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★Wellness thought and affirmations

I had posted a response to a fellow bmindful person, and it reminded me of another thread-idea. Wellness thought and affirmations.

If we say over 60,000 things a day to ourselves..it is important that we are only affirming the best for our health.

How often do you feel or notice something that might be different..and begin to cast a little concern..instead of prayer, good self talk and footwork?

This thread is for process affirmations for perfect health (beyond..beyond just the absence of symptoms/illness etc)

Beyond affirmations..feel free to post any good material that stresses how great health is not just the absence of disease. Health care has the world thinking small when it comes to feeling great(: and being truly healthy.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I copied this from another thread as it seems a good space and our Laurie invited me here ,

“As you get older and you are truly parenting yourself..you will be involved in good self care..or life will lack the quality that is possible”- by Laurie

Oh gosh that is so true and i have never ever considered that i am parenting myself – what a wonderfull expression -honesttly Laurie there are lightbulbs going off everywhere for me at the moment

Dont know if you remember i used to volunteer at childrens hospice till depression floored me ,well earlier on i was looking at their website and they are doinga sponsored starlight stroll in May and my first thought was i wish i had the energy to do that – er hello !!!!!

i had posted a list of power foods 5 hours ago ,told my son im going to cut out the cookies in bed from monday ,and have had so many days lately where i have eaten stuff i know my body reacts to badly but still do it .

Then your latest comment on here is perfect ,at first i thought whats the message here and then ping – lights flashing – its good posting healthy ideas and being full of enthusiasm but” if i dont put in the spadework im not going to find the spuds “ ( Dads saying )

If i carry on like i have been i could probably do the walk but in a struggle /negative mode but if i put in the planning and action of deciding my meals for each week,shop for them and actually eat them ,cut out the junk ,get bouncing on the old happy trampoline and walking more i will be positive,energised and feeling good about my efforts .

Itsa 10 mile walk through the area i have been considering as somewhere to move to and you end up at dawn in a beautifull park then go for breakfast .

Applying to have a place and im going to love every minuite of the preparation as well as the walk

oh yes three cheers for our flowergirl !!!!,

60,000 times a day ,is that how many thoughts we have – o k lets have some good ones

my fab 4 first ones

i feed my body the food it needs and deserves

every new day is a gift

action preceeds motivation

every action helps a child

love flowergirl

I am getting very very EXCITED about joining here today!!
what made me do so?
I didnt even think about it at all just click the join button absent minded like, i was driven to come here today without even knowing it and to join. That sounds totally weird i know but i feel it is for a reason. does that sound weird to anybody?

I think most of all I am craving, craving the positivity that flows through me through and through each day and especially the start of the morning especially to make this a beautiful day every day.

I also just had a BIG fall out with a friend i actually met through my support group and such she used me it seems and i was totally blinded by that, it doesnt actually hurt from the loss I mean it should should’nt it, the friendship lasted the longest i have ever had, 3 years actually and it did mean alot to me in some ways.

It happened just 3-4 days ago a very recent loss for me.
I had started to see the light of the relationship and such of how she was treating me, I got warned by several, several, members i have also known long and they actually unsubbed from the group and it was all because of her. i didnt realize this at the time. I have to vent this i HOPE it is ok. i am looking at a very very positive future without that negativity from her that was such a very heavy load to carry anyways my point is how i am so positive all the time and i learned through therapy and counseling thank goodness the positive “self talk therapy” about 8 years ago. i went to therapy once a week for 4-5 years. I just think without that positive outlook in my life from what i learned at the couseling sessions i wouldnt be handling this as well.

so i think anyways to get to the point of the matter i really believed in myself and protected myself thorugh positivity and the self talk again it is amazing what a thought can actually do for u such as heal a disorder, disease, a broken heart, a failure and such etc……

i am happy ot be here and hope to even get more positivity as i read and learn through all of the positive threads , comments and postings u all write each day.

it wasnt meant to be with her my friend i am talking about she totally used me i just cant believe how strong i am????
i didnt even realize i had it in me. it was there the whole time through all the negativity she put into my life and i carried around that weight on my shoulder and such and my back.

i sent her money almost monthly , christmas gifts for her family every year anyways all of that doesnt even matter material things!! thats why i did it i didnt see it like that i enjoyed and got great feeling of the joy i could bring into her and her families life in their time of need helping her in need.

i will stop now i know this isnt a support group but i just wanted to mention this site is so perfect for my situation right now
and i wanted also to say “again” how great and informative it is with soooooo much to read and learn from i thank God for this gift to this site. i wil add it to my prayers at night.

