I’m going to dig my books out, and research what I can find soon(: I have had to write many a paper, and the description I’ve used surpassed that of handwriting. But like I’ve stated…my paper/pen gets my 1st choice. If others find even more on this topic please share.

  • Routines ….of PC reminds me of the process of getting into exercise. -> Like exercise one gets into various things initially to get acclimated to the fitness-world …until a progressively more ‘productive’ routine fits ones life.
  • the PC can distract… it has…and it will…on occasion. Many ways to have it work PC for you…I’ve found over time…and many ways which defeat intentions.
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  • Though like I’m sure everyone would agree it is finding a personal balance. You wouldn’t tell a writer they wrote too much. And you wouldn’t tell a person who eats healthy, they eat too well. Though each area could pose problems along the way…in different ways if you sidestepped living & didn’t at least desire….balance and routines….(which could be another thread lol)… I love everyones thoughts. Because it allows further seeds to asking good daily questions.
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  • No App for Answering Deep Questions
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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

Many years ago I was in Vienna. I got off the train, it was early in the day, and I was just wandering around taking in the sites. What beautiful architecture! I saw this beautiful building and felt drawn to it; I didn’t know what it was, but it was obviously open to the public so I went inside. There was hardly a person in the place. It must have been a palace at one time. Well, it was beautiful, everything. Like I say, it must have been a palace. I was wandering around and there were these glass cases all over the place. They were filled with different sorts of “museum” types of things. I found myself in a room full of such cases and they were filled with sheets of music. Vienna is known for music. I started examining the sheets more closely through the glass. I was the only person in this large room. I was looking at hand written sheets of music… Mozart. Hand written sheets of music by Mozart. Tears filled my eyes. The hairs on my neck and arms stood on end.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in the Hoffburg Imperial Palace.

I wonder if those glass cases are still there. I am sure there was security there somewhere, but I never saw any.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

In response to themadcookieman’s post:
Love your post..and your experience! Wow! While my computer and I are working on our differences..your post was so special…and it was beyond a spark for me today..I had to tell you so. My computer thanks you also. Because without the PC I would’ve not been reminded of the profound beauty in the world …your virtual presence included(: And to my friends on bmindful..who have truly shared and received …thanks for going beyond the keystroke ..thanks for showing your heart(:

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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

Yes computers are really a blessing. They guided me to bmindful. I’ve made many wonderful connections and friends through forums. I’ve connected with people via my blogs and podcasts. I’m grateful for my computer and the internet. I’vefound advice from Google when I’ve been stuck on how to solve a problem with my phone,printer, etc.

But they can have a dark side too. Luckily for me, I’ve gotten out of the habit of time-wasting on the puter with too much FBooking, etc.

SelfCareE makes a good point about journaling-handwriting vs keyboarding!

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