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★Your Affirmations..What They Do For You?

Let’s discuss ourselves in relation to our many affirmations..What have they really done for you?

I have a strong feeling this will be a powerful thread.(: 

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    This thread is from 2011 & hoping it continues on in present(:
    related threads coming soon(:
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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

For me, my affirmations list is simply a reminder of exactly what I could and should be feeling. It has become hard for me, to not feel intense gratitude and appreciation for every situation and every moment that I come into. I read the many affirmations and it’s like… “oh yeah, I am a magnificent and incredible creator, being, person, father, husband, etc.” Anytime I need that little extra shove in the direction of a more positive thought/feeling, I read some of my list and get this rush of wonderful emotion.

Previously, I was a negative person… “I can’t do this…” kind of a guy. I would spend hours worrying about this or that, feeling hopeless or depressed about things I had no control over. But, a positive thought is thousands of times more powerful than a negative one. I know this to be true. Since I have been using affirmations on bmindful, EVERYTHING in my life has changed for the better, and keeps getting better and better all the time. I truly believe that my affirmation list is one of the main reasons.

I thank you, deeply and sincerely for asking me to comment on your very powerful thread, L.

I would like to thank you too Laurie .At first i thought i wasn’t going to comment as i am a bit like a naughty schoolgirl who leaves her homework till last minuite then enjoys doing it ,feels good about getting high marks and tells herself !i’m going to do this all the time “ ,but then stops again .

I do affirmations and feel such a profound sense of peace ,i also love the person i can see myself becoming through those gentle words and have so many ideas to be creative with the affirmations – cross stitch samplers,decorated journals,vision boards .

But after a couple of days i stop/forget and while thinking about replying to this thread realised i was starting to say negative affirmations -” i cant reply ,i’m hopeless at doing mine “

So thank you Laurie it has helped me decide to create special times each day to focus on my affirmations ,and helped me become so aware of how much negative talk creeps in ,love flowergirl

In response to flowergirl’s post:
Im like you flowergirl. I start out in the morning with good intentions of repeating affirmations. I have the intention of using 1 as a mantra for that day but i go off track.

I rarely write out affirmations I know writing them out is good for making them more real but I just dont seem to get round to it.

From this moment on I resolve to take 1 affirmation a day write it out 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night and use it a mantra throughout the day because I know that when I write and say my affirmations I feel so much more happier, confident and positive.

enjoy life!

If the Affirmation is in line with your passion/s then it should come very naturally”’

As a yogi I have used mantras for a long time and also western affirmations”

Mantras vibrate your energy and that,s the place you should really want to get to” om naha shivaya is excellent for singing and chanting and will very quickly overcome all material desires and help you develop a longing for your god source energy’ This is called bhakti yoga”
you will fall in love with the universe’‘’‘’‘

I feel that many of you here are already manifesting love and good energy and radiating it all around you”
As the Christ master once said”

Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you”

So are you saying affirmations to get something or to release something’
Remember you already have everything you need. Its just a matter of appreciation and doing something that really turns you on”“

turns you on turns you on turns you on turns you on turns you on’‘’‘’‘

Urban Yogi

Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation

My affirmations have added a new bounce to my step and lifted up my countenance.

When I re affirm with what I have added to my profile here I am reminded of all my blessings and also of my journey. Where I was , where I am now.

Where I am going is no longer something to worry about but rather something wonderful to look forward to.

I have stopped thinking and feeling and am now seeing.

I’ve noticed that I no longer say I think or I feel but rather , I see.

this is huge for me :)

I have heard that laughing while saying your affirmations really fires up your energy and releases endorphins and stimulates the subconcious mind into action which is what affirmations are all about because the last thing you want to do is get too serious about them’
All you will do is attract seriousness”

As the Christ Master said”
Unless you become like children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven’


Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation

In response to Urban Yogi’s post:
I love this comment uy as when i read through my list of affirmations i feel a lightness,a freeing of my spirit ,its as though i feel how life could be .

I think i have one foot in the old “ struggle side of life and one in the peace of mind,loa ,Louise Hay side of life and for some reason im hovering – no wonder i feel as though im backwards and forwards ,up and down .

Time to swing on a mythical roundabout singing my affirmations then taking that jump with both feet – im smiling thinking about it . love flowergirl

feel as though i need a lifebelt this morning ,how can we stop our mood dipping so low .

Practice gratitude and thankfulness”
Feed some birds and hug your animals”“
That usually fixes my low moods”“

urban yogi

Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation

Especially while at work. I bring to mind my affirmations and remember , I am and the power within me is greater than the situation. The situation is one moment , it happened , it was dealt with , it is released.

My affirmations are like a shield that protects me from the fiery darts of others. And a defense mechanism used to continue the pursuit of greater fellowship and peace among co-workers.

Smile , show compassion , love.