Thank u to all whom have read this far. lol bros & sisters jan

support group / 4 any mental health,sharing coping strategies &learning through each others experiences :):) Family&Friends also Welcome :) :) LOLAH

Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

    →   I make healthy food choices. I love and respect myself and my body is my temple. I choose to live a happy, healthy life.
→   I feel vibrantly alive and healthy now  →   I keep my mind, body, and home happy and healthy→   My body, mind, and spirit are a healthy team.→   I feel more alert, more refreshed, more calm, complete, focused, strong and healthy.  →   I am an efficient, energetic, healthy, fit woman who can handle anything that arises today  →   I am living a long, fulfilled healthy life

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion


Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

You know someday someone's gonna look into your eyes and say to themselves, she is what I've been hoping to start a friendship with for quite a while. And you being available and able to read my lust, I mean my mind, are going to respond with something witty like. So I asked her name, and she says well right now my name is Someday.


1. The living proof of God’s love and will for you is the gift of your own existence.
2. Do not compare yourself with others regarding ‘holiness’, merit, goodness, deservingness, sinlessness, etc. These are all human notions, and God is not limited by human notions.
3. Accept that the concept of ‘the fear of God’ is ignorance. God is peace and love and nothing else.
4. Realize that the depiction of God as a ‘judge’ is a delusion of the ego that arises as a projection of guilt from the punishment of childhood. Realize that God is not a parent.
5. Christ’s teaching was essentially and simply to avoid negativity (calibrated levels below 200), and the goal of his teaching was for his followers to reach Unconditional Love (calibration level of 540). He knew that once the level of Unconditional Love was reached, the soul’s destiny after death was certain and the soul was safe. This is essentially the same conclusion that is taught by the world’s great religions, such as Lotus Land Buddhism.
6. Realize that salvation and enlightenment are somewhat different goals. Salvation requires purification of the ego; enlightenment requires its total dissolution. The goal of enlightenment is more demanding and radical.
7. Clarify that it is not a personal ‘you’ who is seeking enlightenment but an impersonal quality of consciousness that is the motivator. Spiritual inspiration and dedication carry forth the work.
8. Comfort replaces insecurity when one realizes that the most important goal has already been accomplished. That goal is to be on the road of spiritual dedication. Spiritual development is not an accomplishment but a way of life. It is an orientation that brings its own rewards, and what is important is the direction of one’s motives.
9. Appreciate that every step forward benefits everyone. One’s spiritual dedication and work is a gift to life and the love of mankind.
10. There is no timetable or prescribed route to God. Although each person’s route is unique, the terrain to be covered is relatively common to all. The work is to surmount and transcend the common human failings that are inherent in the structure of the human ego. One would like to think that they are personal; however, the ego itself is not personal. It was inherited along with becoming a human being. Details differ based on past karma.
11. Intense prayer augments dedication and inspiration and facilitates progress.
12. The Grace of God is available to all. Historically, the ‘Grace of the Sage’ is available to the committed spiritual seeker. The strength of the ego can be formidable, and without the assistance of the power of higher spiritual beings, the ego cannot of itself transcend itself. Fortunately, the power of the consciousness of every great teacher or avatar who has ever lived still remains and is available.
To focus on a teacher or their teachings by meditation makes the power of that teacher available to the seeker. It is the will of every truly enlightened sage that every spiritual seeker succeeds, and not just the members of some specific or exclusive group. Just as the individual seeker of spiritual advancement benefits all mankind, thus also does the enlightenment of the Teachers benefit the seeker. That power and energy is available to call upon. There are no requirements or obligations.
Hawkins M.D. Ph.D., David R. . I: Reality and Subjectivity




I said this to some girl I liked. I asked her name, and she says well right now my name is Someday.

I presume your name is Someone.  And we became each others best friend.

I couldn't let wit like that get away.

21999eda4f28edd204e773289aec7d39.jpgyoga can only provide clarity and other benefits  if it's a gradual painfree process, there is no other objective other than to center oneself to feel free physically and emotionally the muscles get loose through multiple gentle stretches not through trying to imitate some picture of advance postures.

Hatha Yoga 101


Truth occasionally is indeed stranger than fiction



May     a    Angel     o u 9e4a53efcec81c472579216059e5eb93.jpg


In response to The beach's post:

Can tell this is going to be excellent!

I didn’t listen to the whole audio, though truly looking forward to it. 

Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.
William Arthur Ward

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