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is milk safe?

I read what looks like an order article on the internet about milk-the site is rense.com and learned about IGF-1. I presently have Hoods milk in my refrigerator and it says on the front “no artificial growth hormones”.

I would appreciate your thoughts as I am a widow and want to be around for a long time for my only child!

I have other food safety questions that I will ask later. Is this the right/best site to receive advice from others on this topic?


Hello Karen, You can find a number of our members are very interested in nutrition, organic food and all food issues.
There also are many websites regarding food safety. This one looks to me: Sustainabletable.org. Hope this helps.
Bmindful focuses primarily on “positive affirmations” and such, but you will find a lot of variety in the threads.

I eat very little dairy, and found I feel better without an overload of it. I do like a little swiss or jalapeño cheese melted on a corn tortilla, and some occasional cottage cheese, or goat milk yogurt (brand-forgot ?) or organic plain yogurt (Nancy’s is the brand)..but that’s it for me.

My hubby drinks a delicious, good quality organic milk
here’s some info from that site-on milk myths

Personally I drink unsweetened hemp milk

You’ll have to weigh out the data for yourself…because all any of us can do is trust our gut.

I found this for you though

You will find a lot of info on this topic..and after you review the pros and cons, I’m sure you will make a good decision(:

Though, if you’d like to share your findings and thoughts on the thread you’ve started, I’d love to see what you come up with..

Welcome to bmindful(:

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