Thanks for inviting me to this thread, R&iF. Have to say that about three months ago, I would not have been able to come here and say anything. A touch of my story…

I was molested by a relative from four to eleven, raped at thirteen by a twenty-eight year old family friend, and from there went into a cycle of abusive relationships because that is all I knew and all I thought I deserved. I lived this constant circle of living in misery and before I knew it, would actually go out of my way to destroy things good in my life and use this misery as my choice of drug and addiction. If things were going too good, I would subconsciously hinder it.

It wasn’t until I started reading book three, actually forcing myself, of CWG. I read the first two chapters and knew somehow enough was enough. No more was I going to continue to abuse myself like everyone else had, even those close to me. I went on to read “Why Your Life Sucks.” Another eye opener. This led to me reading “Happier than God” and the rest is history as they say. These books were all about self love and cherish. Things I could not even fathom doing. Why should I? No one else had, and I figured since I sat there and literally asked myself and God, “How do I do this?” I needed to teach myself how.

I went on an internet and library journey. I remember Neale Donald Walsche and Oprah talking years ago about vision boards. My aunt had tried to convince me into doing one. At the time, being positive was an option for me. It was rehab for my soul and I couldn’t have that. So, about six months ago, I started a small section by my bed of affirmations from these books and a few pics of nature which pleased my eye and some magazine cut outs of artistically printed words like “Smile” using people all dressed in red. One of the cut outs said simply, within my waking vision, “Good morning, gorgeous.”

I have to say that the first two weeks were more than rough. I balled and had panic attacks and was full of anxiety. I was literally suffering an emotional withdrawal from misery. I was determined at moments to keep pushing on and other moments being at my worse would tell myself, “Might as well. You’re not doing anything else,” and I would look at some of my pics and read a few affirmations and yeah, it lifted me. I remembered reading in “Happier than God” to just simply smile, go ahead and sing, whether you feel it or not. Why? Because your brain doesn’t know where that smile is coming from. It only knows you’re smiling and it will actually trigger a memory which made you smile. IT WORKED! I was “fixing” myself, retraining myself.

Months later, a wall and a half from floor to ceiling, many affirmation sites and books later, I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt my whole life. I have gone three weeks drama free. What does that mean? No anxiety, no stress holding me down, no letting anyone bring their experiences and opinions into my zone and shadowing my sunshine. Sure, I have low moments, but now I know how to move myself away from the situation and use positive methods to get me back on track.

As for the affirmations, I read and share them daily. I wished, not wanted, but wished to love myself and I do. I wished to be focused on goals to help others and in turn help me and I do. I wished to love from my soul and believe my heart and life would follow and it is. I wished to surround myself with positive, caring people and wow, look where I am. I no longer sit and take other people’s actions and opinions personally. That is their choice and I cannot make them think differently. Only they can, and so I remove myself from the situation. I have learned through reading affirmations there are roads to get to that sensation, feeling, goal, and now I have the tools to get there and see them clearly. If I am unclear, I tell myself one of my favorite affirmations: “You know the answer. It will come.” And I smile because NOW I believe it.

This is all my own experience, my journey, my love affair with God. I am thankful for all these things now. Thankful for this site and the wonderfully, gracious souls who read this and are touched. For if you are touched by my sharing and can find the compassion and joy welling up, then I have succeeded yet again…I have experienced, I have shared, you have now experienced, you will share in my joy, and I have a good feeling, you will share that joy with others.

You are all a blessing! God Bless

The Secret of the Shadow

I have not read this, but I think you might take a look, mk.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Thank you =)

I’m a newbie here and so glad to have found this site. The affirmations I chose really resonated with me…Deep in my heart…I felt ‘this is right for me.’

We affirm all the time by the things we keep repeating to ourselves… much of the time UNconsciously… Sometimes this is good…sometimes its not so good for us, or not in keeping with what we really want.

The ones that “work”…are the ones that you truly, TRULY want and feel a special vibration for. We are vibrational beings, and as Seth taught us, words have a ‘magnetic appeal’ to us…Its just the way we are built! Our minds are like Divine Computers. At least this is how I think of it! :)

Love, Betty

I like all the answers in this thread. I’m glad glad glad for Bmindful.
Recently, I lost my password. Lee sent me a new one.
Now that I am logged back in, it felt like I was back home ! I was on the outside looking in, trying to log in for a week until I emailed Lee and did something about it…I felt like I was locked out the front door, lol!
I really seem to be manifesting too! I like repetition. Repetition is what makes it work. Like “You’re in good hands” We all know that one…Allstate! We know this because we’ve heard it, and seen it so many times. It becomes memorized. Our subconscious runs on autopilot. Like a computer disc. Like wiping the old disc clean and installing a new upgraded software. It all makes sense if we just let go and believe in our positive affirmations and stick to them, especially over the bumps! Yes I still have bumps. I guess there will always be twists and turns. Like the icemaker broke ! Drat ! Yet, They turn into opportunities for greater success. I can get over the bumps easier and easier by focusing on my affirmations and turning my thinking towards them. I print them out and take them with me in my car. Then I stop and read them, sometimes out loud, before I have to go see somebody. It changes my state.


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