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★Blue Mirror [quick & effective visualization]

Many have asked me about Blue Mirror

A site which shares about this tool-see mirror of the mind

The purpose of this thread is to create your desired scenario quickly utilizing a particular visualization exercise entitled Blue Mirror.

[this thread created in 2011]

blessings,aka Appreciating [aka˚SelfCareJoy, akaAGoodVibe, akaRejuvenated, akaSelfCareEnthusiast etc]

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion


A Visual Imagery Exercise (The Blue Mirror Exercise) :

Who Taught Me and Where Did It Come From?
Over 25 years ago—a good friend taught me something from.. I believe hmm.. Silva Mind course…Can’t be absolutely certain, of the source, though I do believe that it was Silva.

Anyway this treasured friend had lost a child in a car accident and was determined to get through her grief with as many healthy and positive tools she could learn. Her and I, we exchanged many useful things for living, and this is one of the best things I’ve learned; works well and quickly. It has worked for me in many types of circumstances, when I needed to change a mindset in the moment; and I mean immediately! It’s called the blue mirror.

Best time to do this is when you are in a relaxed state—maybe not fully awake from your sleep in morning or actually any time you need a quick change

->In this exercise you will first envision 2 frames or 2 framed mirrors. One is blue and one is white.

Why a framed mirror or a frame?

-A frame, or a mirror keeps your mind on you being the main energy, These items are nothing without you suppling this info and energy. In my opinion frames and mirrors are great because they have no energy or functions like a gadget (radio, tv, computer).

-I think if you want to use electronic gadgets in your visual imagery, you could as an alternative after this to see which one gives you the most powerful change.

-Though, using more simple things without other functions, may help you strengthen your concentration and visualization skills, because you need to direct your attention to something that has less meaning to you at this point.

- This isn’t about you being able to see anmated pictures in vivid color. If you can , great. Though this is about you feeling and thinking where you’re at with certain modes of your own thinking. And to DISMISS what is blocking you.
-This is about choosing the better ideas that already exist in your mind, and they are blocked by you regularly affirming what is blocking you.

-Time to unblock
You Can Change The Negative Reality You’ve Built
By An Instant Rebuild
You know the kinds of thinking that feels like a battleground of thought in your mind? It contains parts of you that says things like I don’t feel like it or I can’t (when you need to); and the part of you that says there is opportunity outside my thoughts and time to recreate my mindset to what is already there waiting for me. Choices seem logical sometimes, and sometimes we still choose the way that has less reward overall. Though can we do what we need to do when it must be done? Yes, though it starts with your decision.

Then if you agree, we can try a powerful visualization.


-You are the meaning and the energy here. I feel it’s important to get a sense of yourself when you’re going through anything in life. And YOU are the energy that controls all of this, and of course a Power Greater than you which you have access to at all times is cocreating a better way, that you give yourself permission to experience.

-Isn’t that what you are doing with affirmations?
You affirm what you want in the “Universe”. We all call it different things. I choose to call the Universe-Energy, God.
So, we’re using simple items, no electronics(: We’re using frames or framed mirrors. Blue is you. White is you with your co-creator, Higher power.


EXAMPLE: You’re in bed, and don’t want to get up.

In a blue frame or blue framed mirror:

You’re in a very relaxed state and your thoughts are:
1. I am so warm and comfortable and I don’t want to move.
2. There is nothing out in the world that can compete with this feeling.
3. I haven’t been able to just stay in bed and feel like it’s ok not to move in some time.
4. The mere thought of moving makes me angry!

5.Ok you’re done, you’ve talked yourself into a state of ‘no one and nothing can change how I feel’

6.Now, figuratively speaking, move that blue frame or mirror over.
7. New frame, brand new one(: It has a white glowing feel- or appearance.
8. Feel the white, you don’t have to see it. (get it, you don’t have to see it, but know it’s there(: )
9. This time you are going to tell yourself new things, and don’t look for feelings. Be logical.

10.Like this: When I get out of bed, I can make my favorite food that makes me feel wonderful. In a White frame or a white framed mirror
(Think of things that you love about others, because when you’re in bed, and feel that good, others don’t matter at all)

11. If it’s work you need to do: When I get to work, I will have the best interactions with others. They will see my Truth, and Joy in my Spirit, and I will see theirs.

12. What I need to move forward will be apparent when I surround myself in new experiences that are loving and good. New is good.

13. The comfort I am enjoying now is multiplied in ways I never thought possible.

14. When I open my eyes I am energized, motivated, focused, spiritual and feel the flow of perfection and Divinely Guided.

Instantly, use your scifi mind, and see a a cartoon version of fragments and crash only blue framed energy and without any delay open your eyes.

You will experience immediate change!

Being left with the affirming ideas you’ve created in your white frame, you’ve turned the corner. You’ve given yourself permission for change. You’ve dismissed your blocks.

We have the power to utilize something Greater, to dismiss our often redundant monologue that builds and builds on things doesn’t let us pass go.

If you have questions, refer to Blue Mirror, and I’ll do my best to share what works for me.
Who shouldn’t try this
If you have cognitive impairment or on medication which causes difficulty in creating things in your mind

OK that’s the end of my first powertool. I included it at the top of the page, since so many either ask about or want immediacy with their outlook on things.
Let Me Know your experiences w/Blue Mirror Exercise

loving blessings to you, self-care enthusiast (alias formerly known as Rejuvenated)

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Hi Rejuvenated

This is awesome. In psychology there is actually a term called reframing. It is often used in clients with trauma. What you are talking about here is an excellent visualization to help people reframe. Thanks for sharing.


Blessed Be

Thank you for sharing this Self care ,definatly going to try it .

love flowergirl

Really liberating!!

Thank you!

my pleasure to share, Morgandy, Flowergirl & Kathi(:

Other exercise-threads for quick change(:
Sharing A Powerful Exercise

Blue Mirror [quick & effective visualization]
blessings to everyone, selfcare aka AsAlwaysAppreciating˚ aka AGoodVibe, aka ,Rejuvenated etc (:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

this is an amazing tool, and so grateful how well it works!

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